Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well that was weird

No I am not talking about Lost although I must say that WAS WEIRD lol.

I have been feeding my buddies kitties while she is out of town. I drive over for about a half an hour to a hour and just play with them so they don't get to lonely being by themselves. They have been good kitties with just one bad day where it looks like they threw a party and trashed the place. She comes home today and I bet they are going to be so damn excited to see her.

So today I was driving home from the kitty love fest and I found myself turning the car the wrong direction from home. The next thing I knew I was inside Supercuts getting a "trim". That trim took off about 8 inches of hair. EIGHT. And I asked for it.
Me! The don't take more then a half a inch off or I will die girl.
Just this morning as I got out of the shower my hair touched my ass. is about a inch past my shoulders. Maybe if I stretch it two.
And the funny thing is I have no idea what the hell happened. I didn't plan on a hair cut today. I sure the hell didn't plan on cutting that much off if I ever did get a hair cut. I just found myself sitting in a chair. Asking the lady how much would need to be cut off for it to look really healthy. Her showing me and me saying Do it. And she did. And I wasn't horrified. But still I have no idea how the hell this happened.
It was like I had sunshine fever or something. After all this is one of the first sunny days in what seems like forever.
I caught myself going to buy dye and told myself no. That the haircut lady put goo into my hair and I don't want to end up green or orange. But who knows what tomorrow will bring lol.
I still can't believe I cut my hair off. And that I am not bothered. Why am I not bothered?


  1. Because it was time - that's why you aren't bothered. And you shouldn't turn green or orange if all she put in was product.

  2. Because it was time. And you really were ready for it. enjoy it!

  3. Because it's hair and it will grow back. And because it feels good!