Monday, November 30, 2009

Well I didn't get to blog but I am HOME!

Turns out I didn't really get a chance to blog over this little mini vacation. Between shopping for food, Cooking, guests, an uncle who is addicted to the computer and dial up that pissed me off I never once even got on my blog.
I was right about the whole aunt flo visit who decided that my driving trip was the perfect time to visit. Joy.
I stopped on the way to grandmas to get a drink and a hamburger at a Jack in the box. (and use the restroom) I placed my order and sat down to wait. It seemed like I had been there a long time. I looked down at the receipt and noticed the time stamp. I then looked up at the clock and went WTF I have been waiting 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES.
Out of no where a monster took over my body. I stormed up to the counter to ask for my money back. I was actually shaking I was so incredibly pissed off. No one was there. I stood there tapping my receipt against the counter with steam flowing out of my ears. It was then the lady walked up with my bag and called my number. I am almost but not really ashamed to say I totally lost my temper at her in front of what felt like a million people. Normally I am a calm anger person. Where I just seethe and walk away mad. This time my mouth spewed. The ladies eyes were huge as I grabbed the bag and walked out the door.
I had ordered two plain hamburgers for the dogs. As I was driving down the freeway I opened the first hamburger on handed only to have lettuce and tomato coated in catsup fall down the front of me. Both hamburgers were not plain.
Needless to say the last half of the trip was driven in fury lol.

I arrived at grandmas and changed clothes and played with her two new kittens. Let me tell you there is nothing more stress relieving then two playful kittens.

The next day the kittens got fixed and we decided to go grocery shopping right before we had to pick them up. I learned that it is not a good thing to shop the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone else is shopping too. Then my grandmother tells me to go to the store next to the grocery store and pick out a shirt. Ummm I don't want a shirt. We have groceries in the car. Warm groceries that include cracked crab doesn't sound good to me. I think I made her mad but at that point I was worried about even standing up. Things were a little strong if you know what I mean.
We picked the kittens up and prepared the stuff that needed to be made the day before.

Thanksgiving I got up early and stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven. I made a million side dishes and waited for guests to arrive. My grandmother took two naps before they did.
I have to admit that kind of scared me a bit. She is really really slowing down. I live in fear that something will happen to her.
The guests arrived and we had about 2 hours before the turkey was done. My cousin walks in with another uncooked turkey. He then announced that he bought a deep fryer and was going out back to cook it.
ummmmmm.... two turkeys??? Really???
Off he went outside and I have to admit it was kind of fun to watch him try to figure out his new toy. And the turkey turned out beautiful and moist.
Did I mention that I cooked a 21 pound turkey myself... and there were only 8 family members at Thanksgiving? Needless to say we ended up with a ton of turkey left overs.
We all played card games.....well they all played and for the first time ever I did not. I sat with my Aunt as she went through pictures to throw away the ones that she didn't know who the people were or landscapes she didn't remember. I ended up with a pile of pictures to bring home of my great grandmother and grandfather as well as some of my dad and grandmother when they were young. She was going to throw them away. WTF.
That night I went to bed around midnight and froze my ass off. My grandmother doesn't really believe in the heater. She says it costs to much but let me tell you when it is frozen and cold I need a heater. But I just shut up and went to bed with my electric blanket.
The damn thing didn't work. So I ended up freezing all night long. In fact when I woke up I was curled in a tiny ball under the covers at the bottom of the bed with goose bumps everywhere.
Sazy was arriving by train so I got myself ready to go pick her up.

The rest of the story tomorrow.... I have to fix the house that the honey broke while I was gone LOL

I hope you all had a great holiday..


  1. Wow! Sounds like quite a trip! Welcome home!

  2. sounds like it was a hectic trip! and AF screws everything up. stupid bitch.