Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess what?

I have a phone interview today! Oh yes I do. Of course this interview is with the one job that I hemmed and hawwed about actually applying for.
Because it pays $4.22 less then my last job an hour. Because it is a lot farther away from my house and gas is expensive.
But... it has some bonuses too. It has a 401k which my last job didn't have. it is in the same field that I love. ummm... that is all I can think of LOL

Anywhoo... the phone interview is today at 4:30. Wish me luck or bad luck depending on if you think I should consider taking this job.
I will say that I feel better just knowing that my resume can suck people into calling me!

Now... for a little bit of my humor which will probably alieanate a few of you. But if you read about who I am you know I have a off sense of humor.
You may need to click on the picture to get the whole effect... stupid picture cutter offer.

Yes I am going to hell for posting this one. But come on it is funny right?

Still going to hell...

This was just funny to me.

And this one.... *snort

hee hee hee

This one though... FUNNY!! Baby goes through tunnel

Ok enough of that. It was just some stuff I found yesterday that had me giggling.

I wonder if offered if I should take that job.... hmmm.... INTERVIEW FIRST sheesh.. Way ahead of myself here. lol



  2. Okay, those last two were a little creepy...