Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

I feel I should warn you. There are pictures in this which may be disturbing. I feel they are part of my history and yours but you may not want to remember.
I do. I think remembering is very important.

September 11th , 2001

I think my life changed that day. In fact I know it did. Even though I am on the complete opposite coast then the horror that happened. That didn't matter it still touched and ripped at my soul.
I was unemployed at home sleeping when the honey called me. "Get up and turn on the tv"
I did. Half asleep and not understanding why he would want me to turn on the tv. I was greeted by this sight.

There was a point during this that my eyes opened fully and my heart started breaking. A point where I just couldn't not cry. Images of that day are seared into my soul.

Images that are burned into me forever. Something snapped for me. Something took my calm and made me wish for vengence. Without thought for innocent lives. I didn't care. Look at how many innocent lives were just taken.
The people were so.... so very strong. They were walking though horrors I hope none of us ever know. The sounds alone that day had to be horrible. The beeping of the lost firefighters and police. The thuds of the bodies as they hit.
That is one of the most horrifying sounds I have ever heard by the way. And by the time your brain actually connects and you realized what it was, you flinch and weep each time you heard it.
The people were horrifed but my god were they strong.

I have since calmed down a bit. I no longer want vengence without care of innocents but I have not forgotten and never will forget.
We pulled together as a nation. We met our neighbors. We hung flags.

We united in a way I think they didn't expect us to. I am glad.

I made a promise to myself that day I sat outside with the silence. The silence of no planes in the sky. I promised myself not to forget each moment. To keep that feeling and memory alive. To find some way to honor the dead I did not know. And I have honored them. I will continue to honor them. I will not forget them. I feel in my heart that I owe it to them not to forget.

So if you have a second today. Just a moment if you will... take it to think about the loss we had that day. Take it to think about the strength we had that day. Take it to remember the bravery that happened that day. Don't let them fade away into nothing but a textbook blurb.


  1. to me, the people jumping/falling out of the buildings were the hardest images to see. it was amazing how united we were...and how in less than a decade we've managed to become divided again.

  2. You didn't have to be there to be affected. It touched everyone near & far that day.

    I will never forget.

  3. Makes my heart hurt to think of the pain inflicted on that day. :( *sigh*