Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Sweet Thunder

Currently where I live we are having a storm a day. It has been raining like crazy. This is the third storm in as many days.
Yesterday we had a beautiful thunder and lightning storm. We don't normally get those here.
There is something so very powerful about that type of a storm. Something that draws me to stand outside with my arms raised as I watch mother natures fury. It feels me with an incredible sense of well being and a energy I just can't explain.
Today we had thunder too. As I stood outside watching the wind whip the trees and the rain pouring down the light flashed and BOOM. There is such an incredible feeling that comes over me.
The hail started and the lights flashed and the thunder boomed and all I could do was stand outside this afternoon with a giant smile on my face and freezing feet.
There is a feeling in the air that is so different then a normal day.
I admit to Yahhh hoooing outside as it raged. I am sure my neighbors think I am a weirdo.
To me this is life at it's best. Watching the incredible display of mother nature feels me with joy. With energy. With awe.

On the downside my backyard has 5 inches of standing water that covers my entire yard. It is slowly beginning to creep up the patio towards my sliding glass door so that is something I have to keep my eye on.
And my living room window has sprung a leak. I have a towel on the sill for now.

I wish you could have seen my dogs when I put them out earlier. Romping through the new backyard lake up to their doggie elbows. They were jumping and running in pure joy. Then BOOM and they are at the back door begging to come back inside lol.

Well I need to go outside for a bit. Talk to you all soon!


  1. Enjoy the weather. I love thunder and lightening storms. So electrifying!

  2. Hi! Were you anywhere near that freaky tornado?

  3. And if the Tornado Warning had turned into something more? Would you still have been standing outside like a dummy catching a cold and being whiped up and out to Oz? ;)

    I like the occasional rain and thunderstorm as well, though I much prefer them from the INSIDE OF THE WINDOWS!!

    'Sposed to be more tomorrow, nice weekend and then a repeat of this, next week. Get your sand bags ready for the back door. ;)