Monday, November 30, 2009

Well I didn't get to blog but I am HOME!

Turns out I didn't really get a chance to blog over this little mini vacation. Between shopping for food, Cooking, guests, an uncle who is addicted to the computer and dial up that pissed me off I never once even got on my blog.
I was right about the whole aunt flo visit who decided that my driving trip was the perfect time to visit. Joy.
I stopped on the way to grandmas to get a drink and a hamburger at a Jack in the box. (and use the restroom) I placed my order and sat down to wait. It seemed like I had been there a long time. I looked down at the receipt and noticed the time stamp. I then looked up at the clock and went WTF I have been waiting 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES.
Out of no where a monster took over my body. I stormed up to the counter to ask for my money back. I was actually shaking I was so incredibly pissed off. No one was there. I stood there tapping my receipt against the counter with steam flowing out of my ears. It was then the lady walked up with my bag and called my number. I am almost but not really ashamed to say I totally lost my temper at her in front of what felt like a million people. Normally I am a calm anger person. Where I just seethe and walk away mad. This time my mouth spewed. The ladies eyes were huge as I grabbed the bag and walked out the door.
I had ordered two plain hamburgers for the dogs. As I was driving down the freeway I opened the first hamburger on handed only to have lettuce and tomato coated in catsup fall down the front of me. Both hamburgers were not plain.
Needless to say the last half of the trip was driven in fury lol.

I arrived at grandmas and changed clothes and played with her two new kittens. Let me tell you there is nothing more stress relieving then two playful kittens.

The next day the kittens got fixed and we decided to go grocery shopping right before we had to pick them up. I learned that it is not a good thing to shop the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone else is shopping too. Then my grandmother tells me to go to the store next to the grocery store and pick out a shirt. Ummm I don't want a shirt. We have groceries in the car. Warm groceries that include cracked crab doesn't sound good to me. I think I made her mad but at that point I was worried about even standing up. Things were a little strong if you know what I mean.
We picked the kittens up and prepared the stuff that needed to be made the day before.

Thanksgiving I got up early and stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven. I made a million side dishes and waited for guests to arrive. My grandmother took two naps before they did.
I have to admit that kind of scared me a bit. She is really really slowing down. I live in fear that something will happen to her.
The guests arrived and we had about 2 hours before the turkey was done. My cousin walks in with another uncooked turkey. He then announced that he bought a deep fryer and was going out back to cook it.
ummmmmm.... two turkeys??? Really???
Off he went outside and I have to admit it was kind of fun to watch him try to figure out his new toy. And the turkey turned out beautiful and moist.
Did I mention that I cooked a 21 pound turkey myself... and there were only 8 family members at Thanksgiving? Needless to say we ended up with a ton of turkey left overs.
We all played card games.....well they all played and for the first time ever I did not. I sat with my Aunt as she went through pictures to throw away the ones that she didn't know who the people were or landscapes she didn't remember. I ended up with a pile of pictures to bring home of my great grandmother and grandfather as well as some of my dad and grandmother when they were young. She was going to throw them away. WTF.
That night I went to bed around midnight and froze my ass off. My grandmother doesn't really believe in the heater. She says it costs to much but let me tell you when it is frozen and cold I need a heater. But I just shut up and went to bed with my electric blanket.
The damn thing didn't work. So I ended up freezing all night long. In fact when I woke up I was curled in a tiny ball under the covers at the bottom of the bed with goose bumps everywhere.
Sazy was arriving by train so I got myself ready to go pick her up.

The rest of the story tomorrow.... I have to fix the house that the honey broke while I was gone LOL

I hope you all had a great holiday..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And I am a minute...

Getting ready to go on a trip can be stressful. Add a handfull of PMS and it is a real bitch.
I had to do the dishes, make the bed and change the cat boxes before I could even start to load my truck up for the trip.
Then of course I start feeling the death cramps and think this is great. What a great thing to drive 3 1/2 hours with.
This morning I woke up with two cold sores on my bottom lip. WTF! I just had that stupid huge OMG what the hell is that cold sore under my nose last month UGH. But I did notice the trend... and let's hope that it ends this month.... I get this cold sore shit right before I start. And each of the last two months I had a stress problem right before I started.
Last month I was meeting my buddy from out of state and was nervous and BAM under the nose.
This month I have to drive to grandmas and fix dinner for the entire family and I have to leave the honey at home alone since he works the day after Thanksgiving... Bam the lip.
I haven't had a cold sore in years and I was pretty happy about it. My stupid family on both sides gets them in times of stress and after having to much citrus.
This is two in two months. I feel like some kind of ummmmm..... creeping crunge person. UGH!
They are small I will give you that but my bottom lip is all WTF I hate these things and has swollen up to the size of a prize fighter's lip after a fight. SIGH

Wow I share a lot don't I? Oh well I can't help but be who I am.

Anywhooo.. It is time to leave for my grandmothers. Hopefully I will be able to blog but I am not sure. See you all soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ewwwwwwwwwwww and oh by the way...

So my buddy and I are chatting away and she mentions that one of her neighbors brought her some soup.
How sweet huh?
She said it tasted a little greasy but it was ok.
The neighbor called it oxtail soup.
Turns out that is not just some cute name. Her neighbor fed her a tail. A actual honest to God tail.

I guess the neighbor came back and explained the whole peeling process and everything.
Let me tell you right now people.... if someone ever feeds me a tail I might actually have to kick their ass.
What the hell kind of person feeds another person a tail. A TAIL! Without saying something like "hey my family has been eating this for years.. by the way it has a tail in there"
I can't tell you how bad I feel for Sazy for having to eat that.

Just a fyi by the way I am heading up to my grandmothers for Thanksgiving. I leave tomorrow and get back on Sunday so blogs may be a little spotty this week. She has the slowest dial up in the world since she lives up in the mountains.
Don't leave k?

Last night I watched the AMA's for the first time ever. I watched because I am the biggest goob ever and couldn't WAIT to see Adam Lambert unleashed lol. And after looking at the performer list I was curious to also see Green Day, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga sing that song I posted in my last post.
The show was different I have to say that. It had some moments.

I wanted to show you a few things. OH they made me wait until the very last minute to watch Adam by the way. Kind of pissed me off.

Remember the video of Lady Gaga from the last post? Remember how in most of the scenes she is actually quite stunning? Well.... after watching the Ama's I have to say I want who ever took the video for that last video to do every picture I ever take again for the rest of my life. Seriously that guy is damn good at what he does.
And lookie.... anyone else see Alien?
Lady Gaga at the AMA's

I didn't really like the second song to much. And the honey asked me "Why in the hell is she sitting like that?" *snort

Finally I got to almost 11pm and they showed Adam. I admit I was pretty excited. His song that he was going to do is really suggestive. And now that he is out from American Idol shackles I figured it was going to be over the top.
Let's just say he blew RIGHT PAST over the top.
I freaking LOVED the performance. He needed to work on the singing but I don't think this wasn't actually about singing.... It was about throwing a fist in the air and yelling "HOW do you like me now!!"
The man has pipes. He can sing. This though... This was all about performing. Shock and Awe baby.....
Adam Lambert at the AMA's.....Warning... a little oh hell a lot of sexual imagery.

Let's just say I was REALLY happy the honey had fallen asleep before this aired. He is ummm well he has a bit of a phobia let's just say.
I do wish that Adam had done part of the performance with his voice though.
His album comes out today... and like an idiot I asked for it for Christmas. I am very tempted to download it onto my ipod from Itunes anyway lol.

Billy from Green Day looked a little ill to me.
Kelly Clarkson had the best voice of the night.
Whitney Houston... is there something wrong with her?

Anywhooo.... Tomorrow I leave for grandmas. My buddy is going to meet me up there on Friday and we are going to go to Apple Hill. Which is a collection of farmers who allow crafts on their property this time of the year. I love it.
Talk to you all soon!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a few things for you for the weekend

I wanted to share these with you.

The first thing is my favorite short from pixar. This never fails to make me laugh out loud.
Sorry I have to link it but the youtube versions are blurry. (no words)
Partly Cloudy <---click that

This next video shows one of the most happy well adjusted kittens I have ever seen. This kitty has obviously been spoiled to death. (no sound on this one)

Here is another thing I wanted to share. I may add this to my ipod actually...
I have to admit I have not liked Lady Gaga. In fact I find her actually kind of annoying. However,I do like this song for some reason. And the video is just strange enough that I wanted to share..... make sure you check out the shoes she wears....

Lady Gaga needs a hamburger.

Well I have house cleaning to do but for some bizarre reason I just wanted to share those three things....

Friday, November 20, 2009

You know I am normally not such a wussy

Last night the honey was fast asleep as I watched Survivor. (Russell is KING) All the lights were out in the house and I just wasn't tired.
That is probably because I drank a pot of coffee at 5pm to get warm but anyway....
I decided what the heck I am going to watch some of my taped shows.

I have a ghost show fetish. I love them. Ghost hunters is my favorite. I watched Ghost hunters academy and still wasn't sleepy. So I decided to watch a new show I accidentally ran across and decided to tape.

Celebrity Ghost Stories. It is on the Biography channel.

I had taped about 3 of them and settled in with the sound down so I wouldn't wake up the honey. I expected fluff tv I think.
There is something different watching someone tell a story about a haunting that happened in their lives. There is something different about looking into someones eyes as they get to the crucial moment of their story and seeing them turn inside themselves as they try to explain something that affected them so deeply. Something that turned a non believer into a believer.
The hair on my arms raised several times.
Oh there were a few stories where you just didn't feel it but the ones that did make you feel it were there.

I watched all three of them.

I don't think I realized how affected I was by the stories. I don't think I noticed how involved my brain had gotten. But I learned pretty damn quickly.

I needed to feed the cats before I turned off the tv and went to sleep. The cat food scoop was in the living room and the cat food is in the garage. By now it was late. A lot later then I normally feed the cats or go to sleep.
I started walking down the dark hallway towards the living room and that is when I noticed the feeling first.
It was kind of like the air was thicker. The hair raised on my arms and I actually got a jolt of fear.
I know! Stupid right?
I grabbed the scoop and walked calmly down the hall towards the garage even though my body was screaming "Get the hell out of here".
I walked into the black garage and man I have to tell you my heart was pumping. I scooped up the food and fast walked to feed the cats.
I got back into bed and I was actually sweating. My heart was pounding.
I thought this is stupid. Just close your eyes and go to bed. You just scared yourself.
So I closed my eyes.
My eyeballs flew open and I stared into the hallway wondering what in the hell that noise was. I think I was panting by now lol.
I forced myself to close my eyes again.
And YES..... I pulled the covers over my head.
I must have fell asleep.

This morning I feel like a wussy. Seriously I scared myself silly last night. Geez! It is almost embarrassing how frightened I made myself.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mama Kat prompt...Who me embarrassed? Hell Yes

I haven't done a prompt over at Mama Kat's in a while and decided I might as well do an embarrassing one lol. So I will start with Mama Kat's prompt.

5.)Describe a moment you felt embarrassed by your parents.

My parents split up when I was around 3. I ended up with my VERY YOUNG mom. So please enjoy the following mom story. (And let me tell you when you have a mother like mine you have a lot of these moments.)

My mother and I were at the grocery store grabbing some produce for a salad we needed to make for a family gathering. I was on one side of the produce while she was on the other side. I was choosing lettuce and tomatoes and the only thing my mom was getting was cucumbers.
It is best not to give my mother more then one thing to do at a time or she gets confused or distracted by sparkly shit and forgets what she is doing.
So I am standing there with my head of lettuce in my hand when I hear really really loudly....
Oh crap my mother is yelling across the store at me. I hate this.....
I turned towards my mother and pantomimed "What?"
People are staring at us now. I can feel my face getting warm.
My mother then holds up two of the largest cucumbers I have ever seen in my life and yells across the store....
I swear to you my face started to burn. People's heads were flipping back and forth between my mother, me and the two giant cucumbers. I was freaking mortified. If I could have slunk out of the store at that moment I would have.
I kind of waved my hands at my mother as I shoved the lettuce in a bag. I kept my head down as I walked over to her and grabbed the damn cucumbers and shoved them in a bag while speaking so softly my mother asked me what I said twice.
"They are fine mom"
It wasn't until we were in the car that I turned to her and asked her what the hell was wrong with her.
She had no idea what I was talking about.
When I explained it to her, her face turned red and she told me to get the hell out of the parking lot.

I was so freaking mortified that day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry about the word verification thing plus more opinions lol

Honestly I had no idea it was on. I know that it is pretty frustrating to me when I have to enter one. (Not that it stops me from commenting anyway lol) But I didn't realize it was on my blog. At some point I think I might become a little more computer savy but now is not that time lol.

Thought I would share my review of So you think you can dance too. Why? I typed it out so you get to read it or not....

Ashleigh and Jakob: Hip hop
They did well but I have this feeling I am not going to remember this at all tomorrow. I still am looking forward to individual voting so Ashleigh can disappear. I cannot be the only one who doesn't like her. And it has nothing to do with her dancing.

Karen and Kevin: Broadway
Ouch that wasn't good at all was it. I have to agree that I was glad they didn't make her a sex pot but at the same time I think they went way to far into making her cutesy. Kevin really does seem to be trying so very hard. I just didn't get excited about this dance.

Noelle and Russell: Foxtrot
Did you see how dang happy those two see to be? They were dancing filled with joy and what actually looked like no nerves. And Russell tends to be nervous. (puts on mean hat) I am sure that this dance was MUCH more fun then having to dance with the last instructor. This partnership is beginning to really click!

Channing and Victor: Contemporary
WTF? I was so torn between thinking the dance was stunning to wondering what kind of drugs Tyce was on when he created this.
The dance was interesting and one that I definitely remember. But like I said I couldn't figure out why I liked it but at the same time almost hated it. Adam solved that puzzle for me as he judged them. The music actually sucked. Sounded alien and made it hard to enjoy the dancing.

Kathryn and Legacy: Paso Doble
HOLY COW!! Did you see them both? Strong, sexy, fierce. They owned every step they took. Both of them. They danced with flare that made you sit up and watch with a smile. This couple is shocking the hell out of me because I would have never guessed they were capable of this. I loved it.

Ellenore and Ryan: Contemporary
(side note.. Ryan did the whole open shirt thing in the beginning which made me gag a bit.)
In my head the story was different then what it was suppose to be. But that is ok I guess. I enjoyed the dance. It was actually pretty. The look they gave each other as they bumped into each other in the beginning of the dance was smoldering. I will remember this dance for a while at least.

Mollee and Nathan: Pop Jazz
You can tell just by looking at them that they realized this is not a game. This is serious. We screwed up before and we are going to show them we can dance even if we are babies.
And they did. They were sharp. They matched. They looked like they were actually dancing and not just playing dress up.
Most improved from last week for sure.

Now who will be in the bottom three. I really have no clue. America is funny when they vote.

This whole Twilight/New Moon craze is making me a bit nutso.

I sort of enjoyed the books but I never could get past the fact that she was a teenager and he ummm was not. I just found that totally creepy. And the dialog between the two of them did not fit the ages.
The whole OMG I LOVE YOU, You are my life bull crap kind of gagged me.

But I went to see the first movie. And was bored out of my mind. They could not have found two of the worst actors on the planet for the lead roles. "Bella" was dreary. "Edward" was boring.

If I see the second movie (which I highly doubt) it will be due to the werewolf eye candy only. And I sure wouldn't see it in the theater. I am not paying 12 bucks just for eye candy. Netflix only.

*hides from flying tomatoes

I am about on page 129 of Under the Dome by Stephen King. The general idea is actually a good one. I am interested to see if he is going to do a good job or fizzle out like his recent works.
And yes, a comfy chair and that book are totally calling my name today. And yes, I still have things to do. Mostly Costco and See's candy.

You know it is funny how some blogs are all about one subject and some just scream for bits and pieces....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So many things to do!

All of a sudden I seem to have a ton of things to do. I need to start hand sewing that stupid cover. I need to go to costco and pick up stuff for Thanksgiving to take up to my grandmothers. I need to clean between the stove and the counter since it looks nasty. I need to go to See's candy and pick up these chocolate turkeys that have somehow become tradition for my Grandmother's Thanksgiving.

I still need to find a job. I need to get the house ready for garbage day tomorrow morning which means I need to go buy kitty litter CRAP! I need to clean up the dog crap in the back yard. Empty all the garbage cans in the house.
Drat go to the store and pick up some food so I can make dinner.

See!! I all of a sudden have a ton of things I need to do.

But I have this small problem. Ok.. not small.
My problem is this......

This arrived in the mail yesterday. Right as I finished the book I was currently reading.
I swear to you my palms started sweating as I opened the box. And as I pulled out this monster book little birds started to sing. My cats danced. My dogs smiled. Rainbows shot out from the birdbath..
What? It could happen.
Holding that book in my hand was like holding Christmas and my Birthday all wrapped in one.
I know that King has pretty well floundered since Gerald's Game. (Personally I think being smashed by a truck killed his creativity for a while)
But I have high hopes for this book.
In fact there is nothing more that I would rather do then grab a blanket and sit my ass down on my comfy chair and read this book without interruption. Which I could since I am home alone......
But I can't. I have "chores" to do. If it were any other day besides the day before garbage day I would totally just blow off everything to read this. But it is that DREADED garbage day. Which means I HAVE to do stuff.
But I want to read my book. (Did I sound like a whinny baby LMAO)

You know... I think I fell a little in love with my book... And maybe just maybe it fell a little in love with me.

I just have to suck it up and do what needs to get done while that book taunts me from it's dust cover.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Who me? Sew?

This weekend we moved a large safe into the house. The only area we could find to put it was the back bedroom. The honey wasn't happy about the fact that it was out in the open in the room so he came up with the great idea of me creating a cover for it.
Out of fabric. Kind of a slip over cover that has a "door" on the front so if he wanted to get into it all he has to do is open the "door".
Ok. Fine. A slip over cover for something that is taller then me. With a door. Yup.
Somehow I am suppose to create this thing. I am to go to the fabric store today with the measurements and get cloth cut to fit. Do they cut cloth to fit the pieces I need? I have no idea but I have a sinking feeling that the answer is no and I will have to do the cutting.
Now I have sewn on buttons. I have fixed hems of pants. ummm that's about it.
No wait I did help make a quilt once. 4000 little squares of fabric that needed to be sewed together.... ummm come to think of it the honey's mom did most of that sewing with a actual sewing machine.
I have no idea how to use a sewing machine so this will have to be done by hand.
By me. BY HAND.
I have no clue what so ever how to do this by the way. I figured velcro for the door but the honey feels free to tell me he hates velcro.
How in the hell am I going to make a door without velcro? Buttons? ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!

So I have this project to do. With no clue how to do it. Doesn't that sound fun?


I didn't think so either. I guess I will ask the fabric lady what the heck I am suppose to do. I wonder if I pay her if she will make it for me LMAO!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

The reason why I walked like a ancient person (part 2)

We pulled up to the horse ranch and got out to go sign the paperwork stating if we died it was not the ranch's fault.

I watched as they pulled out 4 horses for us. There was a really cute brown one that looked super sleepy and I kind of hoped I got that one. There was also another one that kept biting the ones next to it. I told Sazy that I didn't want that horse.
Guess which horse I got? UGH

Sazy ended up with the sleepy horse.
We started down the trail and my horse Mariposa wanted to go slow. So slow that the other horse would be far ahead of me.
Then our lovely little guide Juan would smack my horse on the ass and send it trotting up to the group.
This happened over and over and over for the entire trip.

You can see him in that picture. Now Juan didn't speak a bit of english. But he held an entire conversation with me that included singing at me and telling me to throw my arm up in the air and say ride um cowboy. Which if I did he would wack my horse on the ass again sending it into a bone breaking trot.
I think I bitched the entire ride even though I kept telling myself to shut up.
At one point I said out loud "I think I hate you Juan" at which point Sazy starts cracking up.
Sazy, Boonie and Jay all had these really nice horses. They walked all nice. Didn't stop. They were good. Juan never went near them.
At one point Mariposa walked under a tree to knock me off. You know that is the second time a horse has done that to me.
My horse would come to a dead stop for no reason. I began to hate Mariposa. Because stopping meant Juan was coming over to wack my horse.
See this picture? This is how it was the entire trip. All of them together all happy chatting with me way way way in the back being chatted to in Spanish that I don't understand but knowing in about 3 seconds I am going to be trotting.

And here is another where we are actually together.... sort of... notice Juan... and me.... UGH

We walked for quite a bit before it was time to go down to the beach.
There was no where on this ride or at the stable that said "By the way when it is time to go on the beach your horse is going to walk directly towards a cliff and then start to go down a little tiny death path"
I might have skipped the whole horse thing had there been.
As my horse reached the point of no return I could see Sazy looking at me like OH CRAP. See we had spent the time before Boonie and Jay got there talking (and showing her) how deathly afraid of heights I am.
Needless to say I closed my eyes and held on and swore to god I would never ever do this again.
Once we were on sand it was beautiful. Riding a horse while the waves crashed on the beach. It was stunning.
I told Juan to go "ride Um cowboy" to Jay. Juan looked at the three people up ahead and I yelled at Jay to raise his hand. He probably thought I was crazy but he did it.
Juan rode up to him and they started to trot. Which of course started us all trotting. I yelled to Saz that it was a good thing I couldn't have children because this would have broke me.
Did I mention that as a dog was running by Juan looks at me and tells me Careful because Mariposa eats dogs.
My horse eats dogs. Great. Love that.
At the end of the beach we had to go up this little pathway. The pathway up was a thousand times better then the pathway down. Although I did feel like I was going to slip off my horse.

Look at how cute Boonie and Jay are

Back on the trail to get to the stables I was pretty sure all the damn trotting I was doing was going to make me pee my pants. Turns out all of us women felt like that.
I was never so happy in my whole life as when we came to the stable.
But I learned (and Sazy too) real quick that getting OFF the horse was going to be a big problem. When we finally did get off the horse our knees felt like someone had hit them with hammers. We walked bow legged and stiff. We looked like little ancient people.
Today however I feel like I was run over by a truck. Everything is killing me lol

Then we were off to the restuarant for dinner.

We drove up the coast a bit to get to the restuarant to eat dinner. We arrived around 4:20 and they didn't start serving dinner until 5. So we decided to walk down to the beach and take a look around.
We started off across the street.

We then took the little hike down these steps to get to the beach. It stunk so damn bad on the way down.
At one point Jay turns around and looks at me and said that last step was really soft.
I looked down and he had stepped on a dead seal. You couldn't really see it because it was covered in sand but it was definately a dead seal. BLICK
We walked down the beach and looked at shells and watched the incoming sunset. That was something Boonie had wanted to do. See the sunset. I was glad that Sazy and I could give that to her.

Jay enjoyed all aspects of the beach including the seaweed. In fact I think that he was kind of facinated with the seaweed lol.

I enjoyed playing at tour guide and pulling what I consider useless information out of my ass.
Here are us girls on the beach.

Sazy and I learned why Boonie is almost always wearing sunglasses in her pictures. She can't seem to keep her eyes open for photos lol.
On the way back we saw another dead seal. I have to wonder if it was shark attacks or what.
We decided it was time to head back up to the restuarant. Of course this meant going back by that damn dead seal.
I was so paranoid about it that I actually lost my step and almost fell on top of it. As it was all I could think was great I am going to dinner smelling like death. Oh freaking joy.
Thank god Jay's foot hadn't gone through the seal or I didn't end up laying down on top of it. I came close though *shudders.
We got up to the restaurant and sat down to order. First thing I did was wash my hands to get rid of that OMG I HAVE DEATH ON MY HANDS feeling.
We had a lovely view of the ocean and setting sun. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what to eat and it seemed that Jay was having a bit of that same trouble. We both ended up getting a bowl of soup and an appetizer. It was yummy.
It was kind of sad to see the evening come to a close.
But looking back there was not one strange moment. We never felt like strangers. More like relatives that hadn't seen each other in a long time. We enjoyed the company.

Sazy and I laughed and laughed on the way home about how much fun we had had. We laughed at the horses and the tidepools and our beach walk.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We meet.... part 1

Sazy and I were pretty excited about meeting up with Boonie and Jay. We knew they weren't going to be hungry for lunch so we stopped at McDonalds on the way to Half moon bay for some sausage mcmuffins.
We had the truck packed with jackets because the tempurature was suppose to be in the 50's.
When we arrived at our meeting place we got out of the truck and walked around a bit. We started to freeze.
I was wearing a sports bra, shirt, sweater and a scarf. I put off putting on the other jacket I brought in case it got colder. And Saz had yet another jacket in the truck for me.
Sazy had on a shirt, sweater, hoodie and a jacket.
We laughed at how puffy we were and how they would probably show up in shorts and tshirts.
We had arrived fairly early at the meeting spot and I think I got a bit of the nerves while waiting. What if they didn't like us?
A bit later we saw the red car pulling in the parking lot. I told Sazy that is them. Because I had said that a few times all ready I am not sure she believed me. But it was them.
The first words out of their mouths was we figured that was you guys because you are dressed in parkas. LMAO!!
After a round of hugs and hellos we hopped in the car to go to see some tide pools.
Boonie and Jay had never been and neither had Sazy or I so it was an adventure for all of us.
We walked down to the beach and started across the rocks.

I have to admit to being a tad bit frightened because my shoes were so slippery and I really didn't feel like falling on my ass in front of our guests.
There actually was one point where I came so freaking close to falling into the ocean that Jay got nervous for me and I broke out into a sweat!
We found little fish and anenomes and lots of little crabs. We even found two starfish.
We weren't really suppose to touch anything but I can never follow that rule and Sazy has a hard time with it too.
So.... I made them all touch an anenome. No one wanted to. I had to talk them all into it.

I touched it first and I admit that I yelped a bit when all the thousands of little suction cups attached to my finger. But everyone else touched it too.
We then found a beautiful starfish out of water and I told Jay to go ahead and touch it. He was kind of surprised at how hard it was. I told them I hoped we found one in water because I wanted to pick it up and have them feel the bottom of it.
Luck was on my side.

Jay was a trooper. If I said touch this he did lol. He would have to touch it before Boonie would but she touched the stuff too.
We had the best time looking through all the pools.
We decided to take a group picture as we left. Jay had to set up this camera on a fence post and run to us to take the picture.

We then hopped in the car to go horse back ridding on the beach.

More later

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is the day! And....SYTYCD review

Yesterday I spent running around trying to make the house all nice and tidy so I could spend today with my friends.
Sazy is picking me up in about 2 1/2 hours and we are going to meet our "live inside our computer" buddy.
I am super excited while at the same time very frightened that we won't be able to entertain them.
So of course I woke up early today. 7:45 am. I never have been able to do excitement well lol

So I decided to offer you all my opinions on So you think you can dance. Partly because I wasn't expecting to blog today and partly because I feel bad for cleaning instead of blogging yesterday and partly because I freaking love this show. (and I am up way to early lol)

How did you like that last sentence hmmmmm *snort

Karen and Kevin: The Hustle
I swear to you that I watched a different dance then the judges. I found this dance to be boring and clunky. I didn't see sparks flying. And I actually have come to expect them wiht Karen. It wasn't horrible but I will be surprised if I remember it tomorrow.

Ashleigh and Jakob: Jazz
DANG IT. It is making me absolutely insane that this couple is doing so well. That I am enjoying the dances. Jakob I really like. He makes me smile when he dances. Ashleigh.... I just can't stand her. From her smug mugging for the camera as they were first introduced on stage to ..... just her. I wish he had a different partner. Drat... I hope they continue to do good. Dang... could we just vote HER out? This dance was sharp and beautiful. They were crisp and I liked it. Sigh...

Pauline and Peter: Quickstep
The whole Army guy/hula girl thing was a tiny bit hokey but I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. Peter has a smile on his face that reached his eyes and Pauline looked to be having just as much fun. When the dancers are having fun there is no way that the watchers can not have fun.

Kathryn and Legacy: Broadway
I enjoyed this dance. I understand what the judges were talking about though. It just seemed like all she did was shake her hips and look cute. Legacy is shocking me with his style though!I never expected him to actually do well in this. The dance was fun to watch though.

Channing and Victor: Contemporary
First off let me say I much prefer the look of goh Victor. Why? I have no idea but I do.
This dance was pretty good. I am beginning to wonder though.. can contemporary ever be happy? Addiction. Breast Cancer. Toxic relationship. Is there ever something like Spring rains make sunflowers grow. I guess I would just like to see some sunshine once instead of all rain.

Ellenore and Ryan: Hip Hop
Who decided that white ski outfits were to be used in a robbery? It was pretty good but pretty boring too. This is another dance I am going to forget by tomorrow.
And as a side note.... At the beginning of the show with the whole shirt untucked strut thing... he annoyed me as much as his wife for the first time. Knock it off Ryan... Don't push it.

Mollee and Nathan: Salsa
Ok before this dance ever started I was laughing. Why? Because there was no way in hell "I'm such a cute little girl" was going to be able to pull off the sex appeal needed for this dance. Nathan maybe but Mollee.. no.
As the dance started I actually felt bad for them. It was embarrassing to watch. And a bit creepy at the same time. Like watching the young next door neighbor and seeing them as a man/child for the first time and running to go wash your hands and mind out with soap.

Noelle and Russell: African Jazz
I completely enjoyed this dance. Although I never saw a frog... It was an uplifing happy dance that fit both of them very well. I hope we see this style again.

My prediction for bottom 3 based on dancing alone....
Ryan and Ellenore
Mollee and Nathan
Karen and Kevin

Monday, November 9, 2009

Visitors are coming!

Like I said in my last post we have a buddy coming from Tennessee. We have talked to her for almost 6 years now on a Lost related board. Although mostly now it isn't about Lost it is about our lives and daily grind. She arrived!
In passing she made a comment on the board about it taking an hour to get to Monterey from Napa. That sent Saz and I into a tailspin. It doesn't take an hour! It takes more like three. So we started to freak out. We needed to revise our plans totally just in case she didn't realize that it was going to take so long to drive there.

We sat down at lunch in the mall and decided through many giggles that we would go to Half Moon Bay instead. That was right smack in the middle. We decided that we would eat either dinner or lunch here. The Moss Creek Distillery.

We racked our brains for what in the heck else there was to do in Half Moon Bay. After all it is just a fishing town. But Boonie wanted to see the beach in California and that was the best we could come up with without having her drive for hours.
We finally decided to do this.....

That's right we will be going horse back riding on the beach. Sounds fun right?
It is a 1 1/2 hour beach and surf ride.

There is a tiny problem though. Both Sazy and I are city girls. Both of us have had a horse either try to scrape us off their back or eat us. This could be a very interesting trip LMAO!!
If I don't blog on Thursday I was thrown over a cliff by a horse and died ok.

This weekend with Sazy I went to the book store and bought this book. (along with a bunch of other books too lol)

This is written like a diary of a man who is living through the birth and rise of zombies. I cannot tell you how much fun this is to read. So if you like zombies this is a great book.
Just thought I would throw that in LMAO!!

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that The Next Iron Chef got rid of Chef Fritag :(

More tomorrow

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

I didn't feel like doing a whole blog post on one subject since several things are running around in my head so here are some random ramblings lol.

First off I know I have posted that my animals are driving me crazy but my cat Yeti (white long fur, too many toes)is turning me into a damn basket case. She follows me.
It is making me insane. If I go into the bathroom but don't shut the door all the way (What? I am home alone lol) she will push the door open and walk on in like she owns it.
If I go into my kitchen she will rub my legs while meowing her brains out.
If I go into the computer room she will jump up and lay across my arms. Do you have any idea how hard it is to type when something is laying on your arms? I have actually taken to putting my entire upper body over the desk space and saying no. She just walks across the keyboard then. ARGHHHHHHHH
If I go in the garage she bolts in there.
If I lay down to watch tv she walks across me. Not around me but across me even going so far as to walk across my face sometimes if I am not fast enough to push her off.
I ... crap here she is on my arms UGH
Today I actually shut the bathroom door with myself inside so she couldn't get to me. And no I didn't need to use the bathroom.
YETI QUIT SNIFFING MY NOSE..... I can't see the damn monitor. OMG THIS CAT.
Deep breath.

I am a complete and utter bitch. No really I must be. See remember how I went to coffee the other day? I really did enjoy it. She was nice and friendly and I need more then one friend right? However... she is making me nutso too.
Ever since we have gone to coffee she has instant messaged me on facebook. Over and over and over again every day. She lets me know she had a coffee that day. Or tells me she talked to someone. Or mentions anything that is on her mind.
I hate instant messaging. HATE IT.
I don't mind it once in a blue moon if it is important but what you cooked for dinner is not important.
And (here is where I really sound like a bitch) the whole "girl" thing is making me crazy.
How to explain this... When she talks to me it goes like this....
"Girl, I totally made chicken for dinner tonight"
"I lost my harvest on farmtown today and Girl I was pissed"
"I went to coffee today. Girl it was so good."
I like her. Really I do but the whole instant messaging and girl thing is making me want to hide. It is horrible.

My friend Sazy and I are going to meet up with another woman and her husband on the 11th. Sazy and I met on a lost board believe it or not. We talked for quite a while before realizing we lived super close to each other. We met and have been best friends ever since. Boonie is another friend from the lost board and she lives in Tennessee. She is coming down here for her anniversary and is going to meet up with us. I am pretty excited about it actually.
Hopefully the nose thing I have going on will be gone by then.
We have all talked for going on almost 6 years now.

This time thing change seems to have been good for me. Since it happened I have been up at 8 and normally showered by 10. Woo hoo me!!! Much better then sleeping in until 9 and showering maybe.

Dear job hunt. YOU SUCK!!! Yesterday I applied for 3 jobs. The day before that I applied for 6 jobs. In fact I am applying willy nilly now. Receptionist.. money is ok I guess... apply. Office manager... apply.... Credit union job.. apply.
Apply apply apply.
Have I heard anything? Not a damn thing. NADA.
In fact where before I used to run to the answering machine to see if I missed a call if I left the house, I don't bother anymore. Why? Because no one is going to call me.
So yes I have reached that point where I no longer believe I am going to get a job.
In fact the honey has told me that I shouldn't expect to be hired until after the new year anyway.
Doesn't stop me from applying though. But now I am kind of laughing at all the applying I am doing.
I should go apply for a doctor position LMAO!!! No, I haven't gone that far yet. I am applying for jobs I am qualified for but being picky has gone out the window.

OMG I am totally addicted to the games on facebook.
Farmville I am on level 23 and love my farm. I love the new kitties.
Cafeworld I am getting a little bored with. I have over a 100 thousand dollars and I have all ready decorated my cafe.
Rollercoaster... same thing. built my park and am a little bored now.
Happy Aquarium is so freaking cute. I really enjoy training the fish.
Mafia wars is kind of boring
Pirates is ok but sort of boring too.
Farm town I can't handle the way you have to harvest and plant. So I just keep animals lol.
Fish world is ok
Island Paradise is really cute and kind of fun.
Fish life has some cute missions but I get a little bored and I hate cleaning the tanks
Lil farm I haven't really gotten into but it has cute graphics. I keep killing farms.
Treasure mania is kind of fun. I like that it has games within the games
Farkle is one of the newest things I have been playing. It is a dice game and pretty fun and frustrating.
I tried Robin hood and was bored.
Fairyland is the newest game I am playing. So far so cute.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A taste of Adam Lambert

This is the song from the movie 2012. Just wanted to share.

This guy is pretty smoking. It is too bad he swings for the other team.....

And here is a tiny preview of each of the new songs on his new album coming out. It is pretty interesting how different each song sounds.
And the picture for some of the songs HOLY COW.....

And just for hip action... and yes I almost passed out at 3:18

Blogs are funny things

When I first started blogging I ended up going from blog to blog reading about other peoples lives. Some blogs hook you right away while others sneak up a bit before hooking you.
I would find a blog that was fairly interesting or very interesting and add it to my favorites on the side bar of my computer. Then I learned I could just hit follow on their blog and read it that way.
So I hit follow on a few of the ones I read but I noticed that a lot didn't have that follow button. Or I just couldn't find it. Or they weren't on blogger.
I also found that I pretty much just read from my side bar. I would start at the first blog and work my way down to the last one.

A funny thing has happened though. I find I read some blogs just because I started reading them. I don't comment on them. I pretty much glaze by as I read. I suppose these are the ones you should remove from your list right?

Then there are those that you really enjoyed but they seem to have stopped blogging. They seem to have stopped without saying something like "hey, going on vacation" or something like that. How long do you wait before deleting them from your list?

And if I keep deleting blogs I read for those reasons pretty soon I will be down to about 4 LMAO ok... maybe a bit more then 4.

Also... have you caught yourself trolling your favorite blogs for their favorite blogs. The way I figure it if this person who I read is incredibly interesting the people they read must be interesting too.. Right?
Which then makes me think I need to put a blog list on the side of my blog but I am pretty much computer stupid and couldn't even figure out how to put a award on the side. So I just don't. Besides that list is not complete since I can't figure out for the life of me how to follow some of you.

Bottom line I guess is I need to remove some blogs I think but I want to add some blogs I think.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks Grandma for the 12/21/2012 freakout

My grandmother is a wonderful woman. No really she is. I have never heard her raise her voice. Ever. Wow... for some reason just looking back and trying to find a raised voice and not seeing one kind of freaked me out. How do you never raise your voice!!
Anywhoo.... as you know in a blog post she taught me religion and she taught me about 2012. Both by making comments that through the years kind of bleed into your psychi as truth. Where before you know it you actually believe things you didn't know you believed.
With religion it is all about believing in something you can't see.
With 2012 it is all about seeing what is there and wondering if it is going to be a reality.

Now don't get me wrong. I did not freak out over the whole Y2K thing. I didn't stock up water and food and worry that everything was going to implode. It didn't phase me.

But 2012? I have to admit to a little bit of a worry in the back of my head. OK, more then a little bit.
Do I believe that we are all going to die in some dramatic way? Not really. Do I think the possibility is there? Sort of.

Want to share in my paranoia?

There are things out there that make 12/21/2012 a very interesting date. (now there are other things out there that put that date within three days like 12/23/2012 but for this post I will just stick with 12/21/2012 ok?)

I don't think that grandma could have freaked me out so much if there hadn't been actual stuff that corresponds to what she was saying.

For example.....

Let's start with the Mayan calendar. It is actually the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. The calendar stops at 12/21/2012. Just stops. Now this calendar was created in 250 to 900 AD. People believe that on this date that the calendar ends the Mayans predicted a catastrophic astronomical event. That something like fire (meteors) would rain down from the sky destroying everything in it's path.
On the other hand some Mayan scholars say that it might just be some form of enlightenment that happens on that date.

The planets align. All of them in a row. In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. This cycle has taken 26,000 years to complete. Now this is not totally uncommon but funny that it happens on this date isn't it?

Iching an ancient Chinese calendar also ends on this date.

The Hopi Indians also agree that 2012 is an end date. But they believe it will be an enlightenment rather then destruction.

The ancient Egyptians believed this: In the year 2012, the earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will turn over in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will completely destroy our civilization. Europe and North America will shift thousands of miles northwards and will get a polar climate. Nearly the whole earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic happenings.

How about the sun? Did you know that in 2012 in December the sun reaches it's peak for it's solar cycle. That means that the sun will be throwing solar flares that are stronger and larger then normal. The sun also goes through a polarity change. This has happened before but supposedly not this dramatic. Scientists are actually worried about their satellites. They won't talk about the planet though.

Some people say that the Earth will undergo a magnetic field shift, reversing the polarity of the planet.

Scared yet?

There are more things but I think I made my point. I find it interesting that there are so many different ancient things that point to this date. I find it interesting that there are so many scientific things that are to happen around this date.

So I fear 2012. But I also look forward to 2012. I am hoping for enlightenment as apposed to death lol.
Will I panic as it gets closer? Probably not. Will I make a few plans? Yup. I might actually go up to grandmas in the mountains far away from the sea.

This is also why I will find the movie 2012 a scary movie as opposed to a action movie.

I guess it is up to everyone to make up their own minds about 2012. Nothing at all could happen or hell everything could happen.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well Halloween was a bust... kind of

I had 9 kids come to my door. NINE. That sucks.

I remember growing up there were hundreds of children running around in their little costumes. You could see them up and down both sides of the street. On every street. Slowly but surely that has changed. I don't know if it is because I am in a big city or what but it is kind of sad really.
I feel bad that the children of today don't get to experience that feeling. That the parents of today are missing out on standing in the street getting to know each other while watching the kids.
I feel like I am watching the Death of Halloween.

Today I get to take the Halloween decorations down and remove the tomato plants from the pots. They look sickly.

Speaking of looking sickly, remember how freaking cold I got when I went to coffee? Well, I wiped my nose about a thousand times that day. What do I end up with? A giant sore under my nose. A giant red huge monster OMG what the hell is that sore under my nose. It is so ugly I refused to leave the house yesterday and I am sure not leaving it today!
The honey said just to put a band aid on it and do what it is I need to do. So I can either walk around with the sore from hell or a band aid under my nose. Neither one sounds good to me so I will become a hermit until this thing heals....
Not that that is going to happen because of course the fish tank is making I need water noise and I am out of the goo you put in the water to make it safe.

I cannot believe that it is November all ready! This year is flying by. I haven't started Christmas shopping either. I am kind of panicking a bit.

Side notes about November....

Can't wait to buy Adam Lambert's new album this month.

I have Dean Koontz and Stephen King's new books on pre order at Amazon. Thank you bidding war with Walmart that caused them both to only cost $9. For hard backs!! They come out this month too.

The movie 2012 comes out this month too. Can't wait. In fact I have a whole blog post about how grandma has me freaked out about 12/21/2012 coming soon.

V starts tomorrow on November 3rd. I can't wait this looks to be a great tv show!!

Well I have to go pull up some plants now lol. Talk to you all tomorrow :)