Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Through the ages

You know I as get older I can look back and see better. I can see where things went wrong. Or right. I can see where I should have paid attention. I can see life changing.

For example:

In your 20's

These are the me years. These are the years when you are completely blinded. Where everything is all about you. You are always right.
It is the how good do I look phase. Where you can't see how pretty/fit/sexy you actually are. Where you have to do everything in your power to look better. Even if you end up looking like a stick person.
It is the stage where an older person will try to give you advice and even if it is great advice you really don't listen. Why? Because no one is living your life so they can't possibly have good advice that fits you.
This is the all about me phase. The phase where you blindly go into problems that if you had just taken a step back and actually listened to those older people you would not walk into them.
This is when your friends and most likely yourself get married. When you go to wild parties.
The 20's are all about you baby. You are almost perfect. No one else is.
I wish I could live my 20's over.....

In your 30's

This is where you honestly start coming into your own. Where you start growing up. Where you begin to actively seek out advice from older people because you realize they actually know what they are talking about.
This is where you start planning your life. Where you really want to live. What you really want to do.
This is where major purchases become common place. Should we buy this house? Should we buy this fridge even though it is more expensive and you decide yes. Because quality counts.
This is where all your friends start having babies or have toddlers at home.
This is where people get divorced because they went into a relationship not knowing how to compromise. Or they get bored. Or a partner gets a roving eye.
This is where you realize that having a relationship is actually work. Where you decide if you are willing to work at it. Or if it is just to hard.
This is where long term friends move away and new friends are hard to come by.
I wish I could live my 30's over....

In your 40's

Here is where I am. Yes I am only a few years in but I have learned a few things all ready.
This is where you start worrying about your health more seriously. Where that mole on your arm needs to be looked at by a doctor because you think it is not quite right. Where you have to get yearly tests for things that are seriously scary. Tests like mamograms or prostate exams.
This is where you notice changes in your older relatives. You see them slowing down. Aging more rapidly.
This is where DEATH becomes truly alive. Suddenly people who you have known all your life are dying often. This is where the older generation starts to disappear. This is where some of your older friends may pass away suddenly.
This is where you learn fear.

I wonder what I will learn in the 50's.

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