Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apple Hill

Sorry about the skipped day. I wasn't feeling the best.

The next morning Sazy and I got ready to go up to Apple Hill and look at some crafts. I was hoping to find some Christmas presents to give out to people. When we were ready to go the wind was blowing like crazy and I asked Grandma if she was ready. Turns out she didn't want to go.
This kind of freaked me out again. In the 20 years she has lived up there she has never let me go to Apple Hill without her. She said it was to cold. I hate that my grandmother is slowing down. It scares me to death.
So Sazy and I hopped in the car and drove up the mountain. We stopped at the first location and walked around looking at crafty stuff and I eyeballed all the caramel apples. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM caramel apples. We didn't find anything we wanted and the line for food was to long so we decided to go to another location to grab a bite to eat.
We drove through the little roads up to a location I know has the best pulled pork sandwiches. Only they were closed. So we ended up at a little pub for lunch. I had a plate of fish and chips and Sazy ended up with a patty melt. Then we walked back outside into the freezing cold to head off to our next location.
We walked around the crafts and still didn't find anything to buy for Christmas. But by now we were pretty well frozen and decided to just get some candy for grandma and my caramel apple and head home.
LOL we ended up at this tiny little super old cemetery. We walked around through the wooden tombstones that you can no longer read. Isn't that sad? I felt bad for the people with no identifying stones. I hope somewhere someone has a record of who these people are. The amount of children under 5 was sad. But when I die... I would like to end up in that kind of cemetery. One that has character.
We got back to grandmas and played cards until almost midnight. We drank champagne and again ended up giggling and chatting until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say we were both pretty tired on the drive home to the bay area.
It was a great trip.

Until the sickness happened. UGH! Poor Sazy got sick too.
And then Dinah my grandmothers dog got hit by a car. She broke her front leg. The person who hit her said they "bumped" her. Hmphhh bumped her so hard that her front leg was dangling back and forth sheesh. People suck sometimes don't they.
Dinah will be getting a cast and hopefully everything will be fine. The vet wanted her to have a specialist look at it which would have cost grandma over $3,000. This was on top of what she had all ready paid this vet. Grandma is going to try to watch Dinah instead. She needs to change the cast around three times. (well the vet does)
The vet said that this option should be fine as long as there is no infection. Dinah may or may not limp.
Poor Dinah....

Ok enough typing for now. I am finally feeling better but my chest hurts now. Fun fun fun.

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  1. omg poor dinah! that is so sad!! why didnt they person that hit her pay the vet bill??