Monday, November 9, 2009

Visitors are coming!

Like I said in my last post we have a buddy coming from Tennessee. We have talked to her for almost 6 years now on a Lost related board. Although mostly now it isn't about Lost it is about our lives and daily grind. She arrived!
In passing she made a comment on the board about it taking an hour to get to Monterey from Napa. That sent Saz and I into a tailspin. It doesn't take an hour! It takes more like three. So we started to freak out. We needed to revise our plans totally just in case she didn't realize that it was going to take so long to drive there.

We sat down at lunch in the mall and decided through many giggles that we would go to Half Moon Bay instead. That was right smack in the middle. We decided that we would eat either dinner or lunch here. The Moss Creek Distillery.

We racked our brains for what in the heck else there was to do in Half Moon Bay. After all it is just a fishing town. But Boonie wanted to see the beach in California and that was the best we could come up with without having her drive for hours.
We finally decided to do this.....

That's right we will be going horse back riding on the beach. Sounds fun right?
It is a 1 1/2 hour beach and surf ride.

There is a tiny problem though. Both Sazy and I are city girls. Both of us have had a horse either try to scrape us off their back or eat us. This could be a very interesting trip LMAO!!
If I don't blog on Thursday I was thrown over a cliff by a horse and died ok.

This weekend with Sazy I went to the book store and bought this book. (along with a bunch of other books too lol)

This is written like a diary of a man who is living through the birth and rise of zombies. I cannot tell you how much fun this is to read. So if you like zombies this is a great book.
Just thought I would throw that in LMAO!!

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that The Next Iron Chef got rid of Chef Fritag :(

More tomorrow


  1. I've had issues with horses as well. When I was 3, I tried feeding a horse an apple, and the horse bit my pinkie finger. When I was like 10, I tried horse-back riding at a carnival, and after the first lap, the horse took off, and left me in the dust ... good times.

  2. Me too!!! I really wanted Chef Frietag to win!! Oh well, as long as Chef Meta DOES NOT win, I'll still be happy.