Monday, January 4, 2010

Now can I start over please?

What was it about 2009 that made it suck so damn bad? No really. 2009 was a horrible horrible year for me.

I lost my uncle to lung cancer. This was freaking rough for me. He was more like a father figure then a uncle. I lived with him for years and years through out my life. Losing him was like losing a father.

I lost my job. I loved that stupid job. Really and truly loved my job. How many people can say that? I never had that morning thought of calling in sick in three years. I looked forward to what I was going to do or learn. Losing the job they had bribed me to stay at when we decided we were going to move 2 years ago sucked.

Two other people in my neighborhood died. (not counting my uncle) They both lived within a few houses of me. One lived directly across the street and had three children and a husband she left behind. So freaking sad.

I lost another family member also. My aunt Barbara passed away.

(All family members are called Aunt and Uncle by the way for some reason)

My aunt Becky has to have surgery right before Christmas. In a three week period she gained 17 pounds. She had a large mass in her abdomen that was growing like mad. She lost one ovary and they removed a whole hell of a lot of cyst. At least it wasn't cancer but everyone was so freaking worried.
My aunt Becky and uncle Mike are also fighting to not go into for closure. It doesn't look good for them though.

A few days after Christmas my Aunt Shirley was in a horrible car accident. She shattered her ankle, wrist (almost removing it), pelvic bone and cracked several ribs. She also got a laceration down the side of her face that required a lot of stitches and bumps and bruises all over her body. She just got out of ICU yesterday.

My grandmother has some changes going on. She is so much slower then before. She is a little forgetful. She needs to take naps regularly. All things that didn't exist before. I hope it is just age.

So yes, 2009 sucked.

2010 will be better. It has to be.

I have high hopes that I will find a job soon. Oh please let me find a job soon.

Maybe my family can heal. Maybe things will turn out all right for Mike and Becky. Maybe Shirley's recovery will be quick and easy. Maybe just maybe like will be good this year.

And in regards to something I said the other day on a blog about not blogging when the honey was home. I haven't hidden this from him. I specifically told him about this blog when I started it. He didn't show much interest so I haven't talked about it since. So that is why I consider this mine.

Tonight I go to a hockey game!! GO SHARKS!!!!!

Talk to you all soon :)

Oh and one more thing.... a comment made by my buddy Kevin cracked me up. Sorry Kevin... not a gay man. But isn't this pretty......


  1. Jody - I'm so sorry 2009 was so tough for you!!! 2010 is bound to be better. It has to be!!!

  2. Sorry that 2009 was so bad! 2010 will be better. Just keep telling yourself that! Keep positive thoughts! You attract what you think about! I will pray for you that you will see happiness and peace this year!

  3. I wish you best for this new year! And where did you get that crazy picture of Michael Jackson? (wink)

  4. Sorry to have been AWOL for a few days.

    2010 WILL be better, so I guess that's settled.

    As for the picture, you know it's funny... All the right elements are there, but... Doesn't really do it for me, sorry.