Thursday, February 11, 2010

Motivation is a funny thing

I have been walking since Monday. For 30 minutes or a little over a mile and a quarter. It has actually been fun.
Except last night at 4am I woke up feeling like my foot was on fire. It was excruciating. The area between the bottom of my foot and my ankle directly on the back of my foot hurt like a bitch. I ended up getting out of bed to take some asprin and not being able to sleep for almost two hours.
Today it hurts to walk.
The problem is I want to walk. I don't want to lose the motivation that I have. Hell how often do we actually get motivation to exercise?
But I just can't do it. It hurts to freaking bad and I don't want to make it worse. So I gave myself the day off. And I feel horrible. It sucks that I had to do this.
Stupid foot didn't hurt when I went to bed. UGH.
I hope the motivation doesn't go away.

The other motivation problem I am having is the job hunt. I have looked for a job every day for over five months with no results. It makes it very hard to even want to look. I have to force myself lately.
I have this whole why bother nothing is going to come of it mind frame which isn't good. But I need a job. But I just feel tired.
I have lost all motivation to search. I haven't stopped searching but there is no motivation what so ever in my body. I know I need money. I know I need a job. I know the only way to get a job is to search but.... it just plain feels like I am wasting my time. Sigh.

The house is getting cleaner though!


  1. From the description it sounds like a blister on your foot, but surely you'd have known a blister when you saw it, so I assume it's something else...

    Make sure your shoes aren't too old and worn to be walking for exercise in. Shoes that might be OK for knocking around day to day might not work for exercise. Also, pay attention to how you walk and make sure you're not landing too hard on your feet which can jar the bones in your foot and leg, causing pain.

    Depending who you ask, you should be coming down either on the ball of your foot or the middle of your sole and your heel should come down last. (This is hard for me too, but I'm working on it.)

    You know I know how you feel on this one. All I can say is, in general, when your body is used to not being active, it takes a little time to get through this, but if you stick with it you will. (You may need to buy a new pair of shoes though. Target has good prices on decent shoes for walking purposes.)

    I hope it feels better soon. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you! :)

  2. I hope your foot feels better and you don't loose the motivation. Fingers crossed on the job search!