Monday, August 17, 2009

More rants.

So yesterday I go to the grocery store. It is funny how once you no longer have a job things aren't necessary anymore. But during this store run there was a woman wearing short shorts and a vest that barely covered her boobs. For a second there I just stared. Who wears short shorts and a barely there top to the grocery store in the middle of the day. Did she not realize that she looked like a hooker? Just because you have a rocking body does not mean that you have to dress like you cost money.
Did she not check the mirror on the way out? Did she think this was appropriate Sunday grocery shopping attire? I just don't get it. She wasn't a teenager either. This was a full grown woman dressed like a slut. In the Grocery Store. Now we are not in a "hooker" neighborhood so this was not normal.
I am not a prude. I am all for rocking what you have but I believe there is a time and a place for clothes like that. A concert maybe. A day at the beach. Anything but the grocery store.

Rant number two.
Who came up with cougar to describe a woman? I would like to kick their ass. I can't believe how horrible that makes women sound. Where is the word for men that means the same thing as cougar? That's right... there isn't one.
I overheard a group at the sushi place I went to the other day. It was a young man, his girlfriend and a older woman coworker (yes I learned this listening in lol) The younger woman had set up the older womans cubicle for her birthday. Did she set up happy birthday balloons and streamers? Nope. She set up cougar stuff. The younger woman found this so damn funny. While the older woman you could see was doing everything in her power not to let the young idiot know she had hurt her feelings by showing her entire office her cougar status decorations.
Just because a woman is over 40 (or younger for that matter) and single does not make her a cougar. What a crock of shit that is. It seriously pisses me off. We as women are not on the prowl. Some of us are sure but not every single woman who now has a title. UGH. My god how rude of that idiot to put up cougar decorations. All I can say is I hope it bites her in the ass when she is older.

The job hunt....
Well I have put out a few resumes. Now I get to wait for the phone calls that probably won't come. I know I know too negative. Sigh.

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