Monday, November 2, 2009

Well Halloween was a bust... kind of

I had 9 kids come to my door. NINE. That sucks.

I remember growing up there were hundreds of children running around in their little costumes. You could see them up and down both sides of the street. On every street. Slowly but surely that has changed. I don't know if it is because I am in a big city or what but it is kind of sad really.
I feel bad that the children of today don't get to experience that feeling. That the parents of today are missing out on standing in the street getting to know each other while watching the kids.
I feel like I am watching the Death of Halloween.

Today I get to take the Halloween decorations down and remove the tomato plants from the pots. They look sickly.

Speaking of looking sickly, remember how freaking cold I got when I went to coffee? Well, I wiped my nose about a thousand times that day. What do I end up with? A giant sore under my nose. A giant red huge monster OMG what the hell is that sore under my nose. It is so ugly I refused to leave the house yesterday and I am sure not leaving it today!
The honey said just to put a band aid on it and do what it is I need to do. So I can either walk around with the sore from hell or a band aid under my nose. Neither one sounds good to me so I will become a hermit until this thing heals....
Not that that is going to happen because of course the fish tank is making I need water noise and I am out of the goo you put in the water to make it safe.

I cannot believe that it is November all ready! This year is flying by. I haven't started Christmas shopping either. I am kind of panicking a bit.

Side notes about November....

Can't wait to buy Adam Lambert's new album this month.

I have Dean Koontz and Stephen King's new books on pre order at Amazon. Thank you bidding war with Walmart that caused them both to only cost $9. For hard backs!! They come out this month too.

The movie 2012 comes out this month too. Can't wait. In fact I have a whole blog post about how grandma has me freaked out about 12/21/2012 coming soon.

V starts tomorrow on November 3rd. I can't wait this looks to be a great tv show!!

Well I have to go pull up some plants now lol. Talk to you all tomorrow :)


  1. It does look like a great show. What is the 12/21/2012 thing that is freaking you out? now you have me freaking out and I don't even know why!!! LMAO!

  2. Maybe I will post that blog tomorrow. Be prepared to be scared LMAO!!