Friday, January 8, 2010

Two earthquakes in two days.

I live in California. I am sort of used to earthquakes. In fact they can almost be a bit fun if they are smaller.
However, yesterday we had an earthquake. Not a big deal. We tend to get them once in a while.
But today... today we had another earthquake.
This is NOT NORMAL. I have lived here my entire life and I do not ever remember having two earthquakes in two days. Trust me it is something you wouldn't forget.

Last night I watched the news about yesterdays quake location and how the scientists were a little worried about where it originated. That it put pressure on a fault line that all ready has to much pressure. Then today we had a second earthquake in the same location.

Now let me try to explain earthquake feel to you. Normally you hear a bit of noise and then the ground sways back and forth like you are on a suspension bridge. Or imagine you are sitting on a swingset and just barely push your feet. Not enough to swing but just enough to set you to motion. That is a normal earthquake.
Both of these earthquakes were a little different. Instead of the side to side motion both of these were one quick jerk to the south.
Like something slipped and then caught really fast.
Yesterdays sounded like a truck hit the house and then the jolt. Then a very very slight side to side that lasted probably 3 seconds.
Todays was just a jolt straight to the south again and then nothing. Very weird.

See we in California grow up knowing that the "big one" is coming at some point. It is not a matter of if it is when. Having two earthquakes in two days actually made my stomach hurt.
Made me start to wonder if the earth was getting ready for that big shake. And the fact that both were so strange.... makes me more nervous.

So I just have to remember there is nothing I can do so I might as well not worry right?



  1. Wait, we had two earthquakes yesterday? Where was I? And yes you're right, the big one is coming. I've been waiting for 29 years...LOL

  2. I guess living here in the frozen Midwest does have an advantage. Though, most winters, I would prefer sun and earthquakes, to blizzards and $350 a month gas bills.

  3. We had an earthquake here in VA last year. Now THAT was freaky!

    I hope it was a fluke and not a sign of worser (is that even a word?) things to come.