Monday, December 7, 2009


It is freaking Freezing here! Seems like a lot of people are getting snow. Living in California we don't. Sigh. I would love to wake up to a blanket of snow once in a while but the last time it snowed here was 1978. So it looks like my chances of that are small.

I am loving my new kindle. It is so easy to use and very comfortable to hold. I have all ready read one book on it and have purchased two others to read. Two paranormal romances and one zombie book. But I have to finish the paper books that I bought before really using my kindle even though I don't want to lol.

I am really getting frustrated at the lack of job here. Sending out anywhere from one to six resumes a day and not even hearing a peep is making me feel a little inadequate for some reason. The honey says not to worry that I will get a job after the new year but man I am worried. My unemployment will be running out in 4 1/2 more payments and if I don't get an extension I am in a world of trouble. I am not even sure if they are still doing the extensions. The last time I was in this spot they didn't have extensions and the money just stopped. Thankfully in January I can send for my tax refund if I get my W2's in time. That is a little money that will help for sure if there are no extensions.
The honey told me I should start some schooling. I would need something that I could learn in a year. He said he would help with the bills while I went to school. The problem is what in the heck do I go to school for. Any ideas would be great.

My grandmothers dog is doing ok. She has a giant cast on her front leg and needs to be carried out to go potty. Today she got 14 inches of snow so that is probably a pain in the ass. Not to mention the poor dog got diarrhea from the medication. It can't be easy taking care of all that. I am thankful that my uncle is there to help.

I don't have any Christmas items up at all in my house yet. No tree, no nothing. I just don't have the mood for some reason. I need some Christmas cheer.

The honey will not be doing Christmas with me this year. That makes Thanksgiving and Christmas spent apart. It is a strange thing for me. It makes me feel a little sad. He will be going to his family's Christmas party on the 26th instead. I will be at a casino gambling my birthday money on that day since it IS my birthday. Sucky birthday right? At least my buddy Sazy will be with me for Christmas. Last year we had snow. I can wish for that again right?


  1. Jody - keep your chin up; something will happen!! I've been in the same place; and it will happen. No one ever hires before the holidays - it's a well known fact. Just enjoy the time you do have and force yourself to decorate (it'll kinda get you in the mood) and look forward to a brighter new year. I do have one question - why is he going to his family's Christmas party and you aren't?

  2. Because my grandmother lives 3 1/2 hours away and his family lives 10 minutes away.

    I would love to go to his family thing too but no way am I driving on my birthday.

  3. does the kindle have a backlight on it? so you can read in the dark?

    i got married on dec 26th so i will be at red lobster (yes we go there on purpose) its a tradition. long story. We go each year regardless. was one of the best days of my life.

  4. I can't believe this cold! I keep thinking maybe it actually will snow as cold as it feels, especially at night.

    I don't have central heat in my apartment and I'm getting by with minimal use of energy sucking space heaters. The cat is none to happy with me that I won't let him sleep with me at night. I feel bad, but he is not to be trusted so he just has to suffer. (Just not too much, I hope.)

    I'm sorry about the job front, I've been there and I know how much it sucks. Hopefully after the holidays will be better...

  5. Hang in there! The job search is awful, I know. My partner and I never spend holidays together. I've been told this is weird but we live together; we see each other all the time ;)