Thursday, November 12, 2009

We meet.... part 1

Sazy and I were pretty excited about meeting up with Boonie and Jay. We knew they weren't going to be hungry for lunch so we stopped at McDonalds on the way to Half moon bay for some sausage mcmuffins.
We had the truck packed with jackets because the tempurature was suppose to be in the 50's.
When we arrived at our meeting place we got out of the truck and walked around a bit. We started to freeze.
I was wearing a sports bra, shirt, sweater and a scarf. I put off putting on the other jacket I brought in case it got colder. And Saz had yet another jacket in the truck for me.
Sazy had on a shirt, sweater, hoodie and a jacket.
We laughed at how puffy we were and how they would probably show up in shorts and tshirts.
We had arrived fairly early at the meeting spot and I think I got a bit of the nerves while waiting. What if they didn't like us?
A bit later we saw the red car pulling in the parking lot. I told Sazy that is them. Because I had said that a few times all ready I am not sure she believed me. But it was them.
The first words out of their mouths was we figured that was you guys because you are dressed in parkas. LMAO!!
After a round of hugs and hellos we hopped in the car to go to see some tide pools.
Boonie and Jay had never been and neither had Sazy or I so it was an adventure for all of us.
We walked down to the beach and started across the rocks.

I have to admit to being a tad bit frightened because my shoes were so slippery and I really didn't feel like falling on my ass in front of our guests.
There actually was one point where I came so freaking close to falling into the ocean that Jay got nervous for me and I broke out into a sweat!
We found little fish and anenomes and lots of little crabs. We even found two starfish.
We weren't really suppose to touch anything but I can never follow that rule and Sazy has a hard time with it too.
So.... I made them all touch an anenome. No one wanted to. I had to talk them all into it.

I touched it first and I admit that I yelped a bit when all the thousands of little suction cups attached to my finger. But everyone else touched it too.
We then found a beautiful starfish out of water and I told Jay to go ahead and touch it. He was kind of surprised at how hard it was. I told them I hoped we found one in water because I wanted to pick it up and have them feel the bottom of it.
Luck was on my side.

Jay was a trooper. If I said touch this he did lol. He would have to touch it before Boonie would but she touched the stuff too.
We had the best time looking through all the pools.
We decided to take a group picture as we left. Jay had to set up this camera on a fence post and run to us to take the picture.

We then hopped in the car to go horse back ridding on the beach.

More later


  1. How fun!!! Great pics. Now I get why you're sore. Sore bum from riding?

  2. Looks like a good time. I've only been to Half Moon Bay once and it was when I took Lil'B to the pumpkin festival. We didn't get anywhere near the water. I'll have to go back sometime.