Friday, December 4, 2009

*\o/* I got a Kindle *\o/*

So I got to open my Christmas gift very early. In my house gifts don't last long. They probably last about 30 minutes at the most before we can't stand it anymore and HAVE to give it to the other person. Needless to say anything that gets shipped for the honey I have sent to my grandmothers house. But anything I pick up at the store ends up given to him.
That is how I got my fancy new wonderful Kindle!

I have been drooling over this device since it first came out. Years now. They finally lowered the price to $259 which had I been employed I would have snapped up in a second. Instead my lovely wonderful honey got it for me for Christmas.

I am not sure how useful this will be for most people but I am a readaholic. I have a book in my hands at all times with a spare nearby in case I run out of book.
I sat down and figured some stuff out....
Ok so I am a little anal and a lot nosy. No laughing

I read a book a day or every two days but I also plan on reading horror "real" books. So let's figure a book every three days.

365/3 = 122 (it is actually 121.6666666 but who cares lol)

So 122 books saves me a dollar a book (again general seems to be more) So $122 in savings for the year.

So in two years the kindle will have paid for itself (minus 15 dollars)
(although I saved $5 on one of the books I ordered last night and $3 on the other so I think the Kindle will end up paying for itself a lot quicker then this estimate)

And I will not have 244 "real" books that get sent to the goodwill or what ever in my house.

And that is being conservative. I have and do read a book a day most days.

I all ready downloaded two books and I have a third that I am going to put on there in a bit.
I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!


  1. I've been curious about those!!! Let me know how it works out-- can you get into a comfortable position while reading it? Does it have a backlight for nighttime reading?

  2. It feels just like a book only a tad better because if you put it down it doesn't close. There is no back light since the technology is to make it look like a real ink book without eye strain. But you can buy a book light. So far I love it :)

  3. HELLO!!! I finally found your blog!! Congrats on the Kindle!! Now listen very closely to me...go to AK now!! Now now now!! Everyone is looking for you! The 1st stocking has been posted!! We neeeeeed you!!


  4. Oooh...I am green with envy. I participate in for now but I have been eyeing the Kindle for awhile. I can't wait to hear your reviews on it!

  5. what did you end up downloading? I used to read like that before I had a baby. Now it takes me the better part of 2 weeks (sometimes longer) to get through a book :(

  6. Congrats... been wanting one myself.

  7. OH! I can't decide between a Kindle and a Sony eReader! I love your savings plan! That logic will definitely help me to justify getting one.

  8. I have been wanting one for awhile but it too expensive for our budget. But seeing your savings makes me think I should save my pennies and get one (or an ereader)!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to get caught up with yours, but had to comment on the Kindle. I got one a couple months ago and I love it too.

    There are many many free books that you can get for it, look around and if you need some direction, give me a shout and I can give you a couple links.