Monday, November 23, 2009

ewwwwwwwwwwww and oh by the way...

So my buddy and I are chatting away and she mentions that one of her neighbors brought her some soup.
How sweet huh?
She said it tasted a little greasy but it was ok.
The neighbor called it oxtail soup.
Turns out that is not just some cute name. Her neighbor fed her a tail. A actual honest to God tail.

I guess the neighbor came back and explained the whole peeling process and everything.
Let me tell you right now people.... if someone ever feeds me a tail I might actually have to kick their ass.
What the hell kind of person feeds another person a tail. A TAIL! Without saying something like "hey my family has been eating this for years.. by the way it has a tail in there"
I can't tell you how bad I feel for Sazy for having to eat that.

Just a fyi by the way I am heading up to my grandmothers for Thanksgiving. I leave tomorrow and get back on Sunday so blogs may be a little spotty this week. She has the slowest dial up in the world since she lives up in the mountains.
Don't leave k?

Last night I watched the AMA's for the first time ever. I watched because I am the biggest goob ever and couldn't WAIT to see Adam Lambert unleashed lol. And after looking at the performer list I was curious to also see Green Day, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga sing that song I posted in my last post.
The show was different I have to say that. It had some moments.

I wanted to show you a few things. OH they made me wait until the very last minute to watch Adam by the way. Kind of pissed me off.

Remember the video of Lady Gaga from the last post? Remember how in most of the scenes she is actually quite stunning? Well.... after watching the Ama's I have to say I want who ever took the video for that last video to do every picture I ever take again for the rest of my life. Seriously that guy is damn good at what he does.
And lookie.... anyone else see Alien?
Lady Gaga at the AMA's

I didn't really like the second song to much. And the honey asked me "Why in the hell is she sitting like that?" *snort

Finally I got to almost 11pm and they showed Adam. I admit I was pretty excited. His song that he was going to do is really suggestive. And now that he is out from American Idol shackles I figured it was going to be over the top.
Let's just say he blew RIGHT PAST over the top.
I freaking LOVED the performance. He needed to work on the singing but I don't think this wasn't actually about singing.... It was about throwing a fist in the air and yelling "HOW do you like me now!!"
The man has pipes. He can sing. This though... This was all about performing. Shock and Awe baby.....
Adam Lambert at the AMA's.....Warning... a little oh hell a lot of sexual imagery.

Let's just say I was REALLY happy the honey had fallen asleep before this aired. He is ummm well he has a bit of a phobia let's just say.
I do wish that Adam had done part of the performance with his voice though.
His album comes out today... and like an idiot I asked for it for Christmas. I am very tempted to download it onto my ipod from Itunes anyway lol.

Billy from Green Day looked a little ill to me.
Kelly Clarkson had the best voice of the night.
Whitney Houston... is there something wrong with her?

Anywhooo.... Tomorrow I leave for grandmas. My buddy is going to meet me up there on Friday and we are going to go to Apple Hill. Which is a collection of farmers who allow crafts on their property this time of the year. I love it.
Talk to you all soon!!


  1. I love that pussy cat! From Shrek 2, isn't he? Yeah, Ben Affleck voice? So perfect for this post, hahahah

  2. You are making me listen to Lady Gaga and I'm starting to get hooked on that song. Damn you!

  3. *snort.... I aim to please.

    And yes that is the cat from Shrek 2

  4. Lady Gaga's songs are ear worms!! They get stuck in your brain like a parasite. And I was raised on a big farm in TN and I have NEVER eaten a soup made of tail. Ew.

  5. Tail? O.O Ewwwwwww, haha!

    Ohhhh, Gaga. I have a love/hate relationship with her. Love the music, hate some of the stuff she wears.

  6. Your vids dont work anymore :( I missed the boat

  7. I have that exact cat picture hanging up in my office at work! I love it! I looked everywhere for one and finally found it in a Shrek calendar. Then someone donated a Shrek book to the library that was falling apart, and it had that picture in it also, so I ripped it out in case I needed a backup!


    I find it tastes a little like game. The tail isn't whole either, it's more like bits of meat. Very popular here in the UK.