Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 things for 09/09/09

For some reason my brain just wasn't in blog mode today but I decided to do something a little different.
I decided to tell you 9 things today in honor of the calendar. Sounds boring right? I hope not lol.

1. Today I found the holy grail of frozen pizzas. It was one of those purchases you get just because it is on sale for a great price and you know there will be a point you just want to nuke something to eat really quickly. I took this out of the box, nuked it and sat down to eat. The first bite had my eyeballs rolling back into my skull and my tastebuds doing a dance of joy. Who knew that you could get a "I just got back from the pizza parlor" pizza taste out of a frozen box pizza! I was seriously shocked at how good this pizza was. So go get one!

2. I am a TVaholic. Ghost hunters, Ghost whisperer, So you think you can dance, Chopped, Iron chef, Warehouse 13, American idol, Lost, Heroes, Deadliest catch are just a few of the shows I like to watch. There are oh so many more!

3. Horror is my thing. There is nothing better then a great horror book or a great horror movie. Now I am not talking about slasher horror. To me that is kind of boring. Jason style horror is dull. I am talking monsters or ghosts or that creepy feeling that crawls up your spine and makes you nervous to go in the dark. I am a member of two horror boards. I am also a member of two horror book of the month clubs. LOVE HORROR.

4. I am also a Bookaholic. There is never a point where I do not have a book I am reading. In fact I make it a point to carry two books with me at all times because you never know when you may finish that first one and I don't want to have to resort to reading the car auto manual....which I have done and it sucks. I would say 80% of my reading material is horror while the other 10% is paranormal romance. Gotta love shapeshifter passion lol

5. I love to cook. Seriously LOVE to cook. And I am pretty damn good at it actually. The problem I have is following recipes. I will print out a recipe, start to make it and decide it needs tweaking. So I tweak it. I can't help myself. I need to put my own twist on what ever I am cooking. And please keep me away from the cooking utensil aisle in the store. I can stand there for an hour and fondle the spoons or shreaders. I love that aisle.

6. The grocery store is my friend. I am not your normal woman. I cannot stand to go clothes shopping. In fact want to see me lose my temper? Take me clothes shopping. But take me to a grocery store and I can spend hours in there. I like to walk up and down each aisle and look at all the unique food items. I have no idea what some of them are so I will read the back and determine if I could use it in some way. I love grocery shopping. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. To bad it is getting so much more expensive lately. Sigh. (((((cereal box))))

7. What in the hell is wrong with the people at Costco? Costco is another place that pushes my limits. It is like a person walks into Costco and suddenly they no longer see any other person in that store. They will walk right in front of you as you look at the 400 pound box of walnuts. They will stop dead in the middle of the row with their cart diagonal so you can't get by. They will go the wrong way. You know that the right hand side goes one way while the left hand side goes the opposite. Why would it be any different in Costco. I hate Costco but they have a great deal on dog and cat food.

8. Halloween... oh sweet wonderful Halloween. My favorite holiday in the whole world. Nothing compares to the decorations. The candy. The one day where you can dress as weird as you want and no one will bat an eye. I have not missed dressing up for Halloween ever in my 41 years of life and do not ever plan on not dressing up. It drives the honey insane because he is very ummm conservative. I love that I can put tombstones in my yard. Spiders and webs outside. Skulls and Skeletons inside. I love the whole feeling of Halloween.
However.... I am really sad for the children now a days. When I was younger we would grab a pillowcase and run our little asses off to fill it with candy. Now we are lucky if we get 5 - 10 kids at our door. I feel like we are ripping the good things about childhood from children. If you don't want them to eat the candy they get buy a bag of candy to replace what they got with. Let them experience the joy of running in a sweaty mask. Going up to doors and saying trick or treat. Let them be children for god sake. And no.. going to the mall is not the same.

9. I hate facebook. I have a facebook page that I want to delete. However when I signed up I added a bunch of friends so now I feel guilty about deleting the page. Which is stupid because I never go there. But still I feel guilty. I really really do hate that facebook page.


  1. OH MY GOD, you are a woman after my own heart... except I like Facebook, lol

    I LOVE reading (and JUST got a bunch of new books to read, Im in heaven!), LOVE horror/ghost stories/etc., HATE clothes shopping, but LOVE grocery shopping (and tend to want to do it when I'm stressed, probably part of my weight problem LOL)

    Ahhh, I love reading things that remind me of myself :)

  2. Oh yeah, and halloween is So my favorite holiday!

  3. You love alot! Halloween around here is never a disappointment, plenty of kids/costumes/candy. Most of the city actually sits on their stoop because there no use trying to go into the house.

    and I also hate facebook. I hate how it is html incompatable. jerks.