Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What is my issue with money?

Seriously what the hell is my problem. When I get a paycheck a week I have extra money but if I get a paycheck every two weeks I am dead broke almost 5 days before payday.
Let me give you an example.
At my last job lets pretend I was paid $100 weekly. By the time the next payday came around I could have anywhere from $20 to $40 left over out of that hundred. And I pretty much spent willy nilly.
Unemployment is every two weeks.
So now lets pretend I get $200 for two weeks. Which is the same as I was getting weekly (not really unemployment is less but anyway but this is pretend anyway lol...)
So because I know I have to be incredibly careful with my money I am. Except almost a full week before I get "paid" again I am out of money. Now I know I haven't bought anything extra. I haven't gone on some kind of spending spree. I am doing the same thing as I was doing when I got paid weekly only I am bargain shopping now.
So what in the hell is happening to my money? What am I doing wrong? There is something seriously wrong here. It scares me to run out of cash. I don't want to touch the emergency fund which by the way is a really really really sucky emergency fund. But a week or a few days before "payday" I am broke.
I don't understand this at all.

On the job hunt front I had that phone interview last Friday. I haven't heard back from them. I am not worried about it though since they called me for my interview almost 3 weeks after I applied. Besides I don't want it. I am sending don't call me vibes towards the phone.
But if they do call... and I do go to a interview.. and they want to hire me. I will take the job. In the past week I have read nothing but horror stories regarding the job market in the Bay Area. People who have been out of work for almost a year. People who sent out 2000 resumes and have gotten 20 interviews. It is scary out there and having a job is better then not having a job. So yes... I would take the job even if I think it pays to little.

I am hoping I don't have to make the choice. Although from what I just typed I guess I did all ready make that choice.


  1. You aren't the only one in that boat. When hubby used to get paid once a week it was great. (I've never been paid once a week!) But once he started getting paid twice a week - it was a huge adjustment!! Don't ask me why; I have no clue. It just was. God help us all if ever start to get paid once a month!

  2. This is a little unrelated, but I flew out for in interview once to Alabama. I loved the job, but hated Alabama. I sent do not hire me vibes and they worked! Then I was a little sad that they didnt like me :(

    Good luck with the job - which ever way you want the luck to go ;)

  3. have you tried logging all your purchases? i mostly just use credit cards (and pay them off each month) so i can go back at the end of the month and see what i spent where.

    if your a cash user you could just write it down at the end of every day. that way you could see if there was an unexpected expense (maybe a quarterly bill came due) or just blowing it.

  4. logging your spending will shed a lot of light, as Brooke says. I wish I hadn't done it.