Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some people are just.... not right

So have you heard about the woman who is trying to pay off her mortgage so she is selling her husband's burial site due to the fact that it is above Marilyn Monroe?


Here is the news blurb:
To pay off the mortgage on her Beverly Hills home, Poncher is selling the crypt of her husband, who died in 1986, and will move him to an adjacent crypt intended for her.

The crypt is located on top of Marilyn Monroe's final resting place.

The crypt is located at the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery, home to such celebrities as Dean Martin, James Coburn, Roy Orbison, Truman Capote, Natalie Wood, Carl Wilson, Minnie Riperton and recent arrival Farrah Fawcett.

Well the last sale fell through but they are looking at other offers. She was selling it on Ebay. EBAY!!!!

Now here is my issues on this. And I have a few let me tell you.

1. Who needs money and decides that they are going to sell their loved ones final resting space? No seriously! What kind of person decides that moving their ALL READY BURIED loved one is a good way to make money? What kind of person looks at their loved ones final resting space as a way to make money? I hope I never get buried next to someone famous so that instead of coming to visit my remains people see me as a way to make some quick cash.

2. The man is ALL READY BURIED THERE!! This "wife" is going to remove her husband's decomposing body out of his grave and move him over. Do we all get that in our head? She is going to move her husband from where he was laid to rest to somewhere else. Did she not ever hear the phrase "Final resting place"
How soon before they start paying off families to "move" the bones of those loved ones who were buried at least a hundred years before our time to make room for new people? How many people will take a cash settlement to move Great great great great great grandma Mabel?

I have more but let's just leave it at the top two lol.

Have we lost all respect for our loved ones? A lot of people I talk to think it is fine to move him. I swear to you my skin just starts crawling when I think of the disrespect given this poor man. Yes, I know he is dead but I was taught to respect the dead. Selling his crypt and moving his body does not sound like respect to me.

I hate greedy people. I just honestly can't even imagine going to visit a loved one's grave and seeing it as a money opportunity. What kind of person does that?


  1. Great post! I was surprised when I saw this on TV. I'm glad to read someones opinions on this. I might do this, if I really needed to and had a lot of resentment for my husband. I think his decision to be buried upside down on top of Marilyn Monroe would have mad his wife angry. I would have been. Just for that reason, I might sell it. :)

  2. John would KILL to be this close to MM!! He LOVES HER. Just had to share that. :)


  3. Really?? She is selling it?? He is upside down?? What is wrong with these people?? Are they mad??

  4. Maybe he was a lousy husband. Notice she is moving him into her spot next door, instead of selling both and getting two new ones together somewhere else.

  5. maybe marcy's right...i mean if he was a great husband he should have left her enough life insurance to pay off the house before he croaked.

    i agree its sad though. happens all the time here. people start to build and find an indian grave/mound. move the bodies and keep digging. :(