Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

I didn't feel like doing a whole blog post on one subject since several things are running around in my head so here are some random ramblings lol.

First off I know I have posted that my animals are driving me crazy but my cat Yeti (white long fur, too many toes)is turning me into a damn basket case. She follows me.
It is making me insane. If I go into the bathroom but don't shut the door all the way (What? I am home alone lol) she will push the door open and walk on in like she owns it.
If I go into my kitchen she will rub my legs while meowing her brains out.
If I go into the computer room she will jump up and lay across my arms. Do you have any idea how hard it is to type when something is laying on your arms? I have actually taken to putting my entire upper body over the desk space and saying no. She just walks across the keyboard then. ARGHHHHHHHH
If I go in the garage she bolts in there.
If I lay down to watch tv she walks across me. Not around me but across me even going so far as to walk across my face sometimes if I am not fast enough to push her off.
I ... crap here she is on my arms UGH
Today I actually shut the bathroom door with myself inside so she couldn't get to me. And no I didn't need to use the bathroom.
YETI QUIT SNIFFING MY NOSE..... I can't see the damn monitor. OMG THIS CAT.
Deep breath.

I am a complete and utter bitch. No really I must be. See remember how I went to coffee the other day? I really did enjoy it. She was nice and friendly and I need more then one friend right? However... she is making me nutso too.
Ever since we have gone to coffee she has instant messaged me on facebook. Over and over and over again every day. She lets me know she had a coffee that day. Or tells me she talked to someone. Or mentions anything that is on her mind.
I hate instant messaging. HATE IT.
I don't mind it once in a blue moon if it is important but what you cooked for dinner is not important.
And (here is where I really sound like a bitch) the whole "girl" thing is making me crazy.
How to explain this... When she talks to me it goes like this....
"Girl, I totally made chicken for dinner tonight"
"I lost my harvest on farmtown today and Girl I was pissed"
"I went to coffee today. Girl it was so good."
I like her. Really I do but the whole instant messaging and girl thing is making me want to hide. It is horrible.

My friend Sazy and I are going to meet up with another woman and her husband on the 11th. Sazy and I met on a lost board believe it or not. We talked for quite a while before realizing we lived super close to each other. We met and have been best friends ever since. Boonie is another friend from the lost board and she lives in Tennessee. She is coming down here for her anniversary and is going to meet up with us. I am pretty excited about it actually.
Hopefully the nose thing I have going on will be gone by then.
We have all talked for going on almost 6 years now.

This time thing change seems to have been good for me. Since it happened I have been up at 8 and normally showered by 10. Woo hoo me!!! Much better then sleeping in until 9 and showering maybe.

Dear job hunt. YOU SUCK!!! Yesterday I applied for 3 jobs. The day before that I applied for 6 jobs. In fact I am applying willy nilly now. Receptionist.. money is ok I guess... apply. Office manager... apply.... Credit union job.. apply.
Apply apply apply.
Have I heard anything? Not a damn thing. NADA.
In fact where before I used to run to the answering machine to see if I missed a call if I left the house, I don't bother anymore. Why? Because no one is going to call me.
So yes I have reached that point where I no longer believe I am going to get a job.
In fact the honey has told me that I shouldn't expect to be hired until after the new year anyway.
Doesn't stop me from applying though. But now I am kind of laughing at all the applying I am doing.
I should go apply for a doctor position LMAO!!! No, I haven't gone that far yet. I am applying for jobs I am qualified for but being picky has gone out the window.

OMG I am totally addicted to the games on facebook.
Farmville I am on level 23 and love my farm. I love the new kitties.
Cafeworld I am getting a little bored with. I have over a 100 thousand dollars and I have all ready decorated my cafe.
Rollercoaster... same thing. built my park and am a little bored now.
Happy Aquarium is so freaking cute. I really enjoy training the fish.
Mafia wars is kind of boring
Pirates is ok but sort of boring too.
Farm town I can't handle the way you have to harvest and plant. So I just keep animals lol.
Fish world is ok
Island Paradise is really cute and kind of fun.
Fish life has some cute missions but I get a little bored and I hate cleaning the tanks
Lil farm I haven't really gotten into but it has cute graphics. I keep killing farms.
Treasure mania is kind of fun. I like that it has games within the games
Farkle is one of the newest things I have been playing. It is a dice game and pretty fun and frustrating.
I tried Robin hood and was bored.
Fairyland is the newest game I am playing. So far so cute.



  1. I love Mafia wars, farm town, and treasure mania. Farkle is a little too much luck for my liking :D

  2. Holy crap, I didn't know all those games exsisted on facebook! I am a recovering farmville AND farmtown addict. I had to quit. It was taking over my life.

    I love, love, loved your review of SYTYCD this week. You were spot on with every dance (at least in my opinion!)

    Girl! I totally love SYTYCD!

    (lol, sorry, I just had to do it)

  3. That was random all right! LOL I love random :) I don't play any of the FB games. Because I don't want to get sucked in!! LOL