Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confession, confusion and pain

So first off let me make a confession here. Most of the pictures on this blog are kidnapped from google images. Why you ask? Well it goes like this.

Me: Hey I am so excited about today did we bring the camera?
Best buddy Saz: I thought you brought the camera?
Me: I didn't bring the camera. I thought you were bringing the camera.
Saz: Well, maybe it is in the truck.
Me: Nevermind.. We will remember it next time.

Only next time we don't remember it either. So the pictures you see are what we saw but not from our camera. Well that was a strange sentence wasn't it?

Also today I had to go to an appointment set for me by unemployment. Here it is:

Me: waves to lady to let her know I am here.
Lady: Come in
Lady: you have your passport and drivers license.
Me: Yes. *hands them to lady
Lady: *writes down passport stuff on paper
Lady: Ok that concludes this appointment
Me: What?
Lady: We are done now. Here is a piece of paper that you can look at. Have a nice day.
Me: ummm ok.... *grabs keys and leaves

Want to explain to me how in the hell that is suppose to help me find a job? How do I get that job?

Ever have a day where you are not coordinated? A day where you should not touch anything hot, fragile, important? That was yesterday for me.
First I decided I was hungry and wanted some cup of noodles. Oh shush you know you like cup of noodles!
So I boil a bowl of water in the microwave and get ready to pour it into my soup but instead of going into the cup it pours directly over the back of my hand. OMFG that hurt so bad. Didn't stop me from eating it but damn that hurt.

Then later I pick up a bottle of soda. Only to have it slip out of my hands and slam on the floor. I swear to you I watched that stupid bottle fall in slow motion and waited for the giant plume of soda to coat my kitchen. Thank goodness the bottle didn't pop!

The third thing was just that finishing touch. That thing that made me want to pull the blankets over my head and hide for the rest of the evening was pulling out the garlic bread from the oven.
That damn broiled garlic bread.
I reached in with pot holders on my hands and grabbed the cookie sheet with the bread on it. I put that cookie sheet on two more pot holders on the counter. Sounds good right? I then removed the pot holders from my hand and put them in the drawer. As my head was bent I noticed the stupid regular bread plastic was touching the cookie sheet and beginning to melt. So.... I reach my arm over the cookie sheet to move the bread and WHAM! My arm landed on the side of the cookie sheet and pretty much felt like it caught on fire.
I pulled my arm back and looked in horror at the four inch puffy burn mark on my forearm. It hurt like a damn bitch. I actually got tears in my eyes. I ran it under cold water and sucked it up like a big girl and finished dinner.
Today I have a nice burn that is four inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Oh joy. Do you have any idea how many times a day your forearm touches or leans on something? UGH


  1. Your second sentence made me laugh out loud. For real. My coworker came over to see what was so funny! :D

    Sucks about your arm!

  2. Oh, how I feel your pain...or, at least some of it. I am in a situation of needing a job, but being out of the work force for 29 plus resume must be the topic of much laughter at hiring manager meetings! And I sure hate having days like seems to just never stop, and not a soul understands! Hang in there, and here's to you getting a job!

  3. I know just what you mean. I have days where nothing goes right & I create messes wherever I go. And even on perfectly "normal" days I hit my toes no less than 10 times. Ouch!

    {BTW, I don't find Paula annoying. I reserve that word for Rachel Ray. Like nails on a chalkboard whenever I hear "Yummo" or "EVVO - that's extra virgin olive oil". I scream at the tv - WHAT'S THE POINT OF ABBREVIATING IT IF YOU ARE GOING TO DEFINE IT EVERY SINGLE TIME. You retard! I may or may not have issues.}