Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is the day! And....SYTYCD review

Yesterday I spent running around trying to make the house all nice and tidy so I could spend today with my friends.
Sazy is picking me up in about 2 1/2 hours and we are going to meet our "live inside our computer" buddy.
I am super excited while at the same time very frightened that we won't be able to entertain them.
So of course I woke up early today. 7:45 am. I never have been able to do excitement well lol

So I decided to offer you all my opinions on So you think you can dance. Partly because I wasn't expecting to blog today and partly because I feel bad for cleaning instead of blogging yesterday and partly because I freaking love this show. (and I am up way to early lol)

How did you like that last sentence hmmmmm *snort

Karen and Kevin: The Hustle
I swear to you that I watched a different dance then the judges. I found this dance to be boring and clunky. I didn't see sparks flying. And I actually have come to expect them wiht Karen. It wasn't horrible but I will be surprised if I remember it tomorrow.

Ashleigh and Jakob: Jazz
DANG IT. It is making me absolutely insane that this couple is doing so well. That I am enjoying the dances. Jakob I really like. He makes me smile when he dances. Ashleigh.... I just can't stand her. From her smug mugging for the camera as they were first introduced on stage to ..... just her. I wish he had a different partner. Drat... I hope they continue to do good. Dang... could we just vote HER out? This dance was sharp and beautiful. They were crisp and I liked it. Sigh...

Pauline and Peter: Quickstep
The whole Army guy/hula girl thing was a tiny bit hokey but I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. Peter has a smile on his face that reached his eyes and Pauline looked to be having just as much fun. When the dancers are having fun there is no way that the watchers can not have fun.

Kathryn and Legacy: Broadway
I enjoyed this dance. I understand what the judges were talking about though. It just seemed like all she did was shake her hips and look cute. Legacy is shocking me with his style though!I never expected him to actually do well in this. The dance was fun to watch though.

Channing and Victor: Contemporary
First off let me say I much prefer the look of goh Victor. Why? I have no idea but I do.
This dance was pretty good. I am beginning to wonder though.. can contemporary ever be happy? Addiction. Breast Cancer. Toxic relationship. Is there ever something like Spring rains make sunflowers grow. I guess I would just like to see some sunshine once instead of all rain.

Ellenore and Ryan: Hip Hop
Who decided that white ski outfits were to be used in a robbery? It was pretty good but pretty boring too. This is another dance I am going to forget by tomorrow.
And as a side note.... At the beginning of the show with the whole shirt untucked strut thing... he annoyed me as much as his wife for the first time. Knock it off Ryan... Don't push it.

Mollee and Nathan: Salsa
Ok before this dance ever started I was laughing. Why? Because there was no way in hell "I'm such a cute little girl" was going to be able to pull off the sex appeal needed for this dance. Nathan maybe but Mollee.. no.
As the dance started I actually felt bad for them. It was embarrassing to watch. And a bit creepy at the same time. Like watching the young next door neighbor and seeing them as a man/child for the first time and running to go wash your hands and mind out with soap.

Noelle and Russell: African Jazz
I completely enjoyed this dance. Although I never saw a frog... It was an uplifing happy dance that fit both of them very well. I hope we see this style again.

My prediction for bottom 3 based on dancing alone....
Ryan and Ellenore
Mollee and Nathan
Karen and Kevin


  1. I was just dissapointed with the whole night! There's not one that really amazed me ya know. I can't choose the best but I can definitely choose the worst, Mollee and Nathan!

  2. There are some dancers I like, but no one is making me interested in staying up until midnight to vote.