Friday, November 20, 2009

You know I am normally not such a wussy

Last night the honey was fast asleep as I watched Survivor. (Russell is KING) All the lights were out in the house and I just wasn't tired.
That is probably because I drank a pot of coffee at 5pm to get warm but anyway....
I decided what the heck I am going to watch some of my taped shows.

I have a ghost show fetish. I love them. Ghost hunters is my favorite. I watched Ghost hunters academy and still wasn't sleepy. So I decided to watch a new show I accidentally ran across and decided to tape.

Celebrity Ghost Stories. It is on the Biography channel.

I had taped about 3 of them and settled in with the sound down so I wouldn't wake up the honey. I expected fluff tv I think.
There is something different watching someone tell a story about a haunting that happened in their lives. There is something different about looking into someones eyes as they get to the crucial moment of their story and seeing them turn inside themselves as they try to explain something that affected them so deeply. Something that turned a non believer into a believer.
The hair on my arms raised several times.
Oh there were a few stories where you just didn't feel it but the ones that did make you feel it were there.

I watched all three of them.

I don't think I realized how affected I was by the stories. I don't think I noticed how involved my brain had gotten. But I learned pretty damn quickly.

I needed to feed the cats before I turned off the tv and went to sleep. The cat food scoop was in the living room and the cat food is in the garage. By now it was late. A lot later then I normally feed the cats or go to sleep.
I started walking down the dark hallway towards the living room and that is when I noticed the feeling first.
It was kind of like the air was thicker. The hair raised on my arms and I actually got a jolt of fear.
I know! Stupid right?
I grabbed the scoop and walked calmly down the hall towards the garage even though my body was screaming "Get the hell out of here".
I walked into the black garage and man I have to tell you my heart was pumping. I scooped up the food and fast walked to feed the cats.
I got back into bed and I was actually sweating. My heart was pounding.
I thought this is stupid. Just close your eyes and go to bed. You just scared yourself.
So I closed my eyes.
My eyeballs flew open and I stared into the hallway wondering what in the hell that noise was. I think I was panting by now lol.
I forced myself to close my eyes again.
And YES..... I pulled the covers over my head.
I must have fell asleep.

This morning I feel like a wussy. Seriously I scared myself silly last night. Geez! It is almost embarrassing how frightened I made myself.


  1. I do that to myself all the time. I think, oh it's just a movie/tv, no big deal. Then I turn out the lights and I have to MAKE myself walk down the dark hallway. More than once I have turned on the hall light on the way back. Ha Ha

  2. I am a die-hard TAPS fan! I love Jason and Grant (and the others). I'm hoping that it was just your imagination! I live in the town where Waverly Hills is and I cannot wait until spring when I will be taking a tour!

  3. I do that to myself ALL the time. And being alone in the house with just Son doesn't help.