Friday, April 30, 2010


Tomorrow I drive up to Placerville and pick up my grandma. I have no idea how long she is going to stay with me but I am glad she is coming!
I am incredibly blessed to be able to have this time to spend with her. I guess I lucked out that she had her children young and my mother had hers very young.
(I figured I better be nice and calm today since yesterday I had a rant LMAO)

I think we will probably head over to Santa Cruz beach to look around and I know we will go to the cemetery. Other then that I have no plans. I still need to look for a job while she is here. And can I just tell you right now I am so discouraged. I am at that place again where you feel like you are sending your resume out into la la land and no one is looking at them. I have almost been off work a year here. Ok July will make a year but still! I am so freaking frustrated.
Oops... getting ranty... shhhhhh

I spent today cleaning up her room and washing her bedding. I also went to costco and bought a few things we needed and grandma wanted me to bring up catfood and dog bisquits so I got those too.
We will be coming back on Sunday.

Roger Water tickets go on sale in two weeks. WOOT!!! I cannot wait to see the wall tour. I am so excited about it.

My Sharks are doing pretty good in the playoffs so far. They won the first series and have won game one of the second series. Nothing is as exciting as playoff hockey lol.

And I must admit... I do love me some Goalie lol
The next game in the series is on Sunday so I get to watch it with Grandma... I wonder how she will like it LMAO!!!

Talk to you all later :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You know....

I am tired of all this PC crap.

Are you ready for a rant? (sorry I have pms so I haven't been around lately)

You can't do this, You can't do that. Don't say this, Don't say that.

When the hell did we become pansy asses? When did we lose the ability to separate a word from our feelings?

When did we get so baby like that we can't distinguish reality from cruelty?

When did we get the right to judge people based on their color or their weight or their sexual orientation?

When did portions of the population decide that they were better then others just because they diet or they are heterosexual or they are white or green or freaking purple?

We have gone to far. We are not allowed to speak. We are allowing people to ban happy meal toys for God sake. HAPPY MEAL TOYS.
What will they ban next for the sake of our health, weight, color?

Shall we all dress in little uniforms and not speak?

Shall I call Christmas Holiday? The Holiday tree? Fuck that. It is freaking Christmas. Get your panties out of your ass and deal with it. If you are offended get the hell out of the CHRISTMAS tree lot.

Under God... gotta take that out of the Pledge of allegiance because it offends people. IF IT OFFENDS YOU DON'T SAY IT? Hmmm is that so freaking hard?

Am I allowed to say Black person? Asian person? White person? Hispanic person? What is the politically correct term for each and every nationality right now? Why do we keep changing the term?

We can't call a garbage man a garbage man anymore for goodness sake. Now he is a sanitation engineer.
We can't call someone an American Indian now we have to call them Native Americans.

Drug addicts, can't call them that now. They are victims. Victims WTF

We are no longer Americans, we are now African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans and so on. Why can't we just be freaking Americans?

We have taken freedom of religion and twisted it. Let people believe in god or goddess or Buddha or nature or what ever they want without judgement.

What else are we going to allow "them" to take away?

wooo weeee I think I will stop typing now... YIKES

Monday, April 26, 2010

The economy via my neighborhood

You know those nights you can't sleep and your mind goes I have a perfect blog then you fall asleep again, wake up and can't remember a damn thing you wanted to post? Well I woke up and remembered.

So welcome to a snapshot of my neighborhood. 10 houses all connected. Well not connected but next to each other lol.

I live in Silicon Valley. My county has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. My city is huge. My neighborhood is like a thousand other neighborhoods. So I figured mine was a perfect example of how the economy is affecting us all.

House #1 (my side of the street)
A thirty/forty something couple moved in about 3 years ago. They just had a baby about a year and a half ago. She worked for a family business and he worked for a company going on around 6 or 7 years.
Fast forward to now. Her family business had to let her go. They couldn't stay afloat with the family as employees. She is now making jewelry and hoping that she makes enough to supplement their income.
He lost his job but was lucky enough to find another one with their competitors.
In talking the other day they are supplementing their one person income with credit cards and are afraid of the balance that just keeps going up.

House #2
My aunt lives here. She was doing just fine until my uncle passed away and she lost her job at almost the exact same time I did last year. She actually got a new job the same time I got that last job. However, after working there for a bit they took her off salary and placed her on to only commission. She is pretty sure she is not going to be able to keep renting the house. She just wants to be able to afford it until July. My uncles one year death anniversary. Then she expects to have to leave the house she has rented for almost 20 years.

House #3 My house
Right now we are a one income house. As you all know I have been out of work since July. With that one three week period of having a job they never should have hired me for. I consider us lucky right now since we are ok. We are eating out a LOT less and not buying things we don't need but we are not in danger of losing everything.
But then again I am still getting unemployment. I worry like hell what will happen when I don't.

House #4
These are the crazy neighbors. The ones who seem to do the opposite of what normal people do. They yell, cuss and act like asses. They sue every company they worked for and get money every time. I have no idea how in the hell they get away with that. They also have had crazy money troubles since I moved here 20 years ago. You know the kind where you only have $9.56 in the back and a check that is about to bounce. (I have so freaking lived that and live in mortal fear of living it again.)
They seem to be thriving right now. His sister passed away and left them a whole hell of a lot of money. The wife I believe sued her company and came away with a lot of money. They are in the process of remodelling their whole house. There are workers there 7 days a week.

House #5
The elderly lady who lived here passed away alone in the house. Her children put the house up for sale for a song and a contractor purchased it. They have gutted the entire thing and are in the process of rebuilding it with plans to flip it for a profit.

House #6
This house belonged to a family I have watched grow up for the last 20 years. I watched the little red headed boy grow from a young kid to a horrible teen to a pretty damn good adult. The family dynamic changed a bit in the house with new children being born. I have the feeling that there were actually two families in the house.
Well... not anymore. As of the first of last month their house was foreclosed on. This family who has lived here more then 20 years moved out over the last weekend. I have no idea where they went. It was incredibly sad to watch.

House #7
This house was rented by a older couple. Well not that old sheesh they are probably in their early 50's.
He lost his job around 8 months ago and hasn't found work leaving them a one income family.
This last two months their daughter and her two children and her husband moved in with them due to job and home loss. I am hoping they make it with more people in the house.

House #8
Here we have a man whose wife just passed away this year. He is left with three teenage children who want to go to college within the next few years. That has to be one hell of a scary thing for him to be the sole bread winner after all this time. Lucky for him (at least I cross my fingers that it is lucky) his wife's family own the house.

House #9
This family has lived here as long as I have too. The children (3) grew up and left the nest.. well the girls left but the boy stayed. Within the last three months the girls have returned to the nest due to job loss and the inability to afford rent on no income. They have a packed house again.

House #10
The man who lives here actually sent away for a Russian mail order bride. She came and they married and now have two children. I didn't realize that there still was mail order brides. He worked for the family business and she was a stay at home mom. A problem happened within the last 9 months that his family business went out of business leaving him without a job. I have no idea yet if he has found another one. That is four people living in a house with no income except unemployment if he was even able to get it.

So there you go. A snapshot of our economy via my neighborhood. Doesn't look great does it?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Trend in not posting......more tiny bites.

I have noticed a trend. PMS = not posting. Why I have no idea but there it is.

Yesterday was my 20 year anniversary of dating the honey. TWENTY YEARS PEOPLE!!! I am not sure if I should be proud as hell or embarrassed LOL. I spent it watching the Sharks play playoff hockey on tv and was happy.

WOO FREAKING HOO to playoff hockey. It is so exciting to watch. We are up 3 games to 2 with the next game on Saturday. The Sharks seem to have bad luck in the playoffs so I am hoping this year it is different. We are due to win that stupid Stanley cup dang it!!!

Lost... Lost only has a few more episodes. I have no freaking idea how in the hell they are going to tie everything up. I have no idea what the hell is happening. But this is my favorite show. I am looking forward to the end while at the same time dreading it coming to an end.

A bloggy friend of mine Kevin posted some questions the other day. Hard ass questions that made me actually sit back and think. Evaluate who I am.

Here are his questions....
What gets you out of bed in the morning? (Not your alarm, but your motivation.)

What do you believe is your purpose in life? What is your reason for living?

What do you live for? What keeps you going?

I KNOW! Hard right?
Here were my answers....
These questions are hard. I thought about them all night.
What gets you out of bed in the morning? (Not your alarm, but your motivation.)
Do I have a motivation? No. I get up because I have to. I get up because I am awake. I have nothing that makes me bound from my bed in happiness or joy or fear or desire. I get up because that is what we do.

What do you believe is your purpose in life? What is your reason for living?
You know these questions make me feel like I have nothing going for me.
What is my purpose in life? I think if I boil it all down the only thing I can think of is to take care of my grandmother. To make sure she lives a happy and long life.
What is my reason for living? Hell, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like a waste of space. That I will be one of those people when gone no one misses. I have no children. I live because I have a heartbeat.
Wow don’t I sound like a cheerful person. But I am cheerful most of the time.

What do you live for? I live because I am alive. I live for the hopes of a happy life. Of being satisfied with who and what I am in the long run.

What keeps you going? Hope. Hope that I am doing this life right. Hope that happy is all I need to be. Hope that someday, some where I might do something that means something.

You know Kevin these are hard questions. They make you look deep inside and wonder if you are good enough. I think that is a fear we all have. That we are not good enough. Beautiful enough. Smart enough. That we are wasting this life we are given. That we aren’t owning up to our potential. That we are settling instead of doing. That nothing we do really matters in the long run.

I am curious for others answers too

Now reading my answers make me sound like some kind of gloom and doom girl right? Those of you who read this blog know I am not gloom and doom all the time. I mean we all have our moments of course but still.
I have spent the last few days thinking and thinking about my answers. Not one of them changed.
I began to wonder do I really need to have a purpose to be happy? Do I really need something to motivate me to get out of bed? Can't I just be thankful that I lived through the night to wake up the next day? Can't I just live this life without labeling it as a certain kind of life?
I may not be a super savior of people or animals or bugs. I may not be the perky perfect woman. I may not be who everyone thinks they want me to be. I may not be happy 24/7. I may cuss like a sailor. I may not be who I believe I should be due to the expectations put onto me by society. But damn it I am human and I am ME.
I will not change who I am to fit into what others think I should be. I will not censor myself because other people do. I will not pretend to be someone or something I am not even if others look down on me. I will be happy with who I am and what I have.
Yes it would be nice to have more.. money.. looks...weight loss.. brains..blah freaking BLAH.
But I was given this one life and I will damn well live it the way I want to.

*flips the middle finger at all of those who judge me on what society says I should be like instead of the soul inside of me.

OK.... wow... ummm went off on a tangent there didn't I.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There is just something about grandma's house.

This weekend I went up to grandma's house with my buddy Sazy. We left on Friday around 3pm and got stuck in traffic so it took us quite a bit to get there. Once we hit the trees though it is like a feeling of peace flows through you. And once we reached Placerville it was like life here in the bay area was left behind. If there was a way to bottle that feeling I would be a millionaire.
Once we got there we made our plans for the next two days, played some cards and went to bed.
Grandma has a day sleeper bed that we use. It is one bed that is tall while the other bed slides underneath it to be used when company comes. You pop up the bed so it is normal bed height. I popped up the bed and we grabbed the kittens to sleep in our room.
After getting into our jammies I climbed into my bed while I waited for Sazy to finish getting ready for bed. She walked in and flopped down onto the bed which proceeded to fall down to the floor. (I can't ever remember it doing that before)
At first we laughed our asses off and then there was a moment of OH SHIT THE KITTENS! So Sazy jumped up and we looked for the kittens who thankfully hadn't been under the bed.
But of course then we started describing all the ways we would have gotten rid of the evidence of killing grandmas favorite cat.
Yes we are a bit morbid with our humor but still!
We talked about sneaking outside to bury it and trying to distract grandma from the newly turned dirt. We talked about hiding it under my uncles bed or pillow and blaming him. We talked about each of us taking half (somehow it was cut in half *snort) and putting them behind the tailgate of the car and grossing people out.
The entire time we are laughing our asses off. Laughing to the point of tears. What can I say it had to be at least 1am.
The next day we headed for the casino. We gambled and met up with my cousins for lunch. We were there a LONG time lol. But we figured it out. It cost us $20 an hour to play. Not horribly bad right?
We came home and ate some dinner and played some card games with grandma. At bed time Sazy and I probably spent almost 3 hours talking about Lost. I think by the time we went to sleep our brains were seeping out of our ears. See the more you actually talk about Lost the more confused you get. So again we didn't go to sleep until at the very least 2am. That was two late nights.
On Sunday we had to run an errand for grandma. We went to her friends house to pick up a piece of fencing. This is an older woman who walks with a cane who is taking care of her son that is dying. Well that turned into something completely different. First Sazy and I planted a plant my grandmother had brought for her. Then we noticed that pine needles covered the stairs. Well being nice like we are lol we decided that wasn't cool. So we grabbed some rakes and proceeded to clear off the stairs.... which turned into half a mountain. By the time we were done we were sweaty and had wobbly parts from doing so much exercise. We also had a pile of pine needles that would easily have hidden a full grown cow. Both of us could have laid on the ground and been completely covered in needles to the point of not knowing we were there.
That was the first part of the grandma's friend trip.
The next part was moving fencing, stakes, boxes, picture frames and a tv into my truck. It was packed! There was just enough room for me, Sazy and grandma.
After we left I seem to have made a wrong turn. (ok I kind of knew I made a wrong turn about 2 minutes in) See Grandma's friend lives out in the boonies. The next thing I know is the road goes from being a road to being gravel to being dirt with a nice cliff on one side. I am deathly afraid of heights so I decided to stop this "side trip" and turn around.
I do love side trips though lol
When we finally got back on the main road we decided that we were starving and dying of thirst. We found a nice little pub to eat at. Behind the bar was a ruddy country boy that I decided needed to be Sazy's boyfriend but she seemed fixated by the man sitting with his back to us at the bar. See he had a little bit of crack showing. Sazy kept talking about putting ice cubes, flowers and anything else that popped into her mind into his crack. Gotta love Sazy!
Next stop was caching. For those of you unaware of what caching is...there is a whole hell of a lot of little hidden treasures everywhere. People hide a box full of trinkets and you use your gps to find them. Sazy and I have been geocaching for a long time time. But it had been a while since we had went since it was raining.
Oops actually the first cache was before going to grandma's friend but since I all ready typed out that I am just going to type the first cache now.
The first cache was in a old cemetery. Sazy and I had all ready visited this cemetery to look around once without knowing there was a cache in it. It has funny old wooden tombstones with the names weathered off. I sincerely hope that somewhere someone has those names.

We had barely been in that cemetery for two minutes when Sazy leaned against a tree to look for the cache. Within seconds she was coated in mutant giant ants. Hundreds of them. We spent the next few minutes beating her to death trying to get them all off of her. When we were done we found the cache.

The next one was in a Mcdonald's parking lot however it was somewhere a little to close to a giant bee tree for comfort so we decided not to look for it.
<---allergic to bees.
The next one was at a ruins I have driven by a thousand times and not stopped. But I have always wanted too.

On the far left hand side is a low tunnel you can crab walk through to get to a room where the ceiling has obviously fallen down during times passage. We walked through that of course. Sazy was like a freaking mountain goat. She crawled all over that place. I did walk up some old stone stairs but once I reached the open ceiling room I was to freaking chicken to walk around the perimeter. That damn height thing again.
We love stuff like that. There is something wonderful about touching history.
We didn't find the next one or the one after that but we still were having an adventure.
We ended up at a pond with geese. Supposedly the cache was up a mountain...which we climbed... far... high... big old mountain lol. And we had nothing to show for it. Normally we print out the cache listing which will give you a clue but since I had gotten the new computer the printer wasn't set up yet I had just written down the coordinates.
We climbed back down the mountain and went to go feed the ducks and geese. There were people fishing on all the banks so we chose the area with no fishermen to feed them. The geese walked up onto the shore and proceeded to bite the crap out of me. My foot, My leg. I had bill marks on my pants. The whole time Sazy is cracking up and no matter how much I shooed them away they wouldn't leave. Stupid freaking geese!
We decided to call it a day and headed back to grandmas house.
We played cards into the wee hours of the night while drinking champagne. We laughed and just plain old had a good time.
And of course Sazy and I just gabbed out brains out until the wee hours again.
The next morning we packed up and left for home. We made two stops to look at houses for Sazy's mom but neither one was the best. One was in way to small of a town and the other.. I don't know why I wasn't thrilled with it but it just didn't work for me.
We stopped on the way home at a sonic and got a giant cherry slushie and some food.
We were both beat by the time we got to my house. Tired in a good way but so ready to go to bed.
I have to mention that we "watched" the first Sharks game on Sazy's phone. We sat there playing cards and refreshing the score for hours. (the game wasn't shown at Grandmas) The second Sharks game we listened to on the worlds crappiest radio.
All in all it was the best good wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You know what sucks?

Last night I was so freaking excited! I hopped in the car with Sazy and we headed off to the Sharks playoff game. We arrived early and grabbed some food and made our way to our seats.
No this isn't the part that sucks by the way.
When the game started it was incredibly energy filled. I felt like an overexcited child with sensory overload.

the lights were down. The crowd was wild. It was freaking awesome! They gave us towels to wave.

The entire stadium was waving those flags.
They had giant inflatable sharks that flew around.

The other team scored. BOO!!
Then we scored! WOOO HOOO!!!!
Then with less then a minute to go... they scored. That sucked.. but not what sucked according to my title lol.
After driving home and taking a shower I hopped into bed. Because we were going to a Sharks game I drank soda after 3pm. See 3pm is my cut off for caffeine if I want to sleep. In fact I had a monster soda at the game.
So there I was laying in the bed at 10:30 with my eyes wide open. The combo of being over stimulated plus caffeine had me laying their until 11:30 before getting up to take a sleeping pill. There was no way in hell I was going night night without that pill.
So... I laid there. And laid there. And laid there.
This is the part that sucks by the way.
I waited for that sleeping pill to take effect. But caffeine is a mean ass. It wins over a sleeping pill as I found out last night.
Let's just say that it was a long long time until I finally fell asleep.

I am heading off to Grandma's tomorrow night. WOO HOO Grandmas!


I got my unemployment back! YAY ME!!! I got the first check today since I was laid off. I can't even tell you what a freaking relief that was.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Very Excited about tonight!

I am off to see a Sharks hockey playoff game. WOOT!!!

I spent the day today grabbing some stuff to take to grandmas this weekend. She sent me a letter asking me to go to Macy's and grab some face cream. $45 bucks for freaking face cream. Seriously WTF. I can't imagine spending that on cream for my face.

AND!!!!! Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame announced The Wall tour!! I am so freaking going in December! I about peed my pants when I saw that he was coming and doing the wall. WOO FREAKING HOO!

I don't have much time but I wanted to post a little on here today lol.

And... we are really talking about Mexico in December. Enough to decide we would get a balcony this time because it is so much cheaper. Another cruise would be so exciting. I guess I would need a dress that fits lol

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiny bites

Some where out there in blog land there is a random Monday or Tuesday or something like that where you post little random things. Since I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it was or where in the heck I saw it... Making up my own day and random stuff. Cause that is how I am... a rebel *snort!

Ahem... anywhooo......

This rain is beginning to get on my nerves. Now I know that we need it. I know that it is keeping everything nice and green. I know that pretty soon it will be so hot I will feel like flaying the skin off my body to get rid of the sweat. But right now... at this moment. I am tired of the rain. I am tired of the pond scum smell. I am tired of watching the week go by all sunshiney and nice only to have the weekend rain like mad. Not to mention rain makes me not want to bother to shave my legs and I am beginning to look like big foot lol.
Yes there are good things. No watering. But please could I just have two weeks to dry out then you can rain for a freaking week. Sheesh!

Deadliest Catch starts again this week. I am super excited to watch while at the same time I know I am going to be in for a freaking boo hoo fest. They were filming the season when Captain Phil died and I know they are going to show it and the aftermath. After all he told them to. I loved the poor guy. And I am the worlds biggest boo hoo baby. That combo is going to make for some tears during this season.

This week is the honeys birthday and our anniversary. 20 years of dating. Yes, you read that right. TWENTY! Holy crap that is a long time. People ask me all the time when we are going to get married. Around year five that was pretty much all I wanted. Now.... Now I don't think it is. I am comfortable with the way things are. If I needed to I could just walk out the door no strings. You can't do that with a marriage. I guess I need to figure out some presents.

I was looking at my kindle last night. I have read 39 books on it since I got it in December! And that doesn't include any paper books I read. And since I am reading horror in paper form that is a lot of books! I really love that damn kindle. It has to be one of the best presents I have ever gotten.

Can I just do a little happy dance here? My Sharks are the number one seed in the hockey playoffs! WOO HOO SHARKS! I am trying to figure out how in the heck I can get playoff tickets. I love me some Hockey!!!!!!

In the past two days I have had three dreams. Each dream was about a different ex. One was a holy shit get the freaking hell away from me you psycho dream. The next two were a little different. One had me walking hand in hand with an ex and the last one I had this morning. There was a point in the dream where I had my hands on both of his cheeks as I looked in his eyes and told him how much I missed him. How much I needed him. We started walking back to where my family was and the whole area was devastated. Everything was falling apart. It looked like an abandoned town. When we could see my family in the distance they were all shooting guns and the ex turned to me and said I hope they don't shoot me. I remember smiling at him, reaching out my hand to him and then waking up.
I have no idea why I am dreaming of ex's. Weird.

My cat Yeti has decided that my pillow is no longer the best place in the world to sleep. My head is. I cannot tell you the number of times I have woken up to a cats head on my cheek purring away. Or the number of times she has walked up my body as I watch tv only to lay down on my chest and put her head on my chin while purring. Ummm... can't see the tv cat! It is rather sweet but a little odd too.

I am LOVING having my own computer! I can sit here and do what ever I want without worry that he will kick me off to look something up.

And last but not least. Remember when I told you a random cousin found me on facebook. A cousin I had no idea I even had? Well he sent me a picture of my grandmother. The picture was of her and her first husband a few weeks before they were married. She was 18 years old. I have never seen her like that before. So young. It was kind of strange to actually see her that way. But she was beautiful.
I give you my grandma......

Friday, April 9, 2010

Making a new friend is like dating

Have you noticed that the older you get the harder it is to make friends? In fact in "real" life I pretty much have one best friend. I have tons of online friends that I have talked to for years but only one that I actually leave my house to visit with.
See I seem to have incredibly bad luck with making friends. I make a friend and then something happens like they move, run away with someone they met on the internet, sleep with my boyfriend or just plain stop talking to me for no reason. Growing up I moved constantly so I have no buddies that I grew up with.
For a while there I decided screw it I don't need a friend.
Then... I found out one of my Lost board buddies actually lived close to me. Close enough that I could meet her.
As we planned our first meeting at the mall I have to admit to being frightened. What if even after all this time of talking to each other online we didn't like each other? What if after meeting me she never wanted to talk to me again. What if she was a giant man and not a woman LMAO!!!
Lucky for me none of that happened. In fact she has become the best friend I have ever had. I was incredibly lucky and blessed.
But getting to know Sazy.... Creating a new friendship... I have to admit it is exactly like I remember dating to be.
You make plans to do something. Not a movie at first because you need to talk and get to know each other. You get the nerves as you wait for the day to arrive that you are going to the museum or where ever you decided.
Are we going to have fun? Will she think this is stupid?
You go to lunches. You go to public places. You figure each other out.
See! Dating a friend.
I guess if you ended up really not liking each other it would be like a break up right? One of those slowly stop talking things?
During Sazy and my "dating" stage we found out we had so much in common. A love of things ancient. A love of museums. A fondness for not doing what we are suppose to do. A habit of touching things we aren't suppose to. A love of hunting treasure.
Now... I consider her my best friend.
Do I have the desire to start "dating" anyone else? Not really. I feel like I won the lotto and I really don't think that will happen again.
But now I know that talking to someone for years on the internet gives me a different insight to them. You have so much more to talk about. You all ready have a bit of common ground. So maybe I will meet some of the others I talk to at some point. I mean I did meet another friend with Sazy that visited here from Tennessee and that worked out all right.
I have to admit to having a little envy for those people who seem to have this group of buddies that they grew up with. But I just need to realize that will never be me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok I think everything is normal again

I can finally hear. I am no longer a snot factory. I got a letter from unemployment saying they got my claim. My family has been to visit and gone. The honey isn't home (like yesterday) due to jury duty. The house is clean. And I have added a bunch of blogs to my favorites. Along with setting up the new computer to my desires lol.
So now I should be able to schedule myself again. Job hunting, game playing, house cleaning, blogging and dinners. I should be back to my own self.
It has been interesting with dual computers. We have actually sat and researched something at the same time. We are thinking of taking a Mexican cruise at the end of this year.
I know, I know I have no job. It totally wasn't my idea either. It was his. He knows I have no job so he knows unless I do he is totally footing most of the bill lol. Besides I need to get it booked in case I get a job. That way I can tell them by the way in December I have a cruise all ready paid for and booked.
Do I think this cruise is going to actually happen? Not really. I give it about a 15% chance. But it is fun to talk about lol.
I didn't really look for a job last week due to the death sickness but I have looked this week. I have to tell you this is a giant pain in my ass. I all ready did this. It is frustrating that I have to do this again. But I guess I really have no choice do I? Why can't I be rich sigh.....

It is beautiful outside and I have a few flats of flowers to plant in all the buckets outside so I should get to that. I have a post in my head for tomorrow. Not one of these blah blah blah type posts either. I should also comment on your blog today. If I don't.... I don't have you yet so post a comment so I can find you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All kinds of things

I have to be quick I have company coming. My sister in law, brother and son are coming over. They came from Nevada so I am going to be spending time with them.
I got a new computer over the weekend. Actually we now have duel computers. The problem is nothing tranfered over to this one. I was damn positive that I had it all set up to tranfer if not by itself then on the stupid flash drive. My files did but none of my favorites did. SOOOOOO post a comment on here so I can find you again. I am kind of losing my mind over this a bit.
I miss reading you guys.
I will be going through all the old comments to get you that have posted after I get back from my shopping trip today.
It is so nice to have my own computer though. One where no one can remove anything on accident. To bad it all was removed anyway. But I will find you!
Now with this windows 7 I don't even have a bookmarks tab. WTF?
But I spent most of yesterday adding my itunes back, resumes back, pictures back. Now I just need to figure out how to never have to add in any passwords and stuff.
YAY NEW COMPUTER... Booo hisss things didn't move right lol.
I shall talk to you all tomorrow!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

UGH death sickness

Last Saturday I started feeling yucky. On Monday I went into work feeling like crap. Turns out it was my last day of work. Asses. But in one way it was a darn good thing because I have been sick as a freaking dog.
On Tuesday I went into the doctor because I could no longer hear out of both ears. Just faint noises. Turns out I have a double ear infection, sinus infection and a cough. They gave me meds for all of it.
In the last three days I have spent probably 80% of it in bed asleep. I had no energy at all. I couldn't even hear myself typing on the keyboard. My head has been pounding.
Today I can hear the keyboard again WOO HOO. But things are still muffled and my head is still full of cotton. But at least I have a bit of energy. Not like the previous days where taking a shower meant it was time to crawl back into bed and take a nap.
That my friends is why I have not posted on my blog in the last few days.

I think in another way being laid off was good because there is no way in hell I could have possibly worked for the last few days. Always a good thing to call in sick when you are new right?

I have to admit to being pissed off about being laid off. Pretty much they had me clean their mess of files and plans, move bookshelves, file paperwork and watch the phones during the front desk ladies vacation then laid me off. They totally screwed me on my unemployment too. I have refiled but who knows how that is going to go. I can only cross my fingers right?

That job was a mental mindfuck.

Here have a new job since you have been waiting for 8 months at good money and full time! Oh wait we might have to put you part time! Oh you are doing such a good job! Oh sorry we have to let you go.

I am not looking forward to looking for work again. But I have too. I haven't yet due to the sickness that knocked me on my ass but I will get to that next week.

Ok that's enough for now. I need to at least straighten up the house since I haven't moved in over 6 days. Then.. I may need another nap lol.
Talk to you all soon.