Monday, February 1, 2010

Stupid computer

Want to find out just how addicted you are to the computer? Have your internet service go wonky. It started on Wednesday. That quick flash to red on the high speed modem that means you are not connected. It just happened for a few seconds. But Thursday and Friday? Total red for most of the day.
It would allow me to sign into the net. Look at two to three things and then shut off. That meant I had to completely shut down the whole system and reboot up again. Only to have it happen over and over again. I would be able for example to sign into Facebook, read a few posts, maybe play a game for 1 minute before it turned off. I actually tried to blog twice but after typing for a few minutes it would shut off and not save it to draft. I got so frustrated that I actually ignored the computer and started on that stupid safe cover I was suppose to make months ago.
By the way when making something inside out.... the door will be on the wrong side when you turn it right side out. Live and learn I guess.
Anyway on Friday I called the internet people to get the problem fixed. I was like a junkie missing out on everything. My blog, Your blogs, Facebook and my Lost buddies. They fixed it thank goodness!!
Then of course the honey didn't work this weekend which meant he was home and wanted to go do "chores" so no internet really on Saturday. Sunday he wanted to do cleaning which meant little internet.
So today I am hugging my monitor!

I have an internet addiction. I think it has grown worse as I have been off work. After all this little box is my outside world right now. *snort.

I had lots of time to listen to my ipod over the last couple days. I have decided there are some concerts I am going to keep my eye out for. Things I need to go see.
My buddy Sazy and I went to see Green Day all ready but I really have a desire to go see them again. There was an energy that was there that made me feel old LMAO! While at the same time I felt alive as I haven't in a long time.

The next guy I want to see turns me into a literal fan girl. I had no idea how much of a fan girl I actually was until I went with Sazy and she told me to go up and get his autograph during that section of the concert. I could have passed out and couldn't do it LMAO!!
He is one of my most favorite performers in the world. I grew up with his music. In fact I would probably marry him if I could.... and he was a little younger lol

This guys voice flows right through me. I love Willie.

And the last one I have a hankering to see is Tom Petty for some reason.

Growing up I thought he was beautiful. And he has another one of those velvet voices.

And just to freak you all out *snort I wouldn't mind going and seeing this....

weird guy or not I freaking LOVE his voice. I think Sazy is to scared to go with me should he come LMAO!! And yes... I even love the fact I think that is what really rocks my boat when it comes to him.

And on that note I gotta get my farming done on farmville LMAO!!


  1. I'm a serious internet junkie as well. There needs to be a meeting for us to all get together and support each other. I was without internet due to a storm for 4 days! I have been sitting in front of the computer all day today!

  2. I love my internet! And the blogs and facebook! I am just as addicted as you.

  3. We should start a 12 step program! HAHAHA!

  4. My friend makes fun of me because I think Marilyn Manson is a sexy motherfucker. They just don't get us.