Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain Rain go away

Well it has been raining since Sunday. That makes 5 solid days of rain with more to come. We needed it bad and I have totally loved the thunder and lightning storms we have had however, I am ready for some sunshine now lol.
Walking around the house with all the shades drawn and still having it look like twilight inside is getting to me. The constant darkness weighs on you. Not to mention I am beginning to grow webbing between my toes LMAO!
We do get two days of no rain on Saturday and Sunday but then next week is all rain too.
I just need to keep reminding myself that we need the water. We need the snow that is falling in the mountains.
Yesterday we had a tornado warning. A tornado! In Northern California! WTF. Lucky for us nothing came of it.

I still don't have a car. Well... I have a car but it doesn't work. We don't have a shelter to work on it under so it has not been fixed. I am beginning to wonder if it will ever get fixed.

I still don't have a job and I still haven't heard back from anyone. Frustrating. I am beginning to find some humor in job postings though. For example one I looked at the other day said this....candidate must have the ability to speak
English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu fluently.

Have you even heard of some of those languages? And the funny thing is most job postings are getting so picky like that. Or offering such a low amount of money for such a lot of work that people are getting screwed. Or they are part time with no benefits. UGH

I still don't know if I will get an extension on my unemployment. This week will be the last full check I get if I don't. The next check will be less then half and then nothing. Cross your fingers that they give me an extension or I am in a world of trouble here.

I cannot wait to get my W2 and do my taxes! I know that sounds weird but I always claim zero. That means I get money back from federal and state. Or just owe a tiny bit to state. However, this year half of the time I was on unemployment. They allow you to deduct for federal but not for state. So I think I will get a refund from federal but I have a feeling I will owe a bunch for state. Either way that little bit of money will help.

I read a prompt over at momma kats today that she wanted us to describe our blog in a sentence. I had also read on another blog that blogs fall into categories like funny, sad, serious, mom, frugal, and stupid, etc. I got to wondering what category my blog falls in. I have no idea lol.

Wow my blog is all over the board today isn't it?


  1. We are having the same kind of weather except for snow rather than rain. I really need sunlight. It's getting depressing around here and it isn't supposed to get better for another week.

    Good luck on the job search, I've given up.

  2. On days like this you should check out the Un-Mom's Random Thought Tuesdays. But I liked todays post! Fingers crossed for the extension.

  3. Taxes! I really need to get around to this plus 100 other things!
    Good luck with the job!

  4. I HATE rain, Jody! It depresses me to no end - especially when you dump PMS on top of it.......praying for extension.