Monday, September 28, 2009

I am ready for some me time here

You know having grandma here is wonderful. Spending time together makes me happy. But add a bit of pms and a whole bunch of "everything is sooooo different now" and I am ready for a break.
I truly hope as I get older I don't give myself permission to complain about everything from streets to buildings to food to seatbelts. I have noticed this in my dad and in my grandmother. It is actually to the point where I am kind of losing it a bit. I know I like to have a bitch fest every once in a while. But every day? Constantly? About drawing a wild card in a game where wild cards are the holy grail? UGH!!!
And you know I have a schedule at home. Things I do. With grandma here everything is off kilter.

WOW now I am the complainer! Hangs head in shame.

I guess I just need some time to myself. The honey is not used to having someone else in the house either so he is more irritable too.
I want to just be by myself for a hour or two. Or a day or so.
Wouldn't that be nice. All alone in some hotel somewhere with no one bothering you. Room service and a great book and a great view? I really need that. To bad it is not going to happen.

Anywhooooo..... Yesterday we took grandma to Monterey to see the pier and walk on the beach. It was the first time in a long time that I found myself playing in waves and listening to them roar in. I missed it I think.

Hmmmm maybe a hotel on the beach.......


  1. A hotel on the is a wonderful idea!!

  2. A hotel on a beach sounds fabulous!

    Hang in there. How long is Grandma staying?

  3. Sounds lovely... i want a hotel on the beach!