Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi Honey I'm Home!!

I thought I would update you all about my cruise to Alaska. Might take a few days lol.

Day one.....
After a drive from hell through San Francisco we finally saw the ship in the distance. We pulled up to the front of the pier and it was HURRY UP QUICK Move the suitcase run UGH... Bye Saz.....Sheesh. Poor Saz.
We dropped our carry on's off and went up and had a quick lunch. We grabbed our camera from the room and went to the top deck where we waited to shove off and go under the golden gate bridge. As soon as the ship started to move I grabbed myself a HUGE pina colada and settled myself on the railing to watch Alcatraz go by. A picture dude came by and took our picture with Alcatraz in the background. It was totally freezing to death as I stood there with my foo foo drink.
As we got to the bridge people were standing on it waving goodbye to us. You should have seen the ship full of people waving back to the people on the bridge. It was fun. In the back ground a band was playing happy music and people were dancing. Did I mention that I was freezing to death?
As we passed under the bridge the ship honked it's horn. Its incredibly loud OMG I almost peed my pants loud. I laughed my ass off.
We went back to the room and put all of our 5 bags of luggage (plus 2 carry ons) away. We then went exploring for a while. Very pretty ship.
At 5 we went back to the room to get ready for dinner at 5:30. We sat down at our table and waited to see who would join us. We had requested a table for 4 but got one for 10. The first couple was this little tiny full of life older couple Ruth and Joe. The second couple was very quiet and didn't seem to happy. (Joanne and Tom) The third couple was another older couple (heck they were all in their 60's or 70's. (Kathleen and Ed) The last couple was a very pretty woman who walked up with a combo Kramer/Al Bundy man. He was completely pissed off that he did not have a table for 6 and stormed off to give the waiter a piece of his mind. (Al and Barbara) Mr. hello and I looked at each other and thought oh great.
As we sat there the boat started to rock and roll a bit. I could feel my head swim every time it moved up or down. I was super worried that I was going to end up sea sick it was moving so bad. Another lady (al bundy/kramer's wife Barbara) and I kept looking at each other like UGH.
I decided on this trip I was going to try all new things to eat regardless of if it sounded like something I liked or not. After all I could send it back if I wanted to so why not!
After dinner we walked around a bit more and I located the smoking areas. By this time the ship was really moving wierdly making my head feel really bizarre and I wanted to go lay down. (around 9:30)
After taking showers in our tiny tiny little room (and yes it was tiny!) we got into bed. Wait I forgot to mention by this point I had to hold myself up in the shower we were moving so much. And I was totally terrified that this was normal for a boat.
When we laid down you could literally see our feet go up above our head and then our head go above our feet. Over and Over and OVER again. I figured this would be the test to see if I got sea sick or not.
Around 2am the boat started rocking worse and we woke up. Side to Side, Up and down, Roll roll roll. We were not able to sleep. But I didn't get sea sick!!!

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  1. Loved our cruise but that sensation once your back on land is awful!!