Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You know I love Hockey

I do! There is something so exciting about walking into an arena that is bursting with energy. There is a natural high that you get. I went last Saturday and got a surprising offer to go again tonight. I can't wait. I feel lucky that my city has it's own hockey team.

The honey has decided that we are both on diets. I am not sure when it became his choice as to when I should lose weight. But he does need to lose a bit so I will go along with it for a while I suppose. But I am not calling it a diet. Blick.

I sent out a few resumes today and yesterday I actually got my first response back from someone. It was this position has been filled but still it made me feel like hey people are actually getting my resumes. lol.

I have things to do but I hadn't blogged yesterday and wanted to at least blog a bit today so here it is. I look forward to sitting and writing tomorrow. But now I have to get ready for a hockey game. WHOOO HOOO

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  1. You lucky lucky woman. I love hockey too. I love all sports, but I especially love the ones where men slam into each other in a fit of brute strength. *sigh*