Monday, February 8, 2010

My new hair and more...

So as you can probably tell I am going through some kind of "change" lol.
Last week on Tuesday I decided that today I was going to start walking for 30 minutes a day either on the treadmill or outside. The treadmill keeps track and I did pay for the damn thing a thousand years ago so using it would probably be good right?
I wrote Start walking with a smiley face on the calendar on the 8th by the computer. Then I ignored it.
On Friday my buddy Sazy and I went window shopping in a quaint little down town by our city. We ended up at a museum and were pretty much kicked out by children. That sucked but the day was wonderful and I completely enjoyed myself.
Sazy took a picture of my new hair to share with you guys.

After she posted this picture for me on a board I go to every day I actually stopped and thought OH HELL NO.
I don't see that girl in the mirror.
In fact I don't think I see what other people see when they look at that picture.
Let me tell you the first thing I noticed. Double chin. Looks like shit.
Hair is pretty messy... although we had been walking around outside for a few hours so that is to be expected.
Hair is much lighter then it looks to me in the mirror.
WHAT in the hell is wrong with my comfy sweater. You can see the shoulders go half way down my arm which you can see is smaller then the sweater actually shows.
I just think that picture makes me look like shit. Plain and simple.
And why the hell do I have such big damn gums UGH
Anywhooo... after seeing that picture I realized that chin needed to go. Then I remembered that I wrote down start walking.
So I did. Today. For 30 minutes. YAY ME!
I have also decided that I am going to do one room a day in my house. Super clean. Super clean one week... standard clean the next week. Then super clean then standard clean. Since I have more rooms then the week it will need to be scheduled.
Yup, for some damn reason I am making a schedule. I need to remember to add weeding the backyard to that schedule....
The way I figure it. I will get the whole thing perfectly flowing. Everything will be falling exactly the way I want it and then I will get a job that will screw everything up again LOL

Quick bitch here.... I have wood floors through the whole house. Then WHY!!!! Does the cat hack up her stupid hairballs anywhere but the wood floor? The couch, throw rugs, bed, dog toy... anywhere but the floor where it would be easy to clean. Stupid CAT!!

One more little bitch.... I put all the blogs I read into the favorite bar of my computer instead of hitting the follow button. I just find it easier to go down a list on the computer then go post to post in the follow thingy. Don't judge LMAO!!!
Anywhoooo... This weekend I had time to go read blogs and post a bunch of comments. So I sit down at my computer.. hit favorites and nothing. NOTHING but cabellas.
I hit it again because being kind of computer stupid I figured it just may have been my fault. Nothing. Just that stupid green cabellas icon.
Cabellas is NOT my favorite thing. I could care less about it.
So the following took place.
me.... Honey.. um did you delete anything off the computer.
him... no.
me.. Ummm honey I had a bunch of favorites (trying not to freak out) and they are all gone.
him... I didn't delete your stuff. I had a bunch of stupid stuff show up on my favorites so I deleted them and added Cabellas.
Me (steaming and watery eyes).. the favorites go on both home pages honey. You deleted my stuff.
Him.... no I didn't. I deleted the stupid stuff I didn't put on mine.
Me... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH (taking deep breaths and wondering how the hell I was going to find everyone again)

I explained it to him in 2 year old terms and pretty much laid down the law that he will NOT ever in this lifetime do that again.
Then I deleted his Cabella's.
I crossed my fingers that he wasn't thorough. I went to the recycle bin and there all your blogs were. I was SO FREAKING HAPPY!!
Of course by then I no longer had time to read.. but I will today after going to the store lol.


  1. And this is why is sucks to share a computer. Cause the other one NEVER understands what you are saving and why. That being said, if you use the Follow feature when you log into your blogger account/dashboard - all the blogs you follow are listed with the updates.

    By the way - when I saw your picture I saw a friendly, fun-looking woman with a BEAUTIFUL smile!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! And Gigi said it best!

    The worst is when the cat ralphs in the air vent. I mean, really?! I wish they could be trained to puke in the litter box.

  3. the photo I see a happy, vibrant woman standing in front of green bushes. GREEN in not-snow covered. It's good to be in California this time of year.