Monday, January 18, 2010

My god I needed that weekend!

Friday when the honey got home he surprised me by saying he was going up to spend the night with his duck hunting buddies. I knew he was going duck hunting and that he might go up on Friday but he never let me know that it was reality until he got home.
As he packed up I could feel my insides doing a little jig. Home alone! How sweet. I am never home alone!
I let my friend Sazy know and we decided to go out to dinner. She had gotten some gift cards for outback steakhouse for Christmas and so off to Outback we went. We had to wait almost 45 minutes to get seated. By that time we were freaking STARVING to death lol.
We sat down and decided on our meal. Since the person who had given her the gift cards only does the best we decided to honor her by doing the same. We ordered with our empty stomach.
Crab stuffed shrimp to start with. Two bowls of soup, Steak and potatoes, Rack of baby back ribs and a side of king crab legs.
We scarfed down the shrimp and bread.
We wolfed down the soup.. and then noticed that we were kind of full.
Then the dinner came. The giant giant plates of dinner. We ate all of it. Groaning in agony towards the end. We were so full our eyes were crossing.
Then we had to stand up. I thought for sure that the food would settle but instead it seemed to expand.
Both of us were in pain. And we both went into some kind of food trance. We started to laugh on the way home. And laugh. And laugh until tears were coming out of our eyes.
I had grand plans of watching tv as late as I wanted. Of playing on the computer as late as I wanted. All without someone having a fit because I was doing so. But when I arrived home... UGH.
I played on the computer for a bit. I watched tv for a bit and then all I wanted to do was go to sleep. So much for my night alone LMAO!

The next day Sazy came over around 11am and we set off for our day of fun. We started at the bowling alley. Now neither Sazy or I have bowled in many many many years so we pretty much had no idea what we were doing. But we bowled two games and had a great time. I won one and she won one. And we both each got a strike. Woo hooo us!!
The next stop was a free museum that we hadn't been to yet. It was a nice museum but very forgettable art. There was an entire room of paintings by a guy who obviously loved row boats. We would stop in front of each of the abstract paintings and tell each other what we saw in them. This caused quite a bit of laughter too.
As we reached the end of the museum we saw the door to the bathroom down this hallway that ended in closed double doors. I started to go into the bathroom when Sazy says.... "Um there is a naked woman in there"
I looked at her and walked back to the door. Sure enough through the slit between the two doors I could see a woman standing there fully naked. It had to be an art class. This set Sazy and I off on a conversation about whether or not we could stand there naked in front of a room of random people.
The answer is no. No way would I stand there with my 42 year old droopy breasts and my pudgy belly hanging out for all to see.
When we were done we noticed we had a lot of time still. We decided to look up another museum. We found one that had a Picasso. A real Picasso. Neither one of us had ever seen one in person so we figured why not.
After a brief lunch we headed inside. It was fairly small and not very well watched. That is a disaster when they let in two people like Sazy and I who have a tendency to want to touch things.
The first room was all abstract. The second room was pretty much the same. Although there was a ceramic warthog that both Sazy and I stopped to look at. We found ourselves walking around the back of it to look at the ass at exactly the same time lol.
The next room had the Picasso. The incredibly boring Picasso picture and a ceramic plate he had made. But we saw a Picasso.
We head upstairs and on the way up I told Sazy that we had to touch the Picasso. When in our lifetime will we ever get that chance again. She totally agreed. So we looked around upstairs. Then we headed to the last area of the museum which was downstairs.
This area was wonderful. It had native American artifacts, religious artifacts and a hodge podge of other stuff. We wandered through the area. I stuck my head into a reed hut. I opened a drawer on a commode from way back when. We pretty much did everything we weren't suppose to do.
We did see a painting of a woman that the artist gave her a pretty hefty mustache. Poor lady.
Then we headed back upstairs to touch that Picasso. And we did. And we both laughed and laughed and enjoyed every damn moment of it. How many people can say they touched a Picasso (even if it was under glass)
Again we had a little bit of time left and somehow we ended up in this neighborhood that was filled with old Victorian houses. We drove around ooooing and awwwing for a while before we noticed that we were by the old cemetery where my grandmother was buried.
So we went inside and said hello to my grandmother and great grandmother. Then we proceeded to explore the old stones. And there were some doozies. Some incredibly stunning stones and monuments. Some sad baby stones and some beautiful carving work.
After that we headed for home.
By the end of that day I was feeling so much better. Revived and peaceful.
I needed that so bad.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you had a good time.