Saturday, September 12, 2009

The magazine hunt

I want to get a magazine in the mail once a month. I really want that happy jolt of seeing it and reading it.
However I seem to be in a inbetween thing. I don't have kids. I am older then Cosmo or Glamour magazine. Seriously those two magazines have me rolling my eyes at half the stuff in them.
I don't want a only cooking magazine or gardening or home furnishing. I don't want a cat or dog or fix it up type magazine.
I want a magazine for a woman like me. A long term relationship, no children, homebody who is past the clubbing, seeking a mate, dress in super short cute clothes phase.

So I decided to do a test. I went out in the past week and bought 5 magazines. Ok I borrowed one and had the honey buy me two so in actuality I only bought 3.

I bought "women's" magazines. And I felt old. I felt really old. Like grandma moses buys magazines old. How stupid. But I have only seen these magazines at older relatives house and now here I am... buying them.

I bought the following: Redbook, Better homes and gardens, Woman's day, Family circle and Ladies home journal.

See why I feel old. Sigh....

I have read the Better Homes and Gardens. That is not the kind of magazine I am looking for. It did have a few good recipes but it was mostly furniture and plants. Not what I was looking for.

I read the Redbook. This one has the most potential so far. It had advice and cute articles. A little clothes. A little furniture. A story. Recipes. It wasn't bad at all.

I still have to read Ladies home journal, family circle and Woman's day.

Anyone else got any advice on what magazines are good? The kid across the street is doing a magazine drive for her school and I told her to come on Monday and I would order one. Hopefully one of these are IT. If not that Redbook was pretty darn good.


  1. My all time favorite is Real Simple. Decorating tips, recipes, etc. Defintely not old lady material and young clubbing type material. It's the only magazine I have delivered.

  2. National Geographic was the bomb. Grandma got it. It's not just critters and starving people. It had a ton of stuff in it. I had forgotten all about that...

  3. I agree with National Geographic - I love that stuff