Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Couple things

I was surpised to see that people didn't run screaming from yesterdays post. In fact some of your comments made me feel like hell maybe I am normal.
One of you asked how old I was. I am 42. A fact that stupid facebook seems determined to remind me of every single day on the ads.
42 year old woman get free Uggs. umm no
42 year old woman get free this or that. Dude QUIT telling me how old I am.
old women smoke Pictures, Images and Photos
oooo sorry tangent LMAO!

And I have to agree with the stupid hair that now grows on your face comment. My face is NOT the place for random black hairs to start sprouting ok. And they freaking have babies. I hate them. I don't want to look like a damn man. And why do they have to seem to suddenly appear. I know I look at myself every day so how in the hell did that hair get to be almost a half an inch long?
I figure pretty soon this will be me only with black facial hair.

I even got a new person who posted. Love that. Now if I can find the time today to go read people that would be great.
It is garbage day. That means four million chores today. Why there are so many on garbage day I have no idea. And I had the stupid grand idea to wash all the bedding today.

Not mine thank god lol

OH!!! Let me tell you a little something that has me so excited I could pee my pants. LOST IS COMING BACK ON!!!

What seems like 4000 years ago I saw a commercial for a new show. It had a plane crash on a island inhabited by a monster. I thought WOO FREAKING HOOO monster!! And I tuned in.

Who knew that all these years later I would be getting ready to watch the last season.

As big of a love affair as I have with this show I also have a hate affair. I am more then ready for it to be over while at the same time very sad that it is ending. I blame the long waiting periods between shows and seasons for my ready to be over feelings. Don't get me wrong... the love is still fresh too.

I will say this... if this show ends with everyone getting off the plane in LA like none of this ever happened or if it ends by the plane crashing on the island and the whole thing starts over again due to a time flip I might throw the remote through the tv.

Lost brought me together with my best friend too.

How can you not like something like that?

Anywhooooo time to make some spaghetti sauce for dinner in while.


  1. YAY! you got a new poster! that's great. I have never been able to get into Lost. My bestie LOVES it. Don't call her tonight! Enjoy

  2. Hiiii Jody!!! :) I was into Lost the firt year or two. After that... well.. I became lost to Lost!

    I get the same ads on my facebook. 38 year olds get free Wii's! Ya right.

  3. :-) ... Lost is quite confusing, gave up after the first few episodes.

    Good luck with your chores.


  4. I hide my chores under giant blankets. It works until I lose my kid. Then I have to clean everything and start over again. I should invest in some sort of vaccum system. I just turn on the vaccum and everything on the floor disappears and is immediately replaced with clean things placed in their proper compartments.

    I Love your blog btw.

  5. omg, if Lost was all one big dream sequence I might kill someone!

  6. And here I thought, "Wow! What a coincidence that 34 year old males get ______. I'm a 34 year old male. Maybe I should get one of those." Now you tell me it's a ploy? I'm so dissapointed! :)

    I wrote a whole comment for you about Lost and then realized that instead of posting a freaking Novella on your comments page, I should just post a blog entry about it so you'll see it there shortly. :)