Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SF and Blogging rules

Well in just a little bit I am off to San Francisco with my best buddy to go see the King Tut show. Along the way we are going to the butterfly garden and look around another museum. She took the day off so we could go play together. Gotta love a good friend like that! More on that adventure tomorrow.

And are there no rules for blogging? I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing and all ready have run across a few questions.

Like... are you not supposed to use names? Why the hell not? It is like reading some criptic story.
I went to the store with L and ran into G who told me that B & R were together.
Well what if you know two B's? Bob and Bill? What then?

If you are blog surfing... not sure that is what they call it or not... but you are looking at random blogs and come across one you enjoy reading.. you comment right? What is the comment line? How much can you say? This person obviously put it out there for the world to see so you can give advice right? Or make some kind of goofy comment right. When do you cross the line from comment giver to ass?
I found a blog I really enjoyed. I started commenting and about the 3rd or 4th comment I started feeling stalkerish. After all this poor person had no idea who I was and here I go blabbing all over the place. I didn't want to make someone uncomfortable so I posted a note. I got a really nice note back that I wasn't a stalker ( I AM NOT A STALKER LMAO!!!) But what if the blogger is not as relaxed as that blogger was. Where is the line. Should I shut up?

How open are you suppose to be? I am a very open person in real life and it only makes sense that I am going to be open in my blog. Is that supposed to be a no no. Isn't that the point of a blog to let it all hang out. I can't change who I am so as my blog name states you are going to have to "Take me as I am"

Anywhoo....I have been applying for jobs. No bites yet. And now... Gotta go to San Francisco now.


  1. some people like to keep their identity secret just in case...well i'm not sure why. privacy, stalkers, etc. :P

    i won't use the peanut butter shipper kids names, since my sister is afraid of on line stalkers. so i just call them the princess and the little man. no one is going to stalk jay, and he asked me to put a link to his blog on my blog, so i'm not going to refer to him as "J".

    re: the comments. i think if you comment on someone regularly and they don't comment back, its probably time to move on. but if you get a back on your page (maybe not every time but occasionally) then its good to go.

    at the end of the day they are putting it out there for the whole world to see. if they don't like you commenting then their blog should be private.

  2. I think Brooke pretty much summed it up. Some people are more concerned about privacy and internet predators than others.

    In my case, with the exception of myself I use only first names and I really don't think my friends and families identities are in any danger from just their first names. (I do use an initial for one friend because she specifically asked me to.)

    As for commenting, I think anybody who says, "I write this blog for me. I don't care if anybody reads it or not" is lying. If you don't care if anybody reads it then why are you putting it on-line? That's what Journals are for. It stands to reason if you want people to read your blog than you also want them to comment back to you.

    I think Brooke's advice is valid. If you don't get responses from the person, it may not be worth your time to comment but I wouldn't worry too much about what people think of your comments.

    I think the only rule to blog commenting is: "Be Nice." Nobody wants someone attacking them for what they write. If you don't like what you read, don't go back, or keep your venom to yourself. Other than that, comment away!

    I hope your museum trips are fun and I hope you get some calls for job interviews soon.

  3. Yes, I second (or third?) what my fellow commenters said. I use mine and my boy's real first names but I dont use anyone else's because I dont know if they would want me to. I just assume that they dont. (except my sisters because they, too, have blogs)

    If you have a public blog, people are going to read it and hopefully comment. Personally I, and I think this stands for most people, LOVE comments. Expecially comments from new people. Comment away, my friend!

  4. I use my real name but I have nicknames for everyone else, because it's my choice to blog, not theirs, so I try to respect their privacy.

    That's not to say I don't post pictures everywhere. Cause I do. :)

    As for commenting, if you find something that interests you go ahead and leave the comment. Typically that person will come by your blog (like I did!) to find out who you are. I've met several cool bloggers that way - they found me first but we're pals now.

  5. I fret about the pictures. I take a buttload of random shots and I have put perfect strangers on the internet. I wonder about the legality of it. Now if I KNOW you, If you are my friend, you better watch out. sleep lightly, and lock the bathroom door.