Tuesday, December 1, 2009

41 turns into 14

Along the drive to pick up Sazy from the train station in Sacramento I pulled one of my famous side trips.
See I have this problem with driving straight somewhere. There are sparkly things on the side of the road that draw my attention and make me turn off to go see. I think I picked the sparkly thing up off my mother a bit.
Anywhoooo... there is this fish hatchery that I drive by every time I come home from grandma's. Normally I have the dogs in the car so I can't exactly stop and play tourist. This time I had grandma in the car. She kept telling me no... we have to pick up Sazy... no we don't need to go on another side trip today.. NO NO NO!
As I turned into the fish hatchery.
What? I couldn't stand it... I needed to see the fish lol
All right in Grandma's defense I tend to get into some form of trouble on half of the side trips I take. Like ending up in the middle of the forest on a one lane dirt (mud) road with no idea where I was.. or coming around a death curve only to find myself on a one lane rickety wooden death trap bridge with pieces missing. (That one I actually pulled over after crossing and boo hooed from relief) So I understood the NO NO NO comment but my nature just doesn't let me NOT side trip. I like to go where I don't know where I am and explore.
Anywhoooo..... The fish hatchery. Somehow we arrived right at feeding time. It was incredibly cool. This little go cart with a air blower attached would drive by the multiple ponds and shoot food pellets out of the air blower. As the cart drove by thousands of baby fish would jump and fight for the food. I stood on the side and watched. The cart when by me and ummmmm hey ass you forgot to turn off the blower because I got pelted with a million fish pellets that stung.
They had these fish food stations too. So I grabbed a handful of food and gave half to grandma. It was fun feeding them.
We hopped back in the car a little later then we should have. When all of a sudden all I could smell was fish. Turns out the pellets had some kind of super soaking death fish oil or something in them that melded into your palm and wouldn't come off even after repeated hand wipes. YUCK!!
We got back on the freeway and Sazy called. She had arrived. We were late... oops!!
We picked her up and drove back to grandma's.
That night we went to the casino to meet up with most of my family up there. Lost a bit of money. Nothing like I normally do since I still don't have a job. We played and played and came home around 10pm.
After sitting for a while everyone went to bed. The problem with Sazy and I is we talk to each other. So we laid in the room on our little separate twin beds and yakked our brains out. Before we knew it, it was 3am.
We decided to sneak outside for a smoke. Well we didn't really have to sneak but at 3am anything you do feels like you are sneaking.
So we are standing outside and decide to walk over to the temperature gauge to see how freaking cold it was.
We looked at each other and ran to the porch. Like the damn porch was going to save us lol
We decided to go back inside and try to sleep. Except see we are like 14 year olds when we get together like that. Talk talk talk.
Finally it was lights out.

The end of the trip will be tomorrow. I seem to have caught a bug of some variety and I really really don't feel well.


  1. I love that you like getting lost in new places :) I do that too sometimes. That's how I found that ferndale cemetary years ago. I need to go and "get lost" again soon!!

    A friend of mine works at a fish hatchery and have you seen the fish breeding? Oy. You're right about the STINK!

  2. LOL Pelted with fish pellets....

  3. A rickety wooden bridge with stuff missing? You drove over it? Truly, you have she-balls, on the inside. :)