Monday, June 28, 2010

More Pictures take two....

Ok don't forget you need to click the pictures to see the whole thing.

A giant Buddha

sitting on a thousand tiny buddhas....

I found what I decided needed to be my next boyfriend.

As you can see... I REALLY REALLY like him.

You ever see something and want it so bad you can taste it. That is how I felt about this book made with bark pages. I coveted this book so bad.

Why yes... we do seem to have a facination with male parts and pieces....

You know... Sazy and I do have the best time. We laugh our asses off at each other.

More Rodin....

Two Roman marble pieces...

We had a bit of fun in the native american section.

Next we went into the contemporary art section. It is interesting to look at but it is just not my or Sazy's thing. I mean seriously how is a circle of rocks in the middle of the floor art?

Then we stepped outside again into the death heat and took these pictures.

There was so much more. We made a security guard laugh. There was a cute baby holding his feet and giggling his little heart out. There was a hot dog that both of us swear couldn't have possibly been meat.
The day was something I needed more then I knew. Something that took down my stress level a notch.
Tomorrow I will post my garden... unless I get a wild hair then look for post three lol

Pictures! Lots of pictures!

I have to tell you that I am pretty much mortally terrified right now. What the hell am I going to do with no money? I am scared. But....I guess I have to figure out how to live right? Sigh.

Anywhoooo.... Me and my best buddy Sazy went to Stanford museum this weekend. It was free and we were super excited to see a few of the outdoor statues and the inside stuff as well. The thing was... it was over 100 degrees and I think we both were going to die. Seriously. HOT!!!

We had read about the outdoor Rodin statues and were dying to see the Gates of Hell. So we were super excited when we got out of the truck to see this.

Now you guys know I am picture challenged so you HAVE to click on the pictures to see the whole thing.

The first statue we ended up visiting was the three shades. We decided to leave the Gates of Hell for last.
I couldn't resist....

SAZY quick put your hand on Adam's weenie... well she got close lol

Then we came to one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The Gates of Hell. Now this thing is giant. And bronze. And radiating heat like we were actually in hell. I think you can see us melting in these pictures.

Here is the front of the museum.

I pretty much figured I was going to fall to my death when I was standing by the sitting man. Sazy laughed at me and told me I wasn't up that high.

The marble lobby was incredible. And HUGE!!! It had a giant bronze horse that looked like it was made out of wood. It was one of my favorite pieces.
And see my head up there on the top of the balcony next to the statue. I am standing on my tippy toes and that is all you can see of me. And yes I am sitting on the floor. Sazy and I are not your normal museum goes. We don't walk around all solemn and quiet. We laugh and completely enjoy ourselves. We make completely inappropriate comments and we talk about art as what we see.

Ok I am a little tired of posting pictures. Come back for more. There are lots and lots more. I just need to go clean the bathroom first lol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So you think you can dance and rocks

I moved rocks all day long so I am wiped out but I wanted to post this even if it is late.

Kat looks much better this week. Her hair is nice. The dress is sort of cute... a little potato sack with a strange bottom but better.

Christina (tango girl) - paso doble - I really liked the dance. it was passion filled, exciting. I liked the jumps and roll all over the floor moments. I think that she did a really good job.

Adechike - contemporary - It was pretty. Really smooth and slinky and pretty. I am a little worried that people have to to tell him over and over again to smile. It seemed as he danced he would have a moment of OH smile! Then the smile would disappear. He needs more personality.

Alex (perfect boy #1) - Broadway - At the beginning of the piece all I could do was watch her. Then he kicked and his foot went above his head. He became the focal point then. I don't feel as though this really showed him off to his advantage but it was a lot of fun to watch. And man that guy dances beautifully.

Ashley - Jazz - Wow the man she is dancing with has one hell of a yummy tummy... ahem... This dance is very sexy but it doesn't look like Jazz at all. It isn't upbeat. There was this one jump where she jumped into his arms and he flipped her upside down which was INCREDIBLE>

Billy (perfect boy #2) - Krump - Oh boy this could be bad! I cannot believe it. He pulled it off. He looked good and tight. They totally matched. I think it was pretty damn good. Hmmm the judges hated it.

Robert (big mouth) - Argentine tango - Wow he has a nice heiny right? He does look a bit nervous while dancing. It was pretty good but kind of slow. I do wish that kind of mans pants would come back. They wore them in the pioneer days too and they really show off a mans .... assets. Ok that whole puking gag thing made me want to puke and reminded me why I don't like this guy.

Melinda (tap girl) - Contemporary - Her costume is totally distracting. Well that ended before I felt like it should. It was very abrupt. Wow I always seem to agree with Mia. Mother Earth dance.. Please.

Jose (b boy) - Bollywood - This could be awful. Bollywood isn't one of my favorite dances. That was pretty good but some weird stuff with the hands. But that smile lights up the whole world doesn't it?

Lauren (happy girl) - Lyrical hip hop - Ok totally didn't get abusive relationship from that. It was a nice dance though and interesting to watch.

Kent (farm boy) - Jazz - Wow farm boy is growing up fast isn't he. I bet this is more then he has ever had to handle in his life. I found that totally smoking hot. I was worried the table was going to break. ok.. the judges don't agree with me that it was smoking hot. To bad.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's official. I am so freaking screwed. :(

So just now I called the unemployment office to see if I am eligible for a second extension as I have enough on this extension for one more check.
I'm not.
Because congress has not signed the bill allowing for more funds for unemployment. In fact they have missed two deadlines. Now I am not the only one in this boat. Anyone on an extension just had their unemployment cut off on June 12th. If it wasn't a federal extension they are shit out of luck. The money just stopped. If it was a federal extension they at least get to go to the end of the money allocated to it.
But what does that mean for me. That means in less then two weeks I will no longer have any money coming in. That means all bills will have to come out of my meager savings. I have a dentist appointment that is going to cost me $1,177 in less then a week.
That means I am completely screwed.
And terrified.
What happens when my savings run out?
It is not like I can look any harder for a job then I am right now. Just on Monday alone I applied for six jobs. It is not like I can make someone hire me.
I am truly trying to stay calm. I am trying to remain hopeful that sometime in the next two weeks congress signs the bill.
I know it is not going to happen though. I know I am well and truly screwed here.
Holy fuck I have no idea what the hell to do!

First things first though. I need to step back. Take some breaths. Try to center myself because this blind panic isn't helping anything. I need to take stock of exactly how much money I have in the bank and figure out to the penny how long it will last with my bills.
Holy shit I am panicking lol
Ok.. off to breathe.... then plan.

Monday, June 21, 2010


These past few days have been so hectic. What with the plumbing problems, my dad's visit and now my brother coming. That is a whole other story in itself by the way.

Since that one is shorter I guess I will post that and then later this week post about my dad's visit. See I am waiting on the second tree guy to come for his appointment. We need to remove a tree out front. A 40 to 50 foot tall pine tree that is of course dying. UGH. The first quote almost made me sick. Over two thousand dollars. Hopefully the next few people aren't quite so expensive.

Anywhooooo back to the brother story.

My grandmother and I were talking on the phone one night a few days ago and she asks me if I am going to my brothers birthday party. I say what birthday party and she says my mother is having a party for him on Sunday. (Yesterday) I told my grandmother I hadn't heard a word about it but I would wait to be invited.
No one ever called me. So I decided screw it. I am not going. I was kind of irked since no one invited me and my mother had never thrown me a birthday party. I know boo hoo right lol
Anyway The night before the party at 9:30 at night my brother calls me on the phone. I answered with hair dripping from the shower in my pajamas He says they arrived (from out of state) that day and they were driving around and thinking of going out to dinner at Koyoto Palace. (Expensive place) How about they pick me up and I can pay for their dinner for his birthday. I told him that I had just gotten out of the shower, that it was late and that the honey was sick. So no. He then tells me he is down the street and coming over.
I again said I just got out of the shower, the honey is in bed and it is late.
He pulls up out front as I am on the phone with him. So I go outside and after hugs of hello he says he isn't staying because they are hungry but how about I give him some cash for dinner. I tell him no. I have no cash. I don't ever carry cash I only use my atm card. He then proceeds to invite me to his birthday party and tells me that I need to bring him a present. Then he tells me that I need to take him and his wife to the movies on his actual birthday and pay for it. He hops back in the car and waves goodbye and leaves.
Now don't get my wrong... I love my brother but UGH.
So that night I had a really rough time sleeping as you can imagine. I tossed and turned and fought with myself. There was half of me that wanted to go to my brothers birthday party but the other half of me was hurt, irritated and just plain disgusted and didn't want to go.
The next day I decided no. I refuse to be told at 9:30 at night about a party the next day and be ordered to bring a birthday present. I decided I would however pay for the movies on Tuesday as his gift.
So I call him around 1pm (the party is at 4) I tell him I am not going. I tell him the honey is still sick. And then I tell him that I will pay for the movies on Tuesday. (tomorrow) I remind him I am unemployed so we will be going to a matinee. He says to me... fine you can not come and you can take us to the movies but I like popcorn a soda and a hot dog when I go to the movies.
Sometimes I just don't know what to say......
Then he tells me that the best birthday present for a 40th birthday is a card with $40 in it given to him at the movie theater.
I didn't say a word. We hung up and tomorrow I guess I take his wife and him to the movies.
That night I call my mother's husband to wish him a happy father's day. She answers the phone. She asked me if I had been invited to the party. I said not until my brother invited me the night before. She then said she had wanted to invite me but wasn't sure how to do it since she had never thrown me a birthday party.
I don't know how I feel about that to be honest. On one hand it does show me that she knows on the other hand it still smarts.

So.. tomorrow I go to the movies with a brother who is going to hound me for money. Who doesn't hear that I don't have any. Who told me that "you get unemployment you have lots more money then I do so you should cough it up for your only brother"

Family is so much fun right?

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Dad visit is going... differently

I took them for a drive around their old neighborhood and came home to a cat who had diarrhea.

This is just not going the greatest.

Add in the fact that Obama is to blame for everything bad in the world... the constant smoking lectures and I am pretty uptight lol

More when I have time.

I need to go sweep and mop and change kitty litter and wash a cats poop covered ass. Not to mention I need to run to the store to get food for dinner.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

So you think you can more

Today my dad comes to visit. He is bringing his wife. I have to admit the closer it gets the more nervous I am getting lol. I am sure everything will be all right but...I am still nervous.
I have found myself walking around the house and yard making sure everything is as perfect as I can make it. I don't know why I feel that need. I don't judge people on what things look like. But I guess I feel people will judge me that way. Strange.

Sooooooo... SYTYCD review.
I love the fact that I know absolutely nothing about dance except what feels good to me and I am judging these peoples dances lol

AND yes I am a big nerd and took notes!!

First off Kat.. oh Kat (the announcer) what is up with that bun on top of your head. It looks kind of like the bride of Frankenstein. And pair that with a toga style dress.. It just didn't work sorry.

Billy - (one of the two perfect boys)- Jazz - Well first off I liked his hair a thousand times better then normal. He danced to footloose but it came off more as a teeny bopper Grease performance. Totally cutesy. I feel bad for him because he is one hell of a dancer but this totally didn't show him off at all.

Cristina (Salsa Girl) - contemporary by Sonya - They called this a snake dance. The movements were kind of cool and the song was pretty interesting too. I think she did really well. I liked it.

Jose (B boy) - Hip hop - Well he was pretty lucky to almost get exactly his own style. It was a Twilight/werewolf production lol. I enjoyed it. The woman he was dancing with jumped up and wrapped herself around his head. It was pretty amazing.

Adechike (don't have a nickname) - This was suppose to be a fantasy. A man sitting in his office when a beautiful woman comes in and he goes off into la la land. Well his partner sizzled with sex. Him... not so much. I got the feeling that she scared him lol. It didn't do it for me.

Melinda (tap girl) - Jive - I felt sorry for her. She is tall and gawky. This will be harsh but she reminds me of Alice the Goon. That was only half her problem. She was paired with a man who had the most perfect ass I have ever seen in my life!! I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from him. With all that... they had no chemistry.

Alex (second half of the perfect boys) - Contemporary - This totally didn't do it for me. I found it to slow. Yes it showed off how great a dancer this guy actually is but the whole thing was just flat for me. Then the judges started gushing about how wonderful it was and I began to wonder if I just watched the same thing.

Alexie (tiny girl) - Hip Hop - This dance had a "boyfriend" crawl through a window. It was super slow for me. It was fun to watch but very very slow and not a normal hip hop.

Lauren (Happy Girl) - The props crack me up. This time it was a couple sitting on a couch and the guy makes a move. They jumped all over that couch. The woman has some LEGS let me tell you lol. It was kind of fun to watch.

Kent (Farm boy) - Cha Cha - OH NO the farm boy has to do a cha cha!!! This dance was so dang fun to watch. His lips were pursed like a carp. He swivelled his hips like a pro. It was like watching your younger brother pretend to be a man. When the dance was over and he started talking he actually made me laugh out loud. I love this kid. He is my favorite personality.

Ashley - contemporary - This dance was suppose to be about love. However I felt none of that. I found it rather boring.

Robert (Dark haired dude with the loud mouth) - African Jazz - Ok first off.. Wtf is African Jazz... Never mind I freaking LOVE African Jazz lol. It was super exciting. Fun. High energy. I totally 100% enjoyed that. Please keep your mouth shut at the end guy because that is what turned me off last time... oh he cried.

So who should go home... Either Adechike or Melinda

Ok I got to go finish getting ready for my dad. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And here comes my Dad....and Deadliest Catch

So my father and his wife are coming to visit me tomorrow. They just called to say they will be staying two days instead of one. I have no idea what the hell we are going to do!
Now don't get my wrong I love my dad but I don't spend a lot of time with him. In fact this will be the most time I have spent with him....ever I think. My mother and father divorced when I was around 3 and I ended up with my mother. I generally saw dad on holidays. In fact that is pretty much the only time I see him to this day. I have lived in this house for going on twenty years. This is the first visit he has made.
So what the hell are we going to talk about? What are we going to do? Are we going to be bored to death or will everything be fine? I just don't know.
I feel like an ass thinking like this. I should be all excited but instead I am a bit Leary.
I am spending today cleaning the rest of the house and washing the bedding in the spare room. It feels like all I have done for the past few days is clean. I am tired of cleaning.

Last night I watched Deadliest Catch. As I posted before I have no freaking clue how I started watching a reality tv show about Alaskan crab fishermen but I did. And I have been watching it for years and years now. For some reason I really really like it too. During the off season one of the captains died. Captain Phil. So this entire season has been hard to watch. Seeing him so alive and working so hard and waiting for the fall of a great man. See it has been said he told the Discovery channel to film all of it. The stroke, the hospital, and his death aftermath. He said it was reality and so they should show the reality of life. I know that next weeks show is his stroke.
Anyway, last night he started to get woozy. His vision blurred. And I sat there with tears in my eyes thinking oh crap oh crap. He walked downstairs to get some pain medication and busted his son stealing some of it. The next few minutes was some of the most heart wrenching stuff I have ever seen. He yelled and screamed at his son. Called him a thief and a liar. Told him he wanted him out of his life.
The only thing I kept thinking was oh crap this kid and his father are having a monster fight right before he died.
Then the son kept talking about being sick and he needed the medication. Phil said something doesn't add up why are you so sick. Jake (the son) then leans in super close to his dad and says.. "I'm a addict"
That was the end of the show.
It set me back. I mean holy crap. They didn't know at the time that Phil was about to die but I do. All I could do was sit there thinking My God that poor kid is about to go through more hell then just being a addict. He is going to go through his life thinking this fight killed his dad.

And yes... I get WAY TOO involved in my tv!

Speaking of which I hope I have time to post my review for SYTYCD tomorrow before my father gets here lol.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tale of the toilet part 2

So let me finish yesterdays story.

The water was a inch deep. The bathroom rug was completely underwater. I walked into (YES EWWW) the water to turn off the water main and it still kept flowing. By now I am freaking out. I grab more towels (again EWWW) and put them in front of the doorway. See the hallway is pergo while the bathroom is tile. So flood away bathroom just don't come out in the hallway.
About the time I was going to lose my mind the water stopped flowing. I stood there just staring and wondering what in the hell do I do now. I have a bathroom that has over a inch of standing water in it. So I grabbed my mop and a bucket.
It was at this point I saw that the garage sink was filled with black goo too. So
I started sucking up the water in the bathroom with my mop. Suck suck suck, empty bucket, suck suck suck , empty bucket. Over and over and over again. It took a hell of a long time and I was sweaty and filthy.
I called the honey and told him what had happened. He told me to call a plumber. So I did.
While waiting I finished sucking the water off the floor. I noticed that the sink, toilet and tub were filled with the black goo. Which of course means the kitchen sink would be too.
At this point I felt like crying.
The plumber finally arrived. (9:58am) After figuring out what he thought was the problem he started to try to remove a plug from a drain under my sink. (not a clog but a actual drain plug.) It was stuck. He tried and tried and tried to get the plug off. It wouldn't come. So he called in back up. Two more plumbers come.(1:13 pm) They pound away with hammers. Then bring out freaking power tools and cut off the plug. The whole time I am standing there thinking CRAP. It had now been about 3 hours I think.
Those two leave after breaking the plug and leaving a gapping hole in the pipe under my sink. My first guy runs a snake and it gets stuck. He tries again and again and again. It won't go anywhere.
In the meantime the honey keeps calling me. He is getting increasing pissed off. I am frazzled. I can't pee. I am covered in ewwww. I am tired from lack of sleep.
Then the plumber turns to me and says I can't do it. So are you going to pay me?
What? Wait! You can't fix it and you are going to leave? Now?

I lost it. I was so nice all day. I was mellow. But when the plumber said he couldn't fix it and was I going to pay him.... I lost it.

It is kind of blurry... I remember standing in the kitchen pointing at the sink and yelling. Is it fixed? Can I go to the bathroom without it over flowing? You want me to pay you and it is the exact same as when you came except for THE GIANT HOLE UNDER MY SINK.

He said he understood and I could just pay him half.
*snort. RIGHT
So the 4th plumber arrived. (2:49pm)
He came in with some kind of fancy snake thing. He set himself up in my kitchen and proceeded to snake the pipe. His worked and he left to get a new plug for the drain. The original plumber starts putting back together my kitchen sink. Only he can't. Because now it leaks. Bad. So when plumber #4 comes back Plumber #1 explains the problem. Plumber#4 replaces the brand new plastic pipe that the honey had installed to replace the metal pipe that he hated around 4 months ago with a metal pipe.
At this point I didn't care. My sinks and tub and bathroom are still coated in goo. I still haven't been able to go to the bathroom.
(4:45pm) The honey pulls up just as the plumbers were finally dragging the last of their stuff out the door. He of course sits outside talking shop with them.

me... I walked the house to see what needed to be done now that I had water. The first thing was clean up all the black goo and dirt from the cupboards under my kitchen sink. The second was replace all of the stuff that I removed from under the sink. The third was clean up all the black goo in the garage, the bathroom and the kitchen.
But the first thing. WASH MY HANDS!!!! And Pee!!!! And then wash my hands another 20 some odd times.
The honey walked in and asked if we were going to eat dinner. Let's just say I almost killed him on the spot and I am pretty damn sure a jury would have let me off lol.
I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning with bleach. And today... I am going back over everything with bleach.
FUN STUFF right?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Plumbing problems from hell

Kept me busy all day long. After not sleeping all night long..

Imagine this.... wandering around until almost 3am because you can't sleep. Nothing you do helps you want to sleep. Finally at 3 you get pissed off and go lay down only to stare at the ceiling. The next morning construction workers wake you up at oh dark thirty. So there you are standing with your cup of coffee. Your eyes are like sandpaper. You are kind of wobbly... you decide.. HEY I might as well start that load of laundry I stuffed in the washer yesterday.
So you drag your happy ass into the garage and turn on the washer. With your cup of coffee that you have only taken about three sips of you sit your butt in the chair in front of the computer to wake up.
What in the hell was that? I get up and walk into the bathroom and see giant bubbles in my toilet... then it stops.
In my brain dead mind I turned back around and sat back down thinking WTF.
I get back up and walk into the bathroom just in time to see the clear bubbling water in my freaking toilet turn dark brown... then black... then begin to pour out of the toilet onto the floor.
At this point I am pretty sure I looked like this....

I grabbed everything I could and shoved it in front of the door. Towels, clothes anything fabric that I had within reach. And the water kept coming.
I was freaking out.
The water was now literally an inch deep.

and I am to freaking tired so you have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story lol

Friday, June 11, 2010

So you think you can dance....

I have a tv habit. One of my habits is watching So you think you can dance. So be prepared to hear my opinions on it since I can't shut up lol
After watching last night I have a feel of how it is going to go. Sort of.

The first thing I noticed was the "all stars" are going to be a distraction. I don't think it is going to work the way they think it is. I want to watch people who are competing. I feel like having the all stars in the mix just confuses things.

My opinions on last nights show... sorry but you have to deal with my nicknames until I get their real names lol.

Dance #1 had farmboy Kent and happy blond girl. These two are my favorite personality wise. The dance was different and made you watch. I kept getting confused as to who was who as they danced but all in all it was funky and fun.

Dance #2 had tap girl and some other girl.... I was bored out of my mind to the point I almost forgot about this dance.

Dance #3 had beat boy dread dude.. I like him. I really really enjoyed the beginning of the dance. After that it was more like a free for all. To many dancers that were not competing.

Dance #4 Had salsa girl. I have to admit that I didn't watch to much of her because I was distracted by the perfect abs on the male dancer.. who again was not part of the competition!

Dance #5 Had Billy and Alex. Wow. This was my favorite of the night. Both of those men are incredible. They need to perk up the personality a bit to match their skills and they could go all the way to the end. LOVED this dance.

Dance #6 I have no idea who was competing due to the number of dancers. I do know that the dark haired man was part of it. I was sort of disappointed in the dance. The song screamed out freak but the dancers didn't bring freak. It was just ok for me. The dark haired dude totally turned me off with his blabber mouth at the end though.

Does anyone else watch this? If you don't I totally think you all should start watching so you know what I am talking about LMAO

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This blog world is a weird and wonderful thing. As I was reading blogs and a board I visit every day one of my buddies said something about a wiener dog race. That pushed a button in my mind and reminded me that I needed to look at a blog I hadn't looked at in a while.
Remember how I switched computers and lost everything? Well she was one of them. I used to read her daily and was completely excited to go read what I had missed.
I missed a lot it seems.
Her son at the age of twenty committed suicide. I can't explain to you the sense of shock and disbelief that flowed through me. Here is this beautiful, healthy, happy kid gone in an instant. Here is a family that is going through a hell of their own.
He had a constant smile on his face and in his eyes.
It just slammed home the fact that we don't know what is going on inside of people.
My heart just bled.
I hurt for her. It was one of those rare times when you wish that you could reach through the computer and hug someone who you have never met.
Hallie is a freaking strong woman though. She took a tragedy and turned it into something more then just a tragedy. She made the tough choice to donate his organs so others could live. Tell me how much strength that must have taken. How much love she sent to random strangers she will never meet. In her hour of sadness she brought hope to others. Amazing woman.
She and her entire family plus some friends are joining in on Out of the Darkness Overnight.
“Out of the Darkness Overnight” is an 18-mile walk that will take place on June 26th-27th throughout the streets of Boston, beginning at dusk and continuing till dawn. This walk is to bring awareness to depression and suicide.
Each member of the team needs to fund raise $1000 in order to be able to walk this. Her team has raised above their goal BUT several members have not reached the thousand dollar mark in order to walk.
Here is the team page.

I sincerely wish that there was something more I could do to help this family. I wish there were words I could say that would ease pain for them. It is hard to feel so very helpless.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiny bites to get my mind in order and my blog flowing

I don't know what is up with me. I can't seem to get in the flow lately. I walk around telling myself that I need to blog yet when I sit at the computer I end up doing everything else but blog lol.

My dogs are funny eaters. They take a bite of food then walk around and later come back and take another bite. This means the bowl stays pretty full all day. However, I decided they needed a different flavor. (I do this once in a while) Only this time I bought IAMS in the red bag. I had never bought it before but I hoped they would like it. Well... they seem to like it to much. In fact I have taken to calling it doggie crack. I fill the bowl and within 20 minutes the bowl is empty. They freaking LOVE it. Part of me is happy they like it so much while the other part of me is wondering if them liking it to much is a problem.

Somehow within the last week I have tweaked my shoulder. Tweaked it to the point I have a problem lifting anything with that arm. Thankfully it is my non dominant arm but still. It freaking hurts. I have no idea what I did to it but I sure wish it would go back to normal.

I need to make a appointment to get my boobs squished. I am completely procrastinating. I also need to make an appointment to find out why one of my ears is still hearing that damn wooshing heartbeat sound. It hasn't been the same since I had that double ear infection. And I still can't hear right. To the point the honey tells me I am talking to loud.

Within the last few weeks I have had some crazy dreams.
Dream #1
A friend of mine owned a huge HUGE house that was falling apart. She had inherited it. It was so crooked that if you put a ball on the floor it instantly went to the one side of the house. It was hard to walk through it. She considered it a lost cause (it was) so a group of us were all going through it to see what we could salvage. There were at least a hundred rooms with strange themes. One was a black and white checkerboard with about 30 pillars and black and white dice the size of watermelons. Others were plain with just a mattress on the floor. There were statues and normal stuff in all kinds of room. My friend was just going to let it fall down since it was mostly bank owned and way to damaged to fix.
We all gathered in a room to determine the best way to remove stuff without dying. From another room came a moan and there was suddenly a...... um.... man thing with some kind of cloak and bare chest standing in a hallway. It was not friendly. Some of my friends said it was a ghost so I went over and reached through the doorway to see and it grabbed me.
That is when I woke up.

Dream #2
First I had a baby.. well not had it.. but I had one with me. I needed diapers so someones uncle said they would take me while someone else watched the baby. However 5 minutes into the drive I realized he was drunk off his ass. He slammed us through a plate glass store front going pretty damn fast. I remember looking at him while I was covered in blood, he laughed and put the car in reverse to leave.
(dream switched)
The honey and I and another woman got in a huge fight in San Francisco. I got out of the truck to yell and He and the woman left me there. With bare feet and no purse. During some kind of city wide rave thing. Blinking lights everywhere.
I wandered around trying to find a phone so I could call Sazy to come get me. I finally was able to borrow a cell phone from a guy only to realize I had no idea what sazy's phone number was without my phone. I remembered my uncles phone number and it took almost 20 minutes of crying and yelling for him to believe me and say he would come get me. I thanked the cell phone guy... walked outside and as I stood there alone waiting for my uncle I ended up about as tall as the mothra girls.
That is when I woke up.

I have no idea what is going on with these dreams.

This job hunting SUCKS. And the media is not helping my piece of mind at all. Yesterday I read a article on how after 6 months your chances of landing a job drop by 48%. Ummm.... I am almost at a year here. This extension runs out in two checks. I am hopeful that I will get another extension but I would much much much rather get another job. I am beginning to grow moss. I am beginning to feel useless too.

A friend of mine is getting married in Lake Tahoe in August. I love Tahoe so going is not a problem. The problem is it is on a Sunday at 4pm. Tahoe is a four and half hour drive from my house. So if the honey is going to go he either needs to take Monday off or we need to drive home in the dark for 4 1/2 hours. Something I know he will not want to do.

The other day I purchased some books for my kindle. I started reading one of the books and realized I had pretty much purchased a soft core male on male porn novel. But can I tell you something? That book was FREAKING HOT as hell. It was so good that I bought a second one with the same type of story from the same author.
*fans self. Whoooo weeeee that book was smoking.

Ok. It is garbage day again. (everyone don't get so excited now) So I am off to the store to buy kitty litter and the makings of dinner. Then it is doggie bath time, laundry time, garbage removal time, and blah blah blah lol

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WTF is wrong with people


People seem to have lost all manners. They have lost the meaning of what is considered rude.

Here are just a few examples that have happened in the last couple of days.

Today I decided I get a treat. I was going to go buy a McDonald's hamburger. mmmmmm..... I haven't had one of those in a really really long time. So I hope in my car and drive to the closest drive through. As I pull up I see that the line (which is going away from me) is pretty long. So I drive through the parking lot and turn around so I am facing the right way and get into line.
I am about 6 cars back. No big deal right. After all this is my treat.
So I am sitting there waiting when another car comes from the direction I had just driven into the parking lot. But instead of driving around and getting in line this woman pulls along side the car in the front of the line and waits. Now there is no way in hell she didn't see the line. But regardless of the other cars waiting she deemed herself more important.
She actually shoves her car in front of the second car in line. If that car hadn't stopped she would have hit him.
I have to ask you... Was this ok? I mean because she was faced the opposite way as the line did the line not matter for her? Seriously WTF.

A few days ago we went to Costco. We loaded up the basket and headed towards the long lines. We are about 4th or 5th in line. No big deal after all when you go to costco you expect two things. A full basket that is going to cost you more then a hundred bucks and a long line right?
So the guy at the head of the line unloads his cart on the conveyor. The check out guy rings up his stuff and tells him how much it is. At this point he starts looking around and yelling for Mary.
Ok the wife must have the money right?
About three minutes later here comes Mary with a giant cart filled to the top with stuff.
The guy then proceeds to hand the cashier each item in her cart.
Every person in the line was in shock. Now I can understand having two carts. Not a big deal. But to hold up an entire line to do your friends order after yours is complete when she wasn't even in line? Not freaking cool.
People were angry. Hell I was angry. Seriously WTF.

My grocery store has wonderful sweet people who work there. They remember your name. They remember details about previous conversations. They actually like their jobs. The woman in front of me the other day was yabbing on her cell phone.
The grocery clerk said hello and started to ring her up. She actually turned her back to her and continued to talk. And talk. AND TALK.
The grocery store clerk told her how much it was.
Talk talk talk.
She told her again.
Talk talk talk.. with her back to her.
The third time I actually got pissed. I tapped the lady and told her that she was done and maybe she could deal with what she was doing before she talked anymore.
Without a word to me or the clerk but plenty more to her phone she paid and left.
Seriously WTF

I hate that we live like this. That some people are so full of themselves that they feel they can get away with shit like that.
What is wrong with these people? Are they really that blind? Have we really created a society where it is ok to be an ass? UGH

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can someone just please go clean up the oil

Seriously what is it going to take for someone to just shut up, step up to the plate and try to do something. I understand that this is something no one has dealt with before but instead of sitting on our asses waiting for the leak to be plugged before the clean up efforts start maybe we should get up and do something.
Nationwide. Get everyone involved. Pay people to clean!
We are in the middle of one of the worst crisis's ever and people are having meetings and pointing fingers. Do that shit after the problem is taken care of.
I understand that BP had the well. That the well was owned by some other company. Who gives a flying fuck.
We as a nation including our government need to step up and do anything and everything we can. Hurricane season is coming quickly. Things are about to get a hundred times worse.
Animals and birds and who knows what the hell else is dying. The oil has reached the coastline.
Why are we waiting for BP to purchase the booms that stop the oil? Send the damn things now and decide later who pays for them. Hell how about this concept... Donate the damn things.
I don't understand the attitude in regards to this. Congressional hearings? WTF
Just get the freaking job done.
That oil isn't just floating on the top people. It is sinking to the bottom too. It isn't just floating or sinking either. It is grabbed up in the current and dragged all over hell and gone. We are looking at something that is going to plague us for years and years to come.
Hire me to go clean. I will. I am unemployed and if you were hiring I would go in a heartbeat. Take over a few hotels (compensated properly) and house all of us who are willing and able to stand on a freaking beach with a bag and a oil grabber.
UGH this frustrates me to no end!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What do you do about something like this!

This is a sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala. They are estimating it to be over 30 stories deep.
It has all ready eaten a three story building and a house. And as you can see it is right in the middle of town.
Do you try to fill that up? How the hell much stuff would you have to put in there before it got full? Do you leave it alone? If you do does it eat the neighborhood one building at a time as it gets bigger. And it sure looks like it would get bigger.
If you work in the building next to the sinkhole do you continue to go to work? Do you work in fear of being swallowed?
Do you build some kind of concrete cover for it knowing that the ground underneath is gone? Could be eroding as you stand there.

I find it incredibly interesting that these extremely large sinkholes seem to be popping up everywhere.