Monday, August 31, 2009

No, I am not a gun nut.

Yesterday I went to the rifle range with the honey. It is getting close to deer season and he is a hunter.

Let me just take a moment to say BLICK! Killing things is BAD!!!! Ahem....

Anywhooo... we take off to the rifle range to shoot clays with the shotgun and shoot a few other guns just for the heck of it.
Shooting clays is fun. You stick that little orange puck thing on the ummm I have no idea what the thing is called... But you stick it on this thingy that when you step on a latch sends the orange puck soaring in the air so you can shoot it. Then you aim the shotgun as best you can and try to kill the thing that doesn't die if you shoot it. Perfect! I am not the worlds greatest shotgun shooter. But I did hit a few of those pucks. It kind of gives you a thrill and a giant bruise on your boob.

Next we went over and set up some water bottles in a range. We got to shoot these things and that to me was more fun then the pucks. The pucks just shatter but the bottles... filled with water.... they explode LMAO!!!

I have decided I need one of these.

Yes in pink too. Why? Because it is surely going to piss some total gun nut off. I could just see it.

Mr. Gun Nut... "Oh looky, here comes a girly to shoot" "Bet she has a pansy 22 caliber"

Me... pulls out pink AR15 from rifle case

Mr. Gun Nut... "Wait.. No... That is not!... Is it?... No... Can't be... OMFG that girly has a pink AR15!"

Me... Points and shoots pink AR15

Mr. Gun Nut.... "Stupid girl ruins a perfectly good gun. I think my balls fell off."

LMAO!!!!!!!! Well at least that is how I see it in my head.

I will say though that I have noticed a large difference in the rifle range. See we have been going for years. We drive up on a weekend and pull into our space and set up. But within the last year or so there is a change. It happened fairly slowly but it is blatant now. Very Very blatant.
Gun ownership/practice is growing.
When we first started going there would be about 5 or so other groups of people around the range. You could park anywhere. No waiting at all. The beginning of last year the range was getting full.
Yesterday was wild. That range was packed. Every station was filled. The variety of guns was staggering. And it wasn't just single people. It was fathers and sons. Grandfathers and families. Groups of young men. Some women. (we seem to be the minority)It feels like people are afraid.
Things are changing. Seriously. I think this current leader has scared a large portion of the public into making sure their right to bare arms stays.
You know, me too. I am all for LEGAL firearms. I don't think we need automatic weapons. But I do think we should have the right to a gun. As long as we follow the law that is.


  1. lmao! i dont think i agree with you but your blog made me giggle :)

  2. Pardon me, are these your balls? LOL

  3. I dont like guns, but that one is HOT!