Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Let the drinking begin LMAO!!!

The honey is off work so blogs are going to be short and sweet if at all for the next few days. Like I said before this is mine.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD my buddy Sazy has just arrived so talk to you all later!!

Midori sours, Midori martinis, Champagne and Mai Tai's here I come!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


For some reason I spent some time on youtube today. Figured I would share a few that made my body happy.
For some reason this makes me want to dance. It is a sucky video but the song....

Did you watch Rockstar Supernova? I think it was on a million years ago. But this man... for some reason this man is very.... ummm exciting to me LMAO

There is just something about black hair and guyliner that rocks my world.

The ultimate girly song.... Makes me want to dance and smile.

Another dark haired man....

Funny how the honey is blond.

Then you have to listen to something that just makes your body go ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

And another ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He is one of my most favorite singers of all time. I love him.

And one of my all time favorites....

And to end today a small bit of one of my newest favorites... hmmm black hair again. Learning something about myself here.

What a voice.

No idea why I felt like video sharing with you today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear House,



How is it possible that in the five days that I have been gone the entire house is disgusting?

I think I had to wade through a inch of dog and cat hair just in the living room alone.
My brown couch is white with fur from the cat.
There was kitty litter all over the house including the kitchen EWWWW
The covers were on the floor instead of on the bed.
The dishes that I washed were still in the dish drain but both sides of the sink were full of dirty dishes.
There is probably 5 loads of laundry to be done not including the load in the dryer and the load in the washer.
The cat obviously missed the litter box once.
The cat obviously jumped up onto the newly white couch to throw up a monster hairball.
And all of that I could probably of handled... sort of.


When I stepped in my shower last night I froze. I literally stood there with my mouth hanging open shuddering. I have never in my life ever seen my shower that dirty. It honestly looked like the floor of a nasty gas station bathroom on the walls in there. Mold. Black goo. Red goo. White goo.
I showered and still felt filthy after getting out of there.

How in the world did that happen? How can my house be this disgusting in that short of a amount of time? I cleaned the damn thing before I left.
And that shower. I have never in my life ever seen my shower look like that. Ever. How could it possibly look like that in five days? It doesn't seem possible that it could look like that. GROSS

I guess I have quite a bit of cleaning to do over the next few days.

Had a great time at grandma's for Christmas eve. Christmas was fun as Sazy arrived. And my birthday? We spent 10 hours in a casino LMAO!! I lost every bit of my birthday money.

Well I have tons of stuff to do and just a little time before the honey gets home.

I am so tempted to hire someone to clean that bathroom. I am afraid of it.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time to head up to grandmas *\o/*

Tomorrow I leave for grandmas for Christmas. I won't be back until late the 28th so I don't expect to blog until the 29th. Just a fyi by the way :)

I won an award. It is a funny little award that seems to have no reason or no rules. I am all about no rules lol. Well it has one rule. I am suppose to list 5 things about me that you do not know but I decided to be a rebel and do it differently. Then I am suppose to give this award to five blogs. Now since these almost feel like chain letters (which by the way I delete lol) You do not have to do anything you don't want to do. In fact I may rebel even further and just NOT list the blogs.
See I am kind of lazy and have a thousand things I need to do before I leave at oh dark thirty tomorrow.

But without further ado...
Here is my award!

It was given to me by one of my favorite bloggers. Big Mama Cass

Now I kidnapped this from another blog to use as my "five" things.... Enjoy lol

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? I wrap my gifts in paper. However there are never any bows. See, I have this cat who eats ribbons and bows and then yacks all over everything. So no bows. I do use gift bags once in a while though.

2. Real tree or Artificial? It has to be real. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in the house. If I ever live in the mountains it will be a live tree that I can plant after the holidays.

3. When do you put up the tree? Normally? The first of December. Or that week. This year? 10 days before Christmas.

4. When do you take the tree down? I tend to either take it down the first garbage day after Christmas. Unless of course that day happens to be within a day of Christmas. This year it will be up until the new year.

5. Do you like eggnog? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm eggnog YUM YUM YUM. But add alchohol and BLICK

6. Favorite gift received as a child? It was a little cooking set. With plastic pans and mixers and spoons and just general things you need to cook with. I made flower, berry mud pies for hours.

7. Hardest person to buy for? The honey. Why? Because we have been together going on 20 years and he and I have everything we need to be happy.

8. Easiest person to buy for? Kids. Buy a fun toy and you are done!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. But again my inner rebel came out. I didn't want a stuffy traditional one. I mean those are fine but they aren't me. So I bought a cutesy cartoonish ceramic set that I love.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? I mail my cards. This year I mailed out 30 cards to family and friends. I have a blast choosing the wierdest, funniest card possible. Of course this year all I got were traditional pretty cards which made me worry for about point two seconds and then said who cares if they think I am weird lol

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Ab roller from an x boyfriend. I weighed in at 110 pounds then and he still thought I was to fat. Bastard

12. Favourite Christmas Movie? Its a wonderful life. To me it is not Christmas without watching it even though I know I am going to boo hoo twice.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I try to start in November most years.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes a candle

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? EVERYTHING lol

16. Lights on the tree? Of course. Colored ones.

17. Favorite Christmas song? I like the old time Christmas songs. There are just two many to list as favorite since they are all like old friends.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? This is the holiday for family and mine lives far away so I travel.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Dasher, dancer, prancer and vikson (sp), comet and cupid and donner and blitzen plus RUDOLPH.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Neither. I have a snowman.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? On Christmas eve we open one present. On Christmas morning at oh dark thirty we open the rest. Although this year the honey and I have all ready opened our gifts to each other. It is a weird Christmas.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Shopping people who suck. They forget their manners.

23. Favorite ornament, theme, or color? Each ornament is like an old friend so I can't choose. I have no theme and no color choice either.

24. Favorite for Christmas Dinner? Turkey. mmmm... or honey baked ham

25. What do you want to do for Christmas this year? Spend it with my family. But next year I am going to reimplement my Italian Christmas if I can.

26. Favorite Christmas tradition growing up? There really wasn't any traditions growing up.

27. Favorite tradition now? hmmm making cookies. Of course I didn't really do the giant day of cooking them this year. This IS a weird year.

28. Favorite Christmas Memory? Just everyone being so damn happy to be with each other. That's it I guess.

hmmm do I want to list some of my favorite blogs? hmmmm....
Here are some I read almost every day.
Wonderful world of weiners
Gigi's rambling
Aunt of 14
Fact woman She scares me with how organized she is lol

This is like picking favorite children and is making me feel kind of icky so I am only going to post one more. But let me tell you I have a bunch more blogs I read every day so if you are not listed I am sorry. Seriously this picking is making me feel icky :(

My buddy Kevin

Well I have to go pack and go pick up some toys for the dogs for Christmas. I will miss everyone I read!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the most Crazy time of the year

Yesterday I finished up the wrapping. I have a giant 50 inch tv (the honey's nephew's gift for his parents) and my grandmothers gift left to wrap. I baked like a mad woman. Cookies and orange cranberry bread. I got all my stuff ready to go to grandmas and I applied for about 6 jobs.
Yes, I am still applying even though it is the week before Christmas. I am hoping that some how some way maybe one of these people I have sent a resume to in the last month will call me after the first of the year. It honestly feels as if I have been out of work for a year. I know it has only been 5 months but that is 5 months to long if you ask me.
My news station was showing a group of people last night who are also out of work. Want to panic? Watch them document people who have been out of work since January and haven't heard a word either.
Not having a job is like being in hell. UGH!

Here are some of the decorations in my house. I still cannot for the life of me figure out how in the hell to shrink the pictures so if you want to see the whole thing you will need to click on them. (Please excuse the white fur on the rug. I have a giant white lab and a long haired white cat who shed like mad all day long)

You will notice the lack of ornaments on the bottom of the tree. With two indoor cats and a lab who has no idea she has a tail it is just easier to not add them then to have to pick them up every day.

And here is the outside

Now there are decorations in every room but that is the living room and outside.

Ok so now that I have had my kindle since the 3rd of this month and played with it a bit I feel a tad bit better in reviewing it.

It freaking ROCKS!!!!

I had 8 paperback books (had just went on a shopping spree right before it arrived) so I decided to do side by side. Read a book, read a kindle book, read a book, read a kindle book.

There is something to be said for each type. A paperback has a great hand feel. It is like an old friend. Easy to carry around. We all know how good a book feels in our hands so I don't need to go on and on.

Now for the kindle. There are a few pluses that an actual book doesn't have.
1. You can set it on the counter as you are cooking dinner (or any other activity) and read without having to hold it. The ability for it to lay flat without me having to resort to a salt shaker or some other item to hold it open is a great plus for me.
2. As soon as you turn it on it goes directly to where you left off in the book you are reading. (I know bookmarks or dog earred pages do the same thing but I find it cool)
3. No more CRAP this is the second in a series... in less then 60 seconds I can have the first book.
4. The battery life is wonderful. Like I said I got mine on the 3rd of this month. Charged it once. Have picked it up almost every day and STILL have 1/2 of my battery power. And it only takes about 5-10 minutes to give it a full charge.

In the mall the other day I picked up the Sony ebook just out of curiosity. Don't bother. It feels chinsy. And the buttons suck.

Sometimes however you do run across a new book that is not in kindle version yet. I just picked up the real book instead lol

The honey has decided to go to my grandmothers with me on the 24th. Which while being wonderful and nice kind of irritated me at the same time.
I like to have plans. I like to know my plans in advance. For him to switch back and forth really irritated me. Don't get me wrong I wanted him to go but he literally changed his mind 7 times in the last two weeks. So now instead of me driving up tomorrow I am going to drive up on the 24th (The day we are having Christmas) with him. It makes me feel like I don't get enough time with grandma. But then here comes my buddy Sazy saying she will take off Monday so we can play up there. (She will be driving me home)
I swear to you I hit the friend lottery when I met her online all those years ago.

OH!!!! Speaking of friend lottery. We totally picked a fight in Costco over the weekend. No I don't normally do that. But... well here is Sazy's description.....
Okay, I started it, Jody finished it.

We were walking to the front of the store with a cart load. Costco was packed of course. I was following Jody and a woman pushing a cart were behind me. She kept try to get around us and there was no room for her to get around us and she was pushing on me and pushing on me until I said to Jody:

Wait a minute and let this lady go by.....

Lady: Thank you.

....before she breaks my foot.

As she passes us she snots:

I wasn't going to break your foot!

Now she's in front and Jody says cheerfully:

That's okay, I'll break her foot.

So the lady stops and fixes Jody with an evil look, to which she puts her hand up and replies:

Yeah I said it. So?

How rude! says the lady and takes off.

The guy behind me says, She was being rude, not you guys.

Thank you, I tell him.

So that's all, but we laughed about picking a fight and not really getting it but we could have kicked her ass.

LMAO!!!! *twirls in my evil lady outfit.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The ghosts of Christmas past

A friend of mine asked me to post my Christmas memories on a Lost board that I visit. In my head I thought ooooo good blog post too. So what do I do? I come here to post it first.

Growing up I had what I call a bipolar Christmas. By that I mean I had to go to both sides of the family. And let me just tell you they were as different as night and day.

Since my parents divorced when I was three this was every year as I grew up.

My fathers side of the family generally had their Christmas in the morning until about 2pm. So we (my brother and I) would go there first.
Now for this celebration we had to dress up in our best clothes. Which by the way was a freaking joke. Here is that side of the family in suits or fancy dresses or really nice clothes and here come my brother and I in what my mother would consider nice. Let's just say her idea and their idea of nice were completely different.
We would all sit around a perfectly decorated house with perfectly cooked food and open perfectly wrapped presents.
Then it would be time to leave and go back to what we considered the real world.
That side of the families Christmas wasn't real. It was like stepping into another dimension. We did not live that kind of life. This was not reality for us.
Yes, we enjoyed ourselves in a very no no don't touch kind of way but it was like visiting another planet.

My mother's side of the family celebrated completely different. There was nothing perfect anywhere. We could not afford perfect. Hell we couldn't afford a whole hell of a lot but we had creativity and we had love. That made all the difference in the world.
Someone would go to the food bank and get us a turkey. Or one of the neighbors would give us one. Or sometimes, although rarely, we were able to afford one for ourselves. That kitchen was busselling. All my Italian relatives would be huddled in there stirring spaghetti sauce, opening cans of green beans or just getting something ready. I remember the kitchen windows were always steamed up. And the laughter in that room was warm as well.
When it came time to eat we would all pack into the tiny kitchen bumping against each other and fighting our way to the food. And OMG the food that filled that room. No matter how crappy we ate on a normal basis the food that day was bountiful. Breads warm from the oven. Sausages. Pies. Spaghetti and meatballs. Turkey and stuffing. The damn table almost groaned from the weight of the food.
Laughter and love and food. What more could a person want?
After the meal everyone would head outside to start drinking. Of course there was snack food out there too. Beers would disappear rapidly and people would head off for a beer run now and again. The kids would be climbing the trees and being pesty but no one cared. The music would be turned on. Country to begin with switching to Rock and Roll when the drinking got serious lol.
There were many a Christmas that I would walk down a hallway only to have to step over someone who was flat out hammered. Most of the time they would grab you by the legs and tell you they loved you.
Christmas was something cherished and fun on this side of the family.

As I grew older the perceptions of Christmas at each home changed a bit. Yes my fathers side of the family was still "perfect" but through my adult eyes I saw the love that was there too.
My mothers side of the family Christmas didn't change in my eyes. Although now I could drink LMAO!!

Now I spend my Christmas with my Grandmother on my dad's side of the family. We are a little less perfect but still staid. We play board and card games. But we are together.

My mother's side... Well it seems that Christmas has died. The death started when my great grandmother passed away. The get together got a little quieter. But when my Grandma Mema passed away.... well Christmas died. There is no more get together. There is no more giant Italian Christmas dinner. There is no more laughter or fun.
I really really miss that by the way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did it :)

Yesterday after writing my post I looked around and got frustrated. I decided the hell with it I am getting a tree. So I hopped in the honey's truck and drove down to Home Depot. I figured it was so late in the month I would just grab me a little three foot tree.
At least I would have a tree in my house!
So I walked into the store and looked at the little trees. None of them screamed take me home.
See I have this ummm system when looking for a tree. Pick one. Pick it up and smash it down onto the ground so all dead needles fall off and the tree fluffs up. Then twirl it around to see if it has any glaring bald spots or strange mutant branches sticking out somewhere it shouldn't be.
The whole time talking to the tree. "She's pretty"... "no, she isn't fat enough"... "Ooooo aren't you are pretty tree"
You get the idea.
After looking at all the different kinds of tiny trees I thought maybe I should just bite the bullet and go to the tree lot across the street. I started to walk back to the truck when it happened.
I saw the lady and her husband twirling this huge beautiful almost 7 foot tree. I stopped and watched them do my system.
Pick, smash, twirl
I must have looked like a goon standing there just staring at them and the trees.

And then my brain shut off.

The next thing I knew I was picking, smashing and twirling giant trees.

The next thing I knew I was carrying an almost 7 foot tree up to the counter while saying "isn't she a pretty tree. Such a good tree."

The next thing I knew I was driving home with the tree. Putting on a tree stand. Carrying the monstrosity into my home.

The next thing I knew I was stringing lights and putting out decorations.

The next thing I knew was it was beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas.

I still need to finish putting up the ornaments and the outside decorations but the bathroom, computer room, living room, bedroom and kitchen all have decorations. My house smells like pine. There is a warmth that was seriously missing. My tree is beautiful.
Well minus a few bare spots and two, yes count them, two branches that are sticking out in a bizarre way. But hey it is hard to pick a tree by yourself lol. I think I have some scissors around here somewhere anyway. And some ornaments will fill the holes nicely.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I challenge you all to do.............

Some random acts of kindness over the next few days.

Pay the toll of the person behind you.
Hold a door for someone.
Help a elderly person unload their shopping cart onto the conveyor.
Buy the person behind you their latte
Let a person get into traffic in front of you.
Take your neighbor a plate of cookies.

Anything really.

Around right now we all are aware of all the grumpy people out there. People whose minds seem to be focused only on themselves and their needs.
I would love for us to spread a little happiness.
You have no idea how much your random act of kindness may help or make someone's day.

I read this article yesterday and thought wow... how wonderful.
PHILADELPHIA - It played like a scene from a holiday movie — a mystery couple, who didn’t leave their names or numbers, walked into a restaurant, finished their meal and then set off a chain reaction of generosity that lasted for hours.

That’s just what employees at the Aramingo Diner in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia said a man and a woman did during their breakfast shift Saturday morning.

“It was magical. I had tears in my eyes because it never happened before. I’ve been here for 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Lynn Willard, a waitress.

Willard and other waitresses told NBC Philadelphia that the couple started the chain reaction by paying double: for their own meal and for the tab of another table of diners at the restaurant. There's no evidence that one group of diners knew the others.

“I could not believe it. And it continued and continued — it was very nice,” said Willard. “They asked us not to say anything until they left, say, ‘Merry Christmas, that person picked up your check.’”

For the next five hours, dozens of patrons got into that same holiday spirit and paid the favor forward.

The diner’s manager said not one person was concerned about price of the check — which ran between $12 and $30.

“It was a surprise to all of us; the girls were even taken aback,” said the diner's manager. “Those who took the check also tipped the waitress. So nobody had to do anything other than pass it on, and that’s what they did. They just passed it forward.”

It’s a true holiday story that proves how a small gesture of kindness can create some magic.

I think if we all just pulled together and showed love to random people this world would be a better place.

AND I am going to decorate today if it freaking KILLS ME

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow I have been busy!

In the last few days I have sent out all my 30+ Christmas cards. Woo hoo me!
I have went Christmas shopping and got almost all the shopping done. Out of 22 people I have 4 left!! Finally!
The only things I have left to do is buy 4 more gifts, wrap all the presents and decorate my house.
But I am having issues with that last thing. I just can't seem to get motivated to do it. I don't have a tree yet which is really strange since I normally have it the first of December. I haven't pulled out any of the Christmas boxes. I haven't done anything at all. NOTHING.
And to be honest I am not sure I am going to. I don't know why. I just don't feel Christmas this year except as a chore. :(
I think a tree would be the push I need but going to get one. Not in the mood. Anyone want to drop one on my porch for me LMAO!!!

I am proud though that I managed my money enough to actually buy gifts. And the honey said he would pay the PG&E and the Internet/phone bill this month so that should be half of the money for the gifts. Everyone is going to get something a little smaller this year and mostly functional. Like I got my mother and stepfather a coffee pot and a bag of coffee. I feel like a cheap asshole but man it is what I can afford. I know people will understand that but inside myself I feel bad. I hope they need a coffee pot LMAO. Well at any rate I know at one point they will because they drink coffee every day all day long. So at some point the gift will be handy. I wonder if I should get them filters too.... hmmmmm

I need to start commenting on your blogs. I haven't all last week which again made me feel guilty.

Seeing a pattern here people? My mother taught me guilt well and it has stuck with me.

OMG is it really only 11 days until Christmas! I just counted on my calendar and almost had a freaking heart attack! That means it is 12 days until I am 42 BLICK

Hmmmmm 11 days until Christmas do I really need a tree and decorations?

Well I promised the honey a nice clean house when he came home and so far I have done nothing but write a blog and play on the Internet so I have to get busy.

11 days... man I am freaking out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Take me as I am.... post 100

A while back I decided to go on a diet. A hard core I am going to do it diet. I thought if I lost weight a lot of things would change. My body image issues would disappear. My sex life would improve. Things would be rosy and happy... if only I could lose weight. It was the first real diet I ever went on even though I had been overweight for a while.
For one year I dieted. I watched every thing that went into my mouth. I spent tons of money on the right foods. You know it is funny how much more expensive it is to eat right.
I lost weight. Actually I lost a lot of weight and started to look thin. I was proud of my body for a bit and bought clothes to fit the new me.
But a funny thing happened. I realized that nothing had changed. NOTHING except that I needed to buy new clothes.
Nothing except that I was fixated on food and what to cook and how much to eat.
It seemed my entire life became food watch and money outpouring.
My body issues didn't disappear. I still had them. Now it was sagging boobs and nothing is good enough.
My sex life didn't change. There was no increase at all.
Life didn't get rosy and happy just because I lost weight.
Everything was almost exactly the same except the damn food fixation and cost.
So after a year of dieting I gave up. I was tired of watching every bite of food. I was tired of cooking special every night. I wanted a pizza once in a while.
I was freaking miserable with the diet life. The skinnier me was ok but it honestly didn't make a damn bit of difference in how I was treated or how I saw myself.
The weight came back a lot faster then it fell off. So now I am right back where I started before a year of dieting. And you know what... I almost don't care.
The only thing that bothers me is finding clothes that fit right nothing else bothers me at all.
I will never be 100% happy with my body either fat or skinny.
My love life will probably never change from what it is.
But not dieting..... being this weight..... being who I am..... is freeing. I am happy with who I am. I no longer feel the need to "fix" myself so I fit into what "they" think I should look like.
I am healthy.
So the fuck what if I have to much cushion.
Of course I get the twinges of my god I need to lose weight but for now I am satisfied with who I am inside. What I look like on the outside may bother some people but would I really want to know them anyway. Superficial assholes who judge on size instead of personality? Not really.
Do I think I may diet again in the future? I have no idea. If I did it wouldn't be the hell I went through before.
It is so damn hard to lose weight. You fight for every single pound. But it is so easy to gain it back in less time then it took you to decide to diet. Unfair but true.
So.. I am fat. So the fuck what. Being fat is not who I am on the inside. I accept myself. I am who I am.

How was that for a 100th post lol

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting it together

So there were a few questions in my comments and I thought I might as well post the answers....

The Kindle does not have a back light. It has a special technology that makes it exactly like reading a book. There is no eye strain due to looking at a computer like screen because it looks just like regular old ink on a page. So you will need to get a book light. That is one of the next things for me to buy. And I would definitely grab yourself a cover. Just in case you drop the thing it will cushion the fall. And the cover also makes it feel like a real book opening.

In regards to the honey not coming to Christmas with me..... I answered the question but lay in bed realizing that I didn't really answer it properly.
My grandmothers is 3 1/2 hours away from our home. His brother lives about 15 minutes from our home.
I promised my grandmother (82 years old) that I would do all the cooking for Christmas back in July. No backing out of that.
The day after Christmas (my birthday) I like to go gambling. He hates gambling. So he gets bored in about 20 minutes and nothing is more frustrating to a avid gambler then someone who leans on the back of their seat sighing in boredom.
Also he wants to go duck hunting that weekend and duck hunting is down here.
His family has a knock down party for Christmas. Booze laughter and lots of fun. They decided this year on the 26th. Normally it is the weekend before which is not a problem. This year the date is a problem.
My family is more ummm sedate.
I would love to go to his families party more then anything but that means getting up in the morning of my birthday, driving 3 1/2 hours and then going to a party that lasts until midnight. That does and doesn't sound like a good birthday. Also I have my friend Sazy up at grandmas and dragging her back down here would just be mean.
I don't duck hunt. *shudders.... and that means I would be home alone like normal.
Sooooooo...... We decided to have him stay home and me go up to grandmas.
I will let you know if that changes because it has 3 times all ready.

I brought out the boxes of Christmas cards. I told myself that I will start writing them today. I don't have to put a personal message in each one right? Not going to happen.

I find it hard to believe but I think my next post is my 100th post. WOW that went super fast!!! I should do some kind of fancy post for the next one. Any ideas?

I have been a bad commenter this week. It seems there is so much to do in the house that I haven't had the time. BUT oh yes I have been reading all of you. I should be back to commenting either today or tomorrow. So just because you haven't seen a comment doesn't mean I forgot about you.

Oh and the honeys niece send me a private message on facebook today. She wanted to let me know that she is pregnant but please don't tell anyone.
She used to live with us before the honeys mother passed away and the world went to hell. That is a post for another day. Anyway she and the honey don't talk. Her mother doesn't talk to any of the honeys 3 other brothers. Again story for another day. So here I am with this secret.
I know this is going to end badly. Somehow the honey is going to find out that I know and ask me when I started talking to her again. Why I didn't tell him. Blah blah blah. I am not sure if I should just tell him or not.
He all ready thinks that me being on facebook is weird and doesn't understand why I have "MEN" as friends. No matter how much I tried to explain to him that they were old coworkers.
And let me just lay it on the line here people I am a good girl. There is NO hanky panky ever from me in regards to my relationship. Period.
So this stupid secret has the potential to be bad UGH.

Anywhoo... post 100 tomorrow :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


It is freaking Freezing here! Seems like a lot of people are getting snow. Living in California we don't. Sigh. I would love to wake up to a blanket of snow once in a while but the last time it snowed here was 1978. So it looks like my chances of that are small.

I am loving my new kindle. It is so easy to use and very comfortable to hold. I have all ready read one book on it and have purchased two others to read. Two paranormal romances and one zombie book. But I have to finish the paper books that I bought before really using my kindle even though I don't want to lol.

I am really getting frustrated at the lack of job here. Sending out anywhere from one to six resumes a day and not even hearing a peep is making me feel a little inadequate for some reason. The honey says not to worry that I will get a job after the new year but man I am worried. My unemployment will be running out in 4 1/2 more payments and if I don't get an extension I am in a world of trouble. I am not even sure if they are still doing the extensions. The last time I was in this spot they didn't have extensions and the money just stopped. Thankfully in January I can send for my tax refund if I get my W2's in time. That is a little money that will help for sure if there are no extensions.
The honey told me I should start some schooling. I would need something that I could learn in a year. He said he would help with the bills while I went to school. The problem is what in the heck do I go to school for. Any ideas would be great.

My grandmothers dog is doing ok. She has a giant cast on her front leg and needs to be carried out to go potty. Today she got 14 inches of snow so that is probably a pain in the ass. Not to mention the poor dog got diarrhea from the medication. It can't be easy taking care of all that. I am thankful that my uncle is there to help.

I don't have any Christmas items up at all in my house yet. No tree, no nothing. I just don't have the mood for some reason. I need some Christmas cheer.

The honey will not be doing Christmas with me this year. That makes Thanksgiving and Christmas spent apart. It is a strange thing for me. It makes me feel a little sad. He will be going to his family's Christmas party on the 26th instead. I will be at a casino gambling my birthday money on that day since it IS my birthday. Sucky birthday right? At least my buddy Sazy will be with me for Christmas. Last year we had snow. I can wish for that again right?

Friday, December 4, 2009

*\o/* I got a Kindle *\o/*

So I got to open my Christmas gift very early. In my house gifts don't last long. They probably last about 30 minutes at the most before we can't stand it anymore and HAVE to give it to the other person. Needless to say anything that gets shipped for the honey I have sent to my grandmothers house. But anything I pick up at the store ends up given to him.
That is how I got my fancy new wonderful Kindle!

I have been drooling over this device since it first came out. Years now. They finally lowered the price to $259 which had I been employed I would have snapped up in a second. Instead my lovely wonderful honey got it for me for Christmas.

I am not sure how useful this will be for most people but I am a readaholic. I have a book in my hands at all times with a spare nearby in case I run out of book.
I sat down and figured some stuff out....
Ok so I am a little anal and a lot nosy. No laughing

I read a book a day or every two days but I also plan on reading horror "real" books. So let's figure a book every three days.

365/3 = 122 (it is actually 121.6666666 but who cares lol)

So 122 books saves me a dollar a book (again general seems to be more) So $122 in savings for the year.

So in two years the kindle will have paid for itself (minus 15 dollars)
(although I saved $5 on one of the books I ordered last night and $3 on the other so I think the Kindle will end up paying for itself a lot quicker then this estimate)

And I will not have 244 "real" books that get sent to the goodwill or what ever in my house.

And that is being conservative. I have and do read a book a day most days.

I all ready downloaded two books and I have a third that I am going to put on there in a bit.
I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apple Hill

Sorry about the skipped day. I wasn't feeling the best.

The next morning Sazy and I got ready to go up to Apple Hill and look at some crafts. I was hoping to find some Christmas presents to give out to people. When we were ready to go the wind was blowing like crazy and I asked Grandma if she was ready. Turns out she didn't want to go.
This kind of freaked me out again. In the 20 years she has lived up there she has never let me go to Apple Hill without her. She said it was to cold. I hate that my grandmother is slowing down. It scares me to death.
So Sazy and I hopped in the car and drove up the mountain. We stopped at the first location and walked around looking at crafty stuff and I eyeballed all the caramel apples. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM caramel apples. We didn't find anything we wanted and the line for food was to long so we decided to go to another location to grab a bite to eat.
We drove through the little roads up to a location I know has the best pulled pork sandwiches. Only they were closed. So we ended up at a little pub for lunch. I had a plate of fish and chips and Sazy ended up with a patty melt. Then we walked back outside into the freezing cold to head off to our next location.
We walked around the crafts and still didn't find anything to buy for Christmas. But by now we were pretty well frozen and decided to just get some candy for grandma and my caramel apple and head home.
LOL we ended up at this tiny little super old cemetery. We walked around through the wooden tombstones that you can no longer read. Isn't that sad? I felt bad for the people with no identifying stones. I hope somewhere someone has a record of who these people are. The amount of children under 5 was sad. But when I die... I would like to end up in that kind of cemetery. One that has character.
We got back to grandmas and played cards until almost midnight. We drank champagne and again ended up giggling and chatting until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say we were both pretty tired on the drive home to the bay area.
It was a great trip.

Until the sickness happened. UGH! Poor Sazy got sick too.
And then Dinah my grandmothers dog got hit by a car. She broke her front leg. The person who hit her said they "bumped" her. Hmphhh bumped her so hard that her front leg was dangling back and forth sheesh. People suck sometimes don't they.
Dinah will be getting a cast and hopefully everything will be fine. The vet wanted her to have a specialist look at it which would have cost grandma over $3,000. This was on top of what she had all ready paid this vet. Grandma is going to try to watch Dinah instead. She needs to change the cast around three times. (well the vet does)
The vet said that this option should be fine as long as there is no infection. Dinah may or may not limp.
Poor Dinah....

Ok enough typing for now. I am finally feeling better but my chest hurts now. Fun fun fun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

41 turns into 14

Along the drive to pick up Sazy from the train station in Sacramento I pulled one of my famous side trips.
See I have this problem with driving straight somewhere. There are sparkly things on the side of the road that draw my attention and make me turn off to go see. I think I picked the sparkly thing up off my mother a bit.
Anywhoooo... there is this fish hatchery that I drive by every time I come home from grandma's. Normally I have the dogs in the car so I can't exactly stop and play tourist. This time I had grandma in the car. She kept telling me no... we have to pick up Sazy... no we don't need to go on another side trip today.. NO NO NO!
As I turned into the fish hatchery.
What? I couldn't stand it... I needed to see the fish lol
All right in Grandma's defense I tend to get into some form of trouble on half of the side trips I take. Like ending up in the middle of the forest on a one lane dirt (mud) road with no idea where I was.. or coming around a death curve only to find myself on a one lane rickety wooden death trap bridge with pieces missing. (That one I actually pulled over after crossing and boo hooed from relief) So I understood the NO NO NO comment but my nature just doesn't let me NOT side trip. I like to go where I don't know where I am and explore.
Anywhoooo..... The fish hatchery. Somehow we arrived right at feeding time. It was incredibly cool. This little go cart with a air blower attached would drive by the multiple ponds and shoot food pellets out of the air blower. As the cart drove by thousands of baby fish would jump and fight for the food. I stood on the side and watched. The cart when by me and ummmmm hey ass you forgot to turn off the blower because I got pelted with a million fish pellets that stung.
They had these fish food stations too. So I grabbed a handful of food and gave half to grandma. It was fun feeding them.
We hopped back in the car a little later then we should have. When all of a sudden all I could smell was fish. Turns out the pellets had some kind of super soaking death fish oil or something in them that melded into your palm and wouldn't come off even after repeated hand wipes. YUCK!!
We got back on the freeway and Sazy called. She had arrived. We were late... oops!!
We picked her up and drove back to grandma's.
That night we went to the casino to meet up with most of my family up there. Lost a bit of money. Nothing like I normally do since I still don't have a job. We played and played and came home around 10pm.
After sitting for a while everyone went to bed. The problem with Sazy and I is we talk to each other. So we laid in the room on our little separate twin beds and yakked our brains out. Before we knew it, it was 3am.
We decided to sneak outside for a smoke. Well we didn't really have to sneak but at 3am anything you do feels like you are sneaking.
So we are standing outside and decide to walk over to the temperature gauge to see how freaking cold it was.
We looked at each other and ran to the porch. Like the damn porch was going to save us lol
We decided to go back inside and try to sleep. Except see we are like 14 year olds when we get together like that. Talk talk talk.
Finally it was lights out.

The end of the trip will be tomorrow. I seem to have caught a bug of some variety and I really really don't feel well.