Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's really here!!!

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It seems like I have been waiting forever but tonight is LOST!!!!

Now... Dear all friends and relatives. Starting at around 7:30 tonight until tomorrow do not call. Do not visit. Do not expect me to do any favors. Do not expect me to answer my phone. I will be getting ready to watch Lost.

Dear Honey..... Do not talk to me during Lost or I may have to smack you. If you can't remember why Ben is covered in blood you can wait until a commercial for me to explain it to you.

Dear Dogs.... Yes that big chewy bone is yours to eat in the living room... and yes I will give it to you about 3 minutes before Lost starts.

Dear Cats.... DO not meow. Do not walk up my chest for pets. Go in the living room with the dogs lol

It's funny how totally into this I am. On Facebook we have been doing lost quotes and changing our avatar to lost people. I never realized until this week how many of my Facebook friends are people who I have never met in person but have known now for almost six years online.

Dear creators of Lost.... This can be known as the best series on tv ever... don't screw this up. Answers that make sense please!


  1. LOL! And this is why I don't watch much TV anymore. Every single time there was a show I loved as much as you love Lost - they'd take it off the air. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So I gave up.

  2. I'm with Gigi on this. My shows always get canceled. Dead Like Me?? Gone and it was a really good show! Made me so mad I almost cried... What?! I said almost.