Friday, February 12, 2010

No walking today either

I am pretty damn sure that I bruised my heel. I am still limping today. If I limp tomorrow I am going to make a doctor appointment. This is incredibly frustrating to me. I want to walk but walking in pain seems stupid.
I look like a goon limping around. Just getting up in the morning killed me. I had to hold on to the wall just to make it to the restroom. It is better if I walk on the ball of my foot but really do I want to do that all day long? Putting on my shoe puts pressure right on the spot that hurts and is fire red. Not a good combo.

The honey is off for the next three days. That means limited internet for me. Which sucks. Cause I am in love with the internet you know.
*hugs monitor*

We don't do anything on a holiday weekend. We tend to go places the weekend before or the weekend after. There is no traffic then.

I may end up going and getting my grandmother next week. Bring her down here for a visit. Next month she has cataract surgery so I may need to go up and stay with her a few days then.

Let me share a funny with you that happened yesterday morning. I shared it with my Lost board buddies but figured I would share it here too.
After being awake for so damn long I crawled back in bed a little while before the honey had to get up. (Remember I was up at 4am with foot pain?) I must have fallen asleep right when he got up because I remember dreaming that I touched something and my hair went all static like this.

I saw myself in a mirror and started cracking up.
The honey woke me up and asked me what I was laughing at. (I don't think he realized I was asleep)
I remember saying Fuzzy hair then turning back over.

I was laughing in my sleep. I didn't know I could laugh in my sleep!

Well I have to go to the store and this post was all over the place anyway lol


  1. I love that you laugh in your sleep! Ha ha ha

  2. If your heel is fire red it is not bruised. There's no puncture wound? Something you stepped on in there? You need to go to the doctor. :(

  3. we all need a little laugh in our sleep :)

  4. Laughter is the best medicine! make that Drs appointment.