Thursday, September 17, 2009

I wish I knew what you were thinking

Have you ever looked at your animal and wondered what the heck was going on in there mind?

I swear my lab barks at anything. I would love to just look at her and ask..."Magpie what in the hell are you barking at? Seriously dude you are staring at a wall and barking. Or a bush that had been in the yard since you have lived her. Or a bug. Please SHUT UP!!"

Bird the German shorthair is just as odd. I would love to ask her a few things too.
"WHY, must you run as fast as you can out into the backyard only to start creeping like you are stalking something? Why can you not look at me directly if you stand on my knees for attention? Why do you run around the yard whining? But you only whine if someone comes outside?"

To the white cat:
"Ok I like sleeping with you but why can't you walk up the side of my bed instead of using me as a walkway? It is really hard to sleep when something walks across your head. And why must you meow the entire time you are walking on me?"

To the grey cat:
"Can you please explain to me why you pick certain days to not use the litterbox? Why you crap on the bathroom rug instead? Or the dog bed? You go in the litter box every other time."

On the job front: Got to get ready for my interview now. Talk to everyone later.


  1. OMG.. your dog sounds like mine.... some nights I will hear him out in the garage barking at the air, i swear!!
    Too funny...

  2. I wonder the same things about my dogs ALLLL the time. Their minds must be going crazy. Here is my version of what I think is happening:
    Jasmine the Pug: Leave me alone so I can sleep or I will bite your leg off.

  3. I swear dogs see ghosts or something.

  4. Animals make you crazy but you still love them!! and fyi..My cat spirit had to have all her teeth taken out becuase she had been neglected for so many years and had gum disease and couldnt eat..she was all bones when i got her..and feeling sick all the time. It was a blessing and now she is a big fatty and eats dry food all the time!!! Thanks for coming by my blog!!

  5. Well, Unknown Mami beat me to it but I was going to say, that, crazy though it may sound, I believe animals can see spirits. Maybe you're Grandmother is stopping by for a visit and the dogs want you to know she's there.

    As for the cats, well... Cats are just mean. :) I have one, so I know whereof I speak. If you're not giving them your undivided attention than you suck and they must do something about it.