Monday, November 16, 2009

Who me? Sew?

This weekend we moved a large safe into the house. The only area we could find to put it was the back bedroom. The honey wasn't happy about the fact that it was out in the open in the room so he came up with the great idea of me creating a cover for it.
Out of fabric. Kind of a slip over cover that has a "door" on the front so if he wanted to get into it all he has to do is open the "door".
Ok. Fine. A slip over cover for something that is taller then me. With a door. Yup.
Somehow I am suppose to create this thing. I am to go to the fabric store today with the measurements and get cloth cut to fit. Do they cut cloth to fit the pieces I need? I have no idea but I have a sinking feeling that the answer is no and I will have to do the cutting.
Now I have sewn on buttons. I have fixed hems of pants. ummm that's about it.
No wait I did help make a quilt once. 4000 little squares of fabric that needed to be sewed together.... ummm come to think of it the honey's mom did most of that sewing with a actual sewing machine.
I have no idea how to use a sewing machine so this will have to be done by hand.
By me. BY HAND.
I have no clue what so ever how to do this by the way. I figured velcro for the door but the honey feels free to tell me he hates velcro.
How in the hell am I going to make a door without velcro? Buttons? ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!

So I have this project to do. With no clue how to do it. Doesn't that sound fun?


I didn't think so either. I guess I will ask the fabric lady what the heck I am suppose to do. I wonder if I pay her if she will make it for me LMAO!!



  1. Hmmmm, this is one challenging project....Might be easier to wallpaper it!! Ha-Ha. Actually, if it is the height of a table, maybe you could just go buy a tablecloth? Then just raise up the edge when you want to access the door?

  2. The dang thing is 60 inches tall and 30 inches wide by 21 inches deep.
    This is going to be tough lol

  3. or make the honey do it if he wants it done so badly :P

    assuming that your fabric is big enough, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. does grandma have a sewing machine? i know she doesn't live in your area but it would totally be worth the drive to borrow it.

    the door, however, i have no clue. if grandma does have sewing machine with a zipper foot then perhaps a zipper is your answer.

  4. Truly, I think putting fabric over it isn't going to disguise it. Maybe you should just paint it? Maybe with some decorative touches? To make it look more like a piece of furniture? If you have pictures it might be easier to come up with alternatives to you having to sew!

  5. I know it isn't going to hide it. He knows it isn't going to hide it but that is what he wants.
    <-- yes I do a bit of spoiling
    Anywhoooo.... I bought the fabric. And VELCRO.
    He is just going to have to deal with a velcro door.
    And there are no sewing machines around anywhere so this is a hand job... *snicker
    Wish me luck!!

  6. Holy cow!!! Nope - no way to hide that thing - unless you can somehow retrofit a closet to put it in. Hmmm, maybe you could build a closet around it?

  7. While you're at the fabric store, buy a glue gun too. Even though I can sew and have 2 machines, there are just time when Iron on tape or a glue gun will do just fine. This is one of those times. Good luck.

  8. All I can think of is to cut a rectangle that is some bigger than the top for the top panel, and sew a long length of cloth all the way around it. If you start in the middle of one of the long sides of the rectangle and sew it in one long panel all the way around and some past the middle, it will hang closed. Use your velcro on the two sides and the sides of the two overlapping end pieces to hold open the two "doors".