Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Days 7 - 10 (sorry I was lost in dial up land)

Day 7 ... at sea

About now I have totally gotten myself confused. I have no idea what so ever what day it is. Monday? Wednesday? No clue. I do know it is day 7 because my notes say it is lol.
We ended up getting a note in our room letting us know that we will all be getting a $150 OBC per person and 10% off of our next cruise if we book one by 2011. Not to shabby but I would have loved to seen the fjord instead.
I was totally thrilled when I found out the on board credit counted towards everything. Tips, Excursions, drinks, store purchases. We had been thinking we were going to have to go on a drinking binge in order to use up the credit lol. mmmm champagne... ahem
We decided today was a lazy day. We laid on deck and watched Yes man. We drank and ate and were generally slugs. It felt great.
That evening at dinner we all shared stories of our day in Haines since we had skipped dinner to be on the excursion. We laughed and laughed at how stupid we were to go on the same exursion twice. I tried cucumber soup. Don't try cucumber soup. YUCK. It was like they ground up a cucumber and mixed it with a glass of milk and stuck it in the freezer for a while. Nasty.
At dinner a lot of the tablemates found out we were all going to a comedy show that night. We left dinner and got a giant group of seats together. By this point I think our tablemates are wonderful.
We all grabbed a drink and waited for the comedian. He was awful. So awful that you had to laugh at how totally bad he was. Our group kept looking at each other and starting to giggle at totally inappropriate times. Oh it was bad.
After that we called it a night.

Told you this was a lazy day lol.

Day 8... at sea
After a breakfast at the buffet we decided it was time to do a few ship activities. So we grabbed the paper and looked down the list to find out what we wanted to do. The first thing we came across was a tv theme game. I figured I would kick some serious butt at this since I am a tvaholic.
The minute they started playing the theme songs I totally blanked. Seriously the first song was the theme to I love Lucy and I just sat there with my mouth open and my eyes glazed. No clue what so ever. And I have watched that show a million times. It was familiar but my brain just never put two and two together. The honey however didn't have that problem. He would write down the name of the show and I would look at it and go OH YAH. I felt stupid lol.
We ended up getting 14 out of 20 right and I didn't answer a single question. Not one measly little question. Big help I was!
We wandered around the boat a while and grabbed an ice cream cone. Those things were yummy. mmmmmmm
At dinner we all talked about the excursions we were going to do in Victoria and found that all most all of us were going to see the comedian that night. We decided to go together.
This comedian was so freaking funny. We laughed and laughed and drank and drank. I love that if you order champagne they give you this little bottle that is two glasses.
Guess who drank just a tad bit to much and was tipsy. Yup that would be me.
When the lights came up from the super funny comedian I turned around and there was the unfunny comedian from the first night sitting at the bar with a big old brandy in his hand. I felt like I could read his mind. "stupid funny comedian... I'll show you....gulp" LMAO!
After the comedian there was a word game where you had to get in a group of six people and create a team name. Since we were all still sitting there we became a group. Of course they nominated me to go up and let them know we were a team. Seems like when ever there was something to do or ask for I was the one who would do it lol
I went up and named our group the tablemates. We all had a good laugh about that. Then the game started. There were 4 crew members sitting on the stage and they would give them a word to define. Three would lie and one would tell the truth. We had to figure out which one was telling the truth.
Again we sucked. We did not get one right. We laughed and laughed and talked about what a horrible team we were. They gave us 10 mercy points. *snort
Since we had to be up to go to our excursion in Victoria fairly early we called it a night.

Day 9... Victoria BC
Today I was so darn excited. We were off to the butterfly garden and then to Buchard garden. I was more excited about the butterflies then anything else.
We got up fairly early and went up for breakfast. We looked over the side of the ship and thought what in the heck. We sure aren't in Alaska anymore.
It was a giant parking lot and a bunch of sea type junk laying around. A pretty big disappointment. But we were going to somewhere pretty!
We hopped on the bus and started off towards the butterfly garden and our guide says "since the garden doesn't open until 9 we will be stopping at this old hotel to take pictures for a while". Ummm if the darn garden doesn't open until 9 why in the heck did the excursion start at 8:25? We walked around this hotel that had ivy growing up the sides. It was really pretty but we were in the middle of a city. Not what we expected. There was a pretty marina across the way but it just seemed a odd place to stop.
Finally we got back in the bus and away we went to the butterfly garden. We walked through the doors and it was humid but it was like walking into another world. Hundreds of butterflies were flying around everywhere. There was lush foliage everywhere. Multiple colors flew by. It was breathtaking.
We walked around a bit taking pictures of all the different type of butterflies we came across. At one point on landed on the honeys head. I tried to get the camera but it flew away to quickly. We saw button quail and these HUGE moths. They live as a pupa for 5 years only to come out and die in three days. They were bigger then the honeys hand.
They had flamingos in a pond in the middle.
I cannot describe the feeling you get walking through this area with butterflies flying everywhere. It was wonderful and something I had never before felt.
We came around a corner and there was this long beaked black bird that stood about as high as a house cat. The honey walked over to take it's picture but that bird had different ideas. First it stuck its beak into his sock, then his shoe, then his sock, back to the shoe and finally pecked his leg. We were cracking up by this point. That bird would not leave him alone. It wanted nothing to do with me but it was totally in love with him. We took a video of that.
We must have stayed with that bird exploring his feet for around 10 minutes before we decided it was time to go. That was the point the bird jumped on top of his shoe, fluffed up to twice his size and started making a really strange hrrrrrggtgggghhh noise. That darn bird was raping his shoe!!! Now we were really cracking up. He shook the bird off of his foot and we continued on.
A giant blue butterfly the size of my hand landed on my chest. We got some great pictures of it and some crazy looking white caterpillars.
To soon it was time to get back in the bus and go to the garden. If you ever get a chance to go to a butterfly garden go. Seriously!
We go to the Buchard (sp?) gardens and again walked our feet to stubs. There was an Italian garden, japanese garden, sunken garden, rose garden and bog garden. Truly incredible how they were able to make it just so perfect in there. The only problem was it was packed to the gills with people. So many people that irritation began to set in a bit. People seem ruder there. Imagine standing in front of a statue looking at it and having someone come stand directly in front of you. Did they not see me? I mean I know I am short but geez I am not that freaking short. Boooo hissssss rude people.
After what seemed like hours on my feet we went back to the bus and back to the ship. Tonight was formal night and we had devised a plan for the honey. He was going to wear a pair of nice pants and a nice shirt. If they didn't like it to freaking bad. I wanted a formal night!
So I put on my dress again..hmmmm little tighter this time... to many desserts.
We tromp on up to the dinner and everyone looked so darn nice. A woman came by and took two pictures of each of us. Later when we went to go see the pictures you could see my bra connection between my boobs. I knew it had a lot of cleavage but MY goodness that is a bit much since the stupid bra almost went to my belly button. At least the other picture didn't show that. I do have to wonder though how long that showed!
My table mates did make lots of ooo la la comments though lol.
When dinner was over we ran as fast as we could back to our room to change. We are so not formal people and we felt like trussed turkeys all through dinner.
We walked the ship and tried the casino for a few minutes. I was still bummed out at the lack of machines. After that it was off to bed. Tomorrow was our last day at sea.

Day sea

So today was our final day on board. Man how did the time pass so quickly. I remember around the third day wondering if the honey was going to be able to handle being at sea for so long but here we are at the end. Sad!
We started out the day with some breakfast and decided we might as well pack after. I am not sure if any of you have been in a inside cabin but man is it small when two people plus what seems to be 4000 suitcases are in that same area. We must have bumped into each other a hundred times before I lost it a bit. I told the honey put dirty clothes on this side of the bed and clean on the other. After he put them on the bed I told him to sit down and do not move. I then proceeded to pack everything without having to smash him over the head with a suitcase.
Funny thing here. When we arrived on the ship our suitcases were packed to the gills. And we bought a ton of stuff in port. I was a little nervous But when I finished packing we had a empty suitcase!
Yes! I am a miracle packer. *flexes muscles*
We decided to take a walk up to the front of the ship. I grabbed a cup of coffee right before we went around the little dividers. As soon as we passed the first one the wind started blowing. When we passed the second one it really started to blow. When we reached the front of the ship we were laughing at how the coffee was blowing out of my cup due to the wind. Well I was laughing until I looked down and saw my cup was empty and I was covered in coffee spots. Stupid wind lol
We ate yet more ice cream and went up to our final dinner with our tablemates. I have to admit that I was kind of sad that this was our last dinner. I got attached to them all and I am going to actually miss them. I wish I would have gotten their addresses so I could send cards.
When dinner was over there was a lot of hugging and kisses on the cheeks. My eyes filled up with water and I think I looked like a goon. After all who becomes so attached after 10 days. That would be me.
We decided we were going to go see Star Trek but were 15 minutes late to the show and decided to go see Larry the piano guy in the vista lounge. Normally he was in the martini bar. We should have skipped it. Not as funny. But I could see our tablemates on the other side of the room. sigh.
It was then bedtime and time to mentally prepare myself to leave this vacation. I was kind of sad.

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