Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Car,

You suck.

Stupid time for the damn car to really decide that it doesn't want to work right. We have narrowed it down to what we think is an electrical problem.
See it is like this.

Gather up belongings.... hop in the car, turn key.... nothing. Jump car and the car works fine.

Next time... hop in car, turn key, drive to where I need to go, drive to next place, hop in car and nothing. Jump car.

The honey purchased me a jumping thing so I don't need another car in order to jump myself. That is totally sweet. And VERY useful so far.

However, it has created a form of mental problem for me. For example...
Gee I think I want a starbucks. I have a gift card. Wait... do I really want to get into the car and either have to jump it now or at Starbucks or at both... nope.
So I don't go.

Or I walk to what ever I need to do if it is close enough. And no starbucks isn't close enough. In fact I have this massive craving for a yummy coffee drink. But in my mind it is just not worth it.

For some reason this on top of all the other bullshit is making me feel trapped.

Yesterday I had to drop off pants for the honey at his work. He forgot he had a doctors appointment and he gets filthy at work. So I hop in the car.. vrooommmmmm everything is fine. Drop the pants off and nothing. The damn car doesn't start.
I sat there for a full three minutes just staring out the windshield kind of in a mental daze. Jumped the car and came home.

And then I lost it.

I sat down in front of the computer and just lost it. The car not starting was just one straw to many that day I guess. The whole no job, stimulus worry and the car just was to much for me. I had a full blown fit.
And no I didn't feel better afterwards. Well a little but then the honey called and asked me what was wrong with me. I told him I was stressed. He laughed and asked me what I had to be stressed about.
Instant tension refill if you know what I mean.

I am ready for a break. Lucky for me my buddy Sazy and I are going to do something on Saturday. Either bowling or a museum or something. What ever we do I know I will come home feeling much better. She has that effect on me.


  1. Awww. Definitely not something you need on top of everything else!!! Maybe you just need a new battery. It's easy to replace. Have you tried that yet?

  2. We checked all the regular stuff. Battery, Alternator, starter. It isn't any of those. Very frustrating!

  3. Aww, maybe the car fairy will drop out of the sky and leave you a replacement in the driveway. A girl can dream.

  4. Oh, sweetie. That is craptastic. I hope things get better soon. Give that car a big old kick for me, will you?

  5. Silly car anyway. It just needs to behave. everyone should have a wonderful friend to hang with and instantly feel better! enjoy

  6. Give the honey a kick for me. Oh, and the car. (kidding, you know). Good luck on the job search. It is stressful!