Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After three days of dialing dialing dialing the unemployment office I finally got through this morning. I had the honey wake me up at 7:30 in the morning so I could start dialing sooner. I was freaking determined to get an answer to the whole extension thing that has been killing me.
I think I was shocked when I got through to the waiting cue. After dialing about 200 times in the past three days to hear a different message was a shock to the system.
Then a actual honest to god woman answered the phone.

Me: "Hi, my name is Jody and I just ran out of benefits and I was wondering if I was eligible for an extension?"

Her: "let me check.... oh I see we just mailed your last check out and you have no money left"

Me: "yes...."

Her: typing "ok, so you haven't signed up for an extension yet?"

Me: "No, I am trying to see if I am eligible though. And if I am I want to sign up today if possible."

Her: typing " hmmm....let's see.... hmmm..... Ok you are eligible for an extension and I will file that today. This extension will last 20 weeks."

At this point I promptly burst into tears. Great giant monster tears. I had no idea that was going to happen and I for the life of me couldn't stop boo hooing.

Me: "sniff sniff, Thank you. sniff sniff" (all said in a gravely boo hoo voice)

(wow I am tearing up right now again for the third time today)

Her: "Don't worry you are ok. Everything is going to be ok"

I honestly believe this must have happened to this lady before. Other people must have had the same breakdown I did because her whole demeanor changed.

(Wow eyeballs are stinging AGAIN)

Ok I had to stop typing for a minute because I started to cry again. Whooo sheesh. It is one thing to have friends and loved ones tell you that you will be getting an extension and a whole different thing to have someone who is in a power to actually tell you in reality that you will be getting it.
I knew I was stressed about this but I had no idea how fully my body was included in that stress.
I had no idea in hell that I would break down into soul deep sobs over finding out I get an extension. I mean in my head that just sounds stupid. Cry because you didn't get it not because you got it. And to still see the power just typing that out has over me is strange. I should be jumping for joy not boo hooing like a baby.

Ok.. I can't type anymore it is making my nose sting and my eyeballs water.


  1. YES!! Oh, those were tears of relief, I bet. I can just imagine the immense sense of confirmation-- I think I might have teared up too.

  2. I'm so happy for you! Extension Grantor Lady deserves a giant e-hug! ***hugs***

    You deserve TWO e-hugs. ***hug*** ***hug***


  3. Oh the relief! I almost cried!

  4. That is fan-frickin-tastic news! WOOOHOOO! Sooo happy for you. I would cry too. Yay for you!! :) Congrats! That must be such a load off. Whew!

  5. Congrats, Jody! I'm really glad to hear this. I know that being unemployed sucks a lot but the unemployment checks are a help for sure.

    This emotional response doesn't sound at all strange to me. It's a completely understandable and normal reaction to the stress you've been under.

    Everything IS going to be OK in time. You'll see.