Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow I have been busy!

In the last few days I have sent out all my 30+ Christmas cards. Woo hoo me!
I have went Christmas shopping and got almost all the shopping done. Out of 22 people I have 4 left!! Finally!
The only things I have left to do is buy 4 more gifts, wrap all the presents and decorate my house.
But I am having issues with that last thing. I just can't seem to get motivated to do it. I don't have a tree yet which is really strange since I normally have it the first of December. I haven't pulled out any of the Christmas boxes. I haven't done anything at all. NOTHING.
And to be honest I am not sure I am going to. I don't know why. I just don't feel Christmas this year except as a chore. :(
I think a tree would be the push I need but going to get one. Not in the mood. Anyone want to drop one on my porch for me LMAO!!!

I am proud though that I managed my money enough to actually buy gifts. And the honey said he would pay the PG&E and the Internet/phone bill this month so that should be half of the money for the gifts. Everyone is going to get something a little smaller this year and mostly functional. Like I got my mother and stepfather a coffee pot and a bag of coffee. I feel like a cheap asshole but man it is what I can afford. I know people will understand that but inside myself I feel bad. I hope they need a coffee pot LMAO. Well at any rate I know at one point they will because they drink coffee every day all day long. So at some point the gift will be handy. I wonder if I should get them filters too.... hmmmmm

I need to start commenting on your blogs. I haven't all last week which again made me feel guilty.

Seeing a pattern here people? My mother taught me guilt well and it has stuck with me.

OMG is it really only 11 days until Christmas! I just counted on my calendar and almost had a freaking heart attack! That means it is 12 days until I am 42 BLICK

Hmmmmm 11 days until Christmas do I really need a tree and decorations?

Well I promised the honey a nice clean house when he came home and so far I have done nothing but write a blog and play on the Internet so I have to get busy.

11 days... man I am freaking out.


  1. Ack! 11 days...and I'm still not done shopping, nor have I even started to wrap. Boo.

    Don't feel bad for what you got. It's the thought that counts right? Besides I prefer useful gifts over knickknacks. :)

  2. I always find it interesting when people freak out about "X number of days till Christmas." I don't count it that way. I count paydays until Christmas and therefore, I am already fucked... Well, not really. I went shopping this week-end and bought Christmas and Birthday gifts for Lil'B (His birthday is 12/31) and I bought gifts for my neices in New York. Now it's just a matter of sending them, but my sister and her family will be traveling all next week and won't be home to receive packages, so there's no rush on that.

    I still want to get something else for Lil'B's birthday. What I got so far is a $4.00 puzzle, but I've got time (and another payday) for that and his Christmas gift is gonna be perfect... (I hope)

    The adults in my life will just have to wait. AND LIKE IT! :)

    With 11 days left, I say, skip the tree and just decorate the house. Get crafty and put ornaments in a bowl on the coffee table and setting decorative things on the mantle piece (if you have one)or bookcase, stuff like that. Don't make it too hard on yourself.

  3. Jody - don't stress yourself (yeah, I know-look who is the pot calling the kettle black!). You've got plenty done - if you don't have a tree - so what. If you want one there's still time. And as for the gifts - well done. I, too, prefer useful gifts. 'Cause, really? What am I going to do with another trinket (unless it's made of diamonds, of course!)?

  4. no pressure - but christmas is next week!! :)

    and no one will think that you're a cheap a-hole. you're unemployeed for goodness sake! and 22 people? OMG.

  5. 42 years of wisdom and experience! And you're not a cheap asshole! It's thoughtful for you to buy gifts when money is so tough to come by (speaking from my own situation). This year, my time and presence will have to be gift enough. ;)