Thursday, August 27, 2009

My animals are making me nuts part 2

Today I am doing the writing workshop from Mama Kats. In fact one of my posts was one of the promts this week. For some reason that made me feel like a real blogger lol. So Thank you Mama Kat and if I had a freaking clue how to do a link thing I would!! But let's at least try this....

Yesterday I am sweeping the floor. As normal I leave a little pile of dirt and fur in each room so I can go back with the dustpan and pick them up.

Let me just quickly explain here that I have two indoor cats and two giant indoor/outdoor dogs. One dog and one cat are white and shed like mad. In fact they shed so much that I get tumbleweeds that blow across my wood floor within a day.
There are times I swear I could build another cat or dog from all the fur they leave around the house.... Anywooo...

Yesterday I was sweeping the hallway and living room. This seems to be where all the hair tumbles to. It is like a regular hair party in that darn room. And I have created a pretty huge pile of hair, dust and random dirt. I move on to the last room I have to sweep which is the connecting kitchen.

In the mean time....

I have this beautiful long haired white cat, Yeti. Really, she is a stunning cat. A giant pain in the rear end pesty cat. A follow you where ever you go pesty cat. But I love her anyway lol.
Yeti has been following me from room to room as I sweep. Except she is not in the kitchen.
As soon as this dawns on me I walk into the living room to find her.

I think my eyeballs bugged out of my head. That stupid cat was rolling in the pile of fur and dirt. With her long hair! She was COVERED in the stuff.


Well yelling her name had the total opposite effect then I wanted it to. That cat jumped up so fast the pile scattered all over the floor and then she took off like a shot down the hallway. (now why she couldn't do this when I TRIED to scare her I have no idea) That stupid cat ran all the way down the hallway onto our bed.

Fur + dirt + Comforter = not fun to clean.

Well I ended up having to clean the stupid hallway and living room again. Along with having to rolly polly the bed.

And you know what.... the whole time I thought of shaving Yeti. Yup, balding my poor cat. Of course if I did that I would have to bald my dog too. Hmmmm


  1. How funny! This is something I can easily seeing my son doing when he was younger. . .maybe he was a cat in another life.

    BTW in order to do a link, type the words you want, highlight them and then look for hyper-link button (usually looks like a world with links in front of it). Hit that put in the web address hit enter and viola!

  2. Having long white hair shedders is a joy. I've given up hope of ever having my black pants hair free again. And Molly (long white haired dog) sheds in clumps this time of year. Can you say everyday vacuuming? I can. I've even contemplated if our ancestors didn't save all the fur and use it for knitting. {*grin*} Who needs sheep and goats when you have long-haired pets?

    But we love them in spite of their hair problems.

  3. you can totally use pet hair to knit. But it's creepy.

    PS. Thanks for coming over. Sorry my blog wasn't funny today. Come back again, I promise to have crated zombie babies.

  4. I only have one cat, but... I HAVE a cat... And hardwood floors... And a litter pan with Scoopable litter...

    I need a Rumba in the worst way, but I think it would LITTERALLY scare my cat to death....

    Hmmm... Yeah, I still need a rumba. ;)

  5. i only have one small dog and I have that damn tumbling fur too. I hate it!