Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry about the word verification thing plus more opinions lol

Honestly I had no idea it was on. I know that it is pretty frustrating to me when I have to enter one. (Not that it stops me from commenting anyway lol) But I didn't realize it was on my blog. At some point I think I might become a little more computer savy but now is not that time lol.

Thought I would share my review of So you think you can dance too. Why? I typed it out so you get to read it or not....

Ashleigh and Jakob: Hip hop
They did well but I have this feeling I am not going to remember this at all tomorrow. I still am looking forward to individual voting so Ashleigh can disappear. I cannot be the only one who doesn't like her. And it has nothing to do with her dancing.

Karen and Kevin: Broadway
Ouch that wasn't good at all was it. I have to agree that I was glad they didn't make her a sex pot but at the same time I think they went way to far into making her cutesy. Kevin really does seem to be trying so very hard. I just didn't get excited about this dance.

Noelle and Russell: Foxtrot
Did you see how dang happy those two see to be? They were dancing filled with joy and what actually looked like no nerves. And Russell tends to be nervous. (puts on mean hat) I am sure that this dance was MUCH more fun then having to dance with the last instructor. This partnership is beginning to really click!

Channing and Victor: Contemporary
WTF? I was so torn between thinking the dance was stunning to wondering what kind of drugs Tyce was on when he created this.
The dance was interesting and one that I definitely remember. But like I said I couldn't figure out why I liked it but at the same time almost hated it. Adam solved that puzzle for me as he judged them. The music actually sucked. Sounded alien and made it hard to enjoy the dancing.

Kathryn and Legacy: Paso Doble
HOLY COW!! Did you see them both? Strong, sexy, fierce. They owned every step they took. Both of them. They danced with flare that made you sit up and watch with a smile. This couple is shocking the hell out of me because I would have never guessed they were capable of this. I loved it.

Ellenore and Ryan: Contemporary
(side note.. Ryan did the whole open shirt thing in the beginning which made me gag a bit.)
In my head the story was different then what it was suppose to be. But that is ok I guess. I enjoyed the dance. It was actually pretty. The look they gave each other as they bumped into each other in the beginning of the dance was smoldering. I will remember this dance for a while at least.

Mollee and Nathan: Pop Jazz
You can tell just by looking at them that they realized this is not a game. This is serious. We screwed up before and we are going to show them we can dance even if we are babies.
And they did. They were sharp. They matched. They looked like they were actually dancing and not just playing dress up.
Most improved from last week for sure.

Now who will be in the bottom three. I really have no clue. America is funny when they vote.

This whole Twilight/New Moon craze is making me a bit nutso.

I sort of enjoyed the books but I never could get past the fact that she was a teenager and he ummm was not. I just found that totally creepy. And the dialog between the two of them did not fit the ages.
The whole OMG I LOVE YOU, You are my life bull crap kind of gagged me.

But I went to see the first movie. And was bored out of my mind. They could not have found two of the worst actors on the planet for the lead roles. "Bella" was dreary. "Edward" was boring.

If I see the second movie (which I highly doubt) it will be due to the werewolf eye candy only. And I sure wouldn't see it in the theater. I am not paying 12 bucks just for eye candy. Netflix only.

*hides from flying tomatoes

I am about on page 129 of Under the Dome by Stephen King. The general idea is actually a good one. I am interested to see if he is going to do a good job or fizzle out like his recent works.
And yes, a comfy chair and that book are totally calling my name today. And yes, I still have things to do. Mostly Costco and See's candy.

You know it is funny how some blogs are all about one subject and some just scream for bits and pieces....


  1. Jody - I know what you mean about the bits and pieces blogs...alot of mine seem to turn out that way. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad about the word verification thing; I wasn't pointing fingers...oh and count me in on the Twilight thing. The book was meh. It's young adult reading - nothing exciting. I have no desire to see the movie - and really, why are all these women swooning over this guy who plays "Edward?" He's meh, too.

  2. I'm a Twilight fan kind of. I read the books and I'm excited about the new movie because the CG is supposed to be cool. I honestly think that if the books had been more adult they would have done just as good as they are doing, but her publishers wanted the Tweens and so we have teen drama. LoL. Love your blog!

  3. I loved the Twilight books but was disappointed in the movie. I am going to see the second one for the Wolfe candy as well!

    Bits and pieces keep you on your toes!